StarMade - Awesome Ship!

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smanthu vanmeter: Can you get dojo to make more satmade

Aidan Williams: it's a shield dispeRser, not dispenser.

alec christiaen: that space battle was doomed to fail

Protagnis YT: Press E and Q

Christopher Alyadumi: ...........

Christopher Alyadumi: ...........

SotoAndKen SAK: So my girlfriend died today... BUT AT LEAST I'VE GOT YOU!!!!! <3 ILKAS

Simone Says Rawr: its the letter j I think, just play around with your keyboard buttons I accedentialy(not spelled right I know) made mine disappear while fiddling with mine It will be one of the low keys if not p

congragulationsyoucanpronouncemyname843: If I get this, I'm going to make a life sized replica of Requiem from Halo 4 & turn it into a ship.

Chris Goldie: Refine your responses yo, calling someone a fag for calling someone a fag really defeats itself quickly.

Chris Goldie: I can get behind this channel. Good watch thanks. Subbed.

Aidan Davis: Ive been playing starmade since the most ever online in the chat was 20 the yogscast weren't the first to review this game you freaking spasticated freak

Samuel Lee: Shop: spacepencil

KotoAndSen KAS: If you like us then please subscribe like and fav, and remember to share us around! -Koto

BattleBum: Press P

Kieron Neil: Dowonload it now

Sergeant _ Skulldozer: and Apexaurijan, Steady Fragger and soooooooo many more

Abandoned Account Forever: get the freak out you motherfreaking cunt

Dane Dyrssen: the plex lift is worth a lot u should take it and sell it.

Maximus Hound: The first time i came across enemies i was outnumbered 20 to 1

Kyle Lu: You can set up your own, its very easy. Switch the mode over to multiplayer, then open a new launcher and click start dedicated server. Hope this helps!

Jamklanson: Dude, when you where on that planet you don't fly up. You have to hover up then you can go.

legitgamerUK: lol the yogscast are the maggot's they can not take haters so they decided to stop comments on their videos and lost around 50,000 subscribers just for that now who is the maggot ass idiots

vkalishnikov: You do know yogscast aren't the only people who can play this..Right? and saying maggots just lowers your standards

BoomBaDoom: It came out before the Yogscast did it -.-


RustyCanadian: I made 1.2 BILLIONS credits from 3 pirates loots stacks here's a prouf: /watch?v=O2X2fshzj3Y

Velisan: Yeah, but the textures have changed since this video was created, so he's asking the obvious question...

Ultragamer842: Canyon*

narbiethenoob1: playing starmade isint copying the yogscast

ShadowHunter120: 5:20 thats why you put thrusters adjacent to one another, so they provide more power.

rabid smith: calm your tits mate

Ideal zebra: Please go with your gay yogscast fanbase to wank someplaceelse

Reich Tangle: Why are you calling them maggots when they aren't doing anything wrong? You just said they weren't copying the yogscast.

Made Quite lethal: yeah why does it matter anyway its called inspiration only he made a series

shwb9: awesominium V5 is worth 1,000,000 ea in the store you can find stacks up to 1000 of them in pirate ships

JeffTheWonker: oh ok

Thin Acorn: I had the worst time my first time i had my ship then i ran into a whole fleet of pirates kill my ship and i ended up chasing one until i got to it and looted it

David Braid: i like your name

Snowfeet PRA: Well I guess only one person can play Starmade then . . .

looksintolasers: The planets should really have terrain on the top and the bottom :p

KotoAndSen KAS: Just to let everyone know we did this before the yogcast just saying :P -Koto

Zeppy: the textures have changed so much in just a few weeks.

The Right Flight School: In order to do that, you would have to salvage the whole entire space station then build it back onto your ship and then you are able to fly it about

A2Ztigers: couldn't help smirking at the name... "I'm a stoned muslim"? xD

SpartaCraft: There is no "engine core". ._.

robert bewley: obviously your not a maggot. oh right you are

newtonscave: You should get a gravity module in your ship

Bill Newton: the ship core has to be the first component.
StarMade - Awesome Ship! 4.7 out of 5

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