How To Check Your Dell Laptop Battery For Charge

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Garry Gemmell: Thats a new one on me the extended hold but it doesnt work on D630 or D830 must be the newer E series and higher Dells.
Good info though its always a good day when you learn something new!

jmcinvale: My Dell Inspiron 1521 battery flashes the light furthest away from the button twice when the button is pressed. Shows 0% charge in Windows 10. Tries to charge but after a bit stops.

Rusty Nuckles: Thank You, that's exactly what I wanted to know!
I've never seen every other light flashing.
time to hit ebay!

Anil Sharma: Hi,
I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3521 laptop running Windows 10 Home.
Please can you send me the website link from where I can re-download the battery meter application for my laptop, as it got removed when I reinstalled Windows 10 Home?

Francisco Sanchez: Where are you guys located or is it just through your website? I need a battery for a Dell laptop 1318 mine doesn't hold the charge.

Johan Mena: thank you sir god bless you jesus loves you, i want to ask you my dell latitude d610 gets low so fast and the light button is full so why it gets down so easy?

Daniel Black: I keep getting a "Powered, Not Charging" message? . When I check battery metre it says "charging disabled". I have replaced the battery, D/C jack and A/C adaptor. It worked for a day ....then the same issues started again. Im finding that my month old replacement is not only unreliable for charging but only charges up to 50%. Can you advise??

David Smith: You saved me a big headache buddy, i owe you a beer.

Mason Britton: lol i have 5 lights all on, i guess thats why my battery is freaked.... trust dell

LilBull 23: I have a dell Inspiron n7110 and I was charging it with a different dell charger my computer burnt the charger then I found the right charger and it is working but not charging my battery is my battery no good because I don't have those led lights to check

Lasha Natelashvili: haha then it's not original and is from chinaaaa :D :D

Lasha Natelashvili: if you have $2000 dell when it's broken it coast $100 to fix when you have $1000 apple mac bock it is crap when it's broken you have to bay a another

Lasha Natelashvili: haha i have to 3 light of death ! thanks to dell i am gong to be a millionaire P.S i was Billionaire

Steve Mason: Damn i have the last one :(

E. hrdz: what if your laptop battery doesnt have that? because mine doesnt

Lucas da Silva: when you start with your new laptop,its good battery.when you chage this battry,this battery is good. if un-plug it when is no battery, turns off the laptop.

Daniel Savu: help

Doug C: How many hours does it take to charge a battery?

TheVevodz: i have the same laptop but i dont have a charger + when i click i get no flash/light? any help .

Shola Hanson: my battery doesnt have those things
How to Check your dell Laptop Battery for charge 5 out of 5

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How to Check your dell Laptop Battery for charge