McGriddle Recipe - How To Make A McDonalds McGriddle!

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irismey: I love these breakfast sandwiches. The problem is going to be making the crystallized maple for the mcgriddle. Everything else is easy, you can cook eggs, sausage and bacon by yourself. It can be annoying when the maple syrup starts to stick at the bottom of the saucepan or burnt.

Will Storc: I done freaked up thr first time trying to use fake ass aunt jemmimas syrup

michael drixler: why bleeping the fun part out ; )

sumopub: Damn you are FINE!

sergio urtuzuastegui: looks delicious :)

Rabecca Faith: OMG! Those look so good

mirraco323: Since when did Pheobe Buffay start a cooking channel on YouTube? 

sergio urtuzuastegui: is that phoebie from friends?

Keosha G: yummy im going to try it in the morning!

littlewing62: how great is American cheese compared to other cheeses?

Donteau Smith: I want to try this..

Nini The Destroyer: i need to try a mcgriddle

175013: you will be a saint one day

Marcy RP: Great video and you're too cute! "Crystalized pot?" LOL

adrian redding: this video was cool.. then she said these pancakes are fluffy AF!! and i fell in love

Kat Pilot: Yes!!!!! This is cool this is 1 of my fav breakfast sandwiches at McDonald's I don't eat McDonald's anymore, but I can at least make this sandwich myself now yayy

RazorfangSH: I just wanted to say thank you for making this video. I was debating between McDonalds for breakfast or trying to make these (like I've wanted to do for months now) and I looked up home made McGriddle and found this video! After watching I ran out, got everything I needed, even a candy thermometer which turned out to not work so hot, so I had to eyeball my syrup. Thank you for describing what it looks, feels, and smells like when you boil the syrup. That was really helpful. All in all my Mcgriddles came out super good, and so close to how the real ones taste. There's some things I did not have, such as your metal rings (I couldn't find ANYTHING like it! Then again, I was at Walmart. I will keep my eyes open and look elsewhere for them.) My fiancé was quite impressed with the work that went into breakfast this morning lol he definitely enjoyed it though. Thank you again for this awesome video! 

Rosalinda Cortes: Great! 😊

Will Storc: This women is cool as hell. 

Laouida Pratt: Just dip the pancakes into syrup and put it together, so much easier & faster.

Eric Lilly: Nice....

Mr123max9: you can use canning jar rings.that is what i use!

gsooo1: Hi Hilah.. I really loved these & wanted to do them so bad. But being vegetarian any suggestions what can I replace the ham with? ? Plz reply asap.Thanks.

Zak Fagan: This is freakin awesome!!!

David Ornelas: I thought my mom made maple syrup crystals but it was just broken glass. Tasted terrible 

Snooglez: 4:02 She learned everything she knew from Walter White. lol! :P

LaVanedossa: Fluffy as F*** lol 

Food Luv Bites: Now THIS is love... thank you <3333

chris doyle: You did an amazing job ,two thumbs up ,BUt In the morning ,I am tired and I am not reducing maple syrup for 30 mins then cooling it for 15 ,I am going to mcdonlads for that one ,I will just make bacon eggs and pancakes with liquid maple for breakfast but ,The video is good 

Elhadji Ba: Your hot

Jordan Rose: You look so familiar . Have you been on a tv show?


maaly8111: cool!

John Petrella: that is awesome

Chris Miranda: "Crystalized Pot" This is already my favorite Cooking Channel.

Tavo Lopez: Would it be good if I unincluded the syrup part please replie thanks :D

lbastia: Lol you're so funny!! awesome vid can't wait to make these bad boys

Javier Fuentes: I love your attitude!

WeLoveNorp: id freak the crap out of you

nailo1: so, that's how they do that really interesting, thanks.

Katherine Cassimore: Awesome! "Hot and fluffy as freak!!!" LMAO

Paige Evangelista: You look and sound just like Phoebe from friends and I'm sure you get that a lot!

chris doyle: You really look like a hollywood actress, and ,YOU cook WTF ,Your so hot 

Steve Davis: Just kidding,I subscribed to your channel after realizing I need to learn how to cook. Your the best teacher out there, and your very funny, which is comforting. I'm gonna use the the hell out of you,hope you don't mind,so I don't starve to death!

Phlos Angeles: You are awesome!! Question, what type of video camera are you using, please give the name of the cordless mic that you are using as well. Thanks for the video.

Conor Culhane: fluffy as F***. That got my subscription

Muzzy Gee: Christalized Pot Though that Would Be Awesome! 420 Love Lol

Alastair Reed: Good tutorial, hope you threw after though!!!! #carbs #calorific xxxxx

Javier Fuentes: I love you're attitude! :)

Nikita Burden: I have that same little sauce pan lol
McGriddle Recipe - How to Make a McDonalds McGriddle! 4.9 out of 5

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McGriddle Recipe - How to Make a McDonalds McGriddle!