Paracord Sling

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robledo09: +Manzgear what style knot is it you used for this sling?

MrMattsmind: should have spent some more time tucking cords instead of melting like that....

seansound: The website is down. I was going to purchase some stuff

stcegolf: @colt2056 why a scope on the 870?

colt2056: what kind of scope on your 870?

Cody Chouinard: i made a bet with my dad that i couldnt catch a rabit with a home made fishing pole trap for $ 50 dollars and if i catch somthin im definetly using the money for a rifle sling for my ak from manzgear.

Snateece: ill buy one

hinckleypoland: very nice -- a great weave and sharp looking!

Manzgear: Hathroostered you are a true would bleed on the flag to keep it red American- thank you again. and to all the other guys who sub'd me after your first video about Manzgear..

Manzgear: thanks again Hathroostered! I owe you one!

The Patriot Hak: Great review! He does awesome work!

Mr45Bullitt: That looks good. You always have some very good info. I'm gonna check his website out. Thanks.Watch them Hall Monitors.LOL!

Thieves LikeUs: @hathroostered I heard that!! Definately takes time and skill.

Thieves LikeUs: That is an awesome idea, looks really durable and very cool.

Team Alpha Task Force: Looks good! General Biggs
Rating: Paracord Sling 5 out of 5

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