How To Mod Mass Effect 3 For Xbox 360 (Full Tutorial) (Codes In Description)

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Callisto Wickham: I won't get banned on Xbox one for this will I?

Michael Gossman: Good guide, but it omits plot/mission editing. So if you're hoping for that, you may want to look elsewhere.

Legendary Spyro: I know i'm late, but can you remove the weight restrictions or increase weight capacity with this tool?

Fluff Ninja: Also forever and and day late, but is there any way to use a mass effect 2 save as import for mass effect 3 without having a copy of ME2? Or a way to convert a ME2 save to ME3 for use? Thanks

JebusPrimeDLC: Hello can you help me out with a problem I am having? I have a save file that had from ashes dlc info on it, but I don't have the dlc myself so when I can't use the save file. I have heard that it's possible to use gibbed to remove the dlc content from the save file, but I couldn't find a complete instruction for doing so. All I have learned right now is to use go to raw tab > uncategorized > dependent dlc and remove from ashes, but that's only half the process. The game only sees my save as corrupted because other info related to from ashes is not yet removed from my save file.

strong1739: i cannot download modio... .-. xD

Kelly Berry: OMG I am such an idiot. I hadn't changed my Casual ID to 6. (hoodie) Yours is the only guide that actually went over that!! I was sooooo frustrated. I was certain it was something I was doing wrong inbetween ticking the box and moving it back to xbox with horizon, but nope I just didnt watch the vid properly. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I would have never worked that out without your vid. You are amazing!!

Kelly Berry: So I'm about 4 years late to this party, hoping someone can give me a hand, I've followed all of the instructions perfectly, and multiple gibbed tutorials also, I am just trying desperately to unlock the N7 Hoodie, (even tried buying a new collectors edition legit but due to dlc region lock its now impossible) - i'm on xbox 360, been using horizon to transfer the 360 save and back, but nothing I do seems to unlock it. I've tried just changing the hoodie bool value to true, iv tried just ticking the flag box under armour, i've tried ticking the debug box to unlock the underwear and stuff also (that usually corrupts the save file). I'm going nuts here. Especially when I see comments of people saying they've done it on 360. For the love of god I just want the hoodie. Is there something I'm missing?

TechnoKnight: I have a problem. I tried to change the amounts of credits but when I play the edited save file it doesn't show the change, it remains the same

TechnoKnight: question, how can I create a save file where I can alterate the plots of Mass Effect 1 and 2?
Is there no way, how can I turn a ME2 save file from Xbox to a PC save file for ME3?

Just Another Ranga: Oh and can you get the alliance armor with mods on xbox

Just Another Ranga: you probably won't message me back but it keeps saying object reference not set to an instance of an object do you know how to fix this?

THE INSIDIOUS UCHIHA: When Mass Effect Andromeda comes out we expect you to show us how to MOD that BIT#H YO!!! So be on piont for us bro.

Rhaast in Peace: how to be a god and no cd

Stephen Li: Anyone know why I can't select Javik in my squad menu when I added him in Gibbs its just his shadow? Hes also not anywhere on the Normandy?

Sodapop cool: I keep on getting an error which says that gibbed can't open a Xbox con file is there any way to fix this?

Wagner Davidson: hey man, I've downloaded everything in the description and followed all of your instructions. when I open my save in Gibbed, it won't let me customize the appearance of my player. I try to open presets and it just tells me there's nothing there. The entire appearance tab stays blank. I've tried deleting and reloading the file several times. Each time I try extracting it with either winzip or winrar and I get nothing. I even tried downloading this software called 7 zip to extract files because I thought there was something wrong with my other software. I did a lot of modding on ME2 with the gibbed editor and never got this problem so it's not like I'm new to this. I briefly glanced at the comments and didn't see anyone else having this problem. Any help would be much appreciated!

C4PTRAMPAGE: is there a way to use this to skip a mission (the reaper on tuchanka)

Steve Tyler: Hey I'm really struggling with this. First I managed to get my save file on a USB disk, and to its credit Modio does recognize that. I open Modio, click on Open Save, it allows me to select my stick, and then my save file inside. 

But then nothing. It acknolwedges that there is a Mass Effect 3 save, with my character's name and class and everything, but then I can't edit anything. 
What I've tried(way too many times) is selecting my Save file, going to the Advanced tab, clicking on  Edit Package Contents, and it shows me a bunch of saves. AutoSave, MissionStart, and the one I want to edit, which is just the normal Save0007 thing. 
So I what I do is right click that, select Save As, save it to the desktop, open the file in Gibbeds, make the adjustments I want, save it again and then drag it back inside Modio. It asks me if I want to overwrite the file, I click yes. 
But then when I go to play it on my 360, nothing has changed. 

What am I missing? What does it mean to extract the save, because when I just open the USB normally, there is a folder labeled Xbox360 and within are a bunch of files labeled DATA00001-DATA000010
There is no master file unless I use Modio, but that doesn't seem to mod anything. 

What am I doing wrong?

Chris Cawley: Any way to increase galactic readiness through this
How to Mod Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360 (Full Tutorial) (Codes in Description) 5 out of 5

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How to Mod Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360 (Full Tutorial) (Codes in Description)