How To Mod Mass Effect 3 For Xbox 360 (Full Tutorial) (Codes In Description)

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How to Mod Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360
How to Mod Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360
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Henry Olson: is there a way to use this to skip a mission (the reaper on tuchanka)

Steve Tyler: Hey I'm really struggling with this. First I managed to get my save file on a USB disk, and to its credit Modio does recognize that. I open Modio, click on Open Save, it allows me to select my stick, and then my save file inside. 

But then nothing. It acknolwedges that there is a Mass Effect 3 save, with my character's name and class and everything, but then I can't edit anything. 
What I've tried(way too many times) is selecting my Save file, going to the Advanced tab, clicking on  Edit Package Contents, and it shows me a bunch of saves. AutoSave, MissionStart, and the one I want to edit, which is just the normal Save0007 thing. 
So I what I do is right click that, select Save As, save it to the desktop, open the file in Gibbeds, make the adjustments I want, save it again and then drag it back inside Modio. It asks me if I want to overwrite the file, I click yes. 
But then when I go to play it on my 360, nothing has changed. 

What am I missing? What does it mean to extract the save, because when I just open the USB normally, there is a folder labeled Xbox360 and within are a bunch of files labeled DATA00001-DATA000010
There is no master file unless I use Modio, but that doesn't seem to mod anything. 

What am I doing wrong?

Chris Cawley: Any way to increase galactic readiness through this

Dragoness31: Is this how you get put the Happy Ending Mod on the Xbox 360?

a1k1gen: HI. I followed your instructions on transporting the save files around however I am not seeing the mods take effect. My current save is right after meeting the council, first time aboard the Normandy. Do I have to mod the file a little after this? I am trying to mod my health, Romance with Liara from ME2, Gun levels, credits, medigel, para and reneg points as well as character level and talent points. If possible would you be able to mod the save file? Do you know if an update has patched over being able to mod ME3?

Jazz Borup: My question: is there any possibly way for me to get skin textures for my custom femshep? The complexions in game just have her looking gross and clay-like. I've seen plenty of pictures of femsheps with shinier skin/freckles, but is that only possible for the PC, or can I do it on my xbox 360 game somehow? Thank you!

Mini-Viking15 Official: Is there any outfits for your squad like (garrus,Ashley and James)

Khalid Mohamed: Hey dude. I have a quick question. I want to edit only one thing in my game. I've had Liara as my Love Interest since the first game, but I accidentally slept with Traynor (She seduced me :P) and now I've ruined the whole relationship. Is it possible for me to just change my Love Interest back to Liara? Also thanks for the video, it was very helpful.

1grunt12: I've looked at a number of the comment's and still cant figure out what im doing wrong. I've also watched a number of videos and read a number of guides and still don't understand it.

I'm trying to edit a xbox 360 Save. Right now my Femshep is about to meet the council after Mars (read somewhere that it only works after Marts on edits). I have been trying to Max all the Characters level, Reputation, Paragon, Renegade points but nothing works. i also tried to unlock all the weapons/Weapon mods and max the levels but its to complex for me. 

What i've tried to do:
-Made back ups
-Put in new folder using Horizon
-altered the numbers on the first menu
-Marked liara's romance DLC of ME2 option
-I've tried to replace with new save data
-open game on the 360 with new file but reverts back
-followed step for step from video for second try did not work
-double checked that i had the correct files selected

None of its working for me... wondering what im doing wrong might make a video on what im doing.

If i cant edit my save are you still accepting commissions for ME3 save edits?

XEBORUS™: Whenever I insert more weapons, Then I go in game, I don't see my character... I only see the bottom of the map.

Deathwishx95: Well i must had did something wrong because the N7 weapons didnt show up

James DeCamp: Is there any way to get the squad outfits from the collectors edition? I've gotten the guns and the robot dog but can't find this anywhere.

Finn Yamashta: i have a mac. is there a way to use this on a mac?

Robert Shum: i tried to use the code to make my Shepard have chobot hair and it didn't go through. the screen would turn black and when I go to the start menu to view her stats she's invisible. what did I do wrong?

Michael McPherson: Hey I'm not sure if this is still active but, all i'm trying to unlock are the N7 weapons. I had the collectors edition but, I ended up have loosing my xbox account. I replayed and bought back everything and the only thing I don't have are the DLC from the collectors edition. So, my question is does this still work and am I gonna need a PC to download this stuff properly cuz I have a mac book?

batgirl170: i do every thing right put it back on my usb stick and freak all has changed im done tried of freaking trying all i wanted was to modd my freaking renegade points

Kirby for Rockingham Group: can you give me the list of the exclusive num. like the stuff you can select like the n7 hooded stuff like that if you can give me the full list that wooed be asome thank you

xXxShyTheFoxOcO: it does not work or im doing something wrong it says it can not open the .con file so i tryed switching it to .xbsav but it still wont open 

Purge Praetorian: okay can i have help? i followed your instructions and nothing is changing my ren/para score won't change, my credits won't go up, and my appearance is still the same help please

Purge Praetorian: so wait I have to create a save first before i mod his appearance? doesnt that defeat the purpose? maybe i don't understand
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How to Mod Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360 (Full Tutorial) (Codes in Description)