Paracord Sling

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robledo09: +Manzgear what style knot is it you used for this sling?

MrMattsmind: should have spent some more time tucking cords instead of melting like that....

seansound: The website is down. I was going to purchase some stuff

stcegolf: @colt2056 why a scope on the 870?

colt2056: what kind of scope on your 870?

Cody Chouinard: i made a bet with my dad that i couldnt catch a rabit with a home made fishing pole trap for $ 50 dollars and if i catch somthin im definetly using the money for a rifle sling for my ak from manzgear.

Snateece: ill buy one

hathcocked: @NurseBMF Cool! Mike over at Manzgear is a great guy and he appreciates your business!

hinckleypoland: very nice -- a great weave and sharp looking!

Manzgear: Hathroostered you are a true would bleed on the flag to keep it red American- thank you again. and to all the other guys who sub'd me after your first video about Manzgear..

hathcocked: @Manzgear No problem at all man, hopefully this gets you some business.

Manzgear: thanks again Hathroostered! I owe you one!

hakjason: Great review! He does awesome work!

hathcocked: @Mr45Bullitt I've got the super soaker loaded and ready for them! Thanks as always for watching Bill.

Mr45Bullitt: That looks good. You always have some very good info. I'm gonna check his website out. Thanks.Watch them Hall Monitors.LOL!

hathcocked: @glocklife It's great to be safe and show it and all but it's getting out of control in some of these videos lol. If you feel the need to safety check a firearm 5 or 6 times in a video you may just be obsessive compulsive!

Thieves LikeUs: @hathroostered I heard that!! Definately takes time and skill.

hathcocked: @JohnWayneColt45 I tried to make a similar sling myself and got half way through before giving up lol. It takes more patience then I have so luckily there are people like Mike out there!

hathcocked: @TeamAlphaTaskForce Thanks!

glocklife: Looks good... Gotta love the youtube firearm hall monitors..... LMAO ohh my god is that thing loaded??? Why yes it is!!
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