McGriddle Recipe - How To Make A McDonalds McGriddle!

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Keosha G: yummy im going to try it in the morning!

dismalsage: i love your show!

Mr123max9: you can use canning jar rings.that is what i use!

Tee Smith: OMG! I absolutely love McGriddles, thanks for the video. 

Amy Muchko: crystallized maple awesome and so are you!

Riaz Murad: "and viola" thats my new favorite thing

Cindyy Mora: freakING amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm seriously making this today

YouKnowWhatItIs3000: Fluffy as freak

Jasmine Milum: I love the fact that you aren't dingy and smiley and annoying!!! NewSub!

Latasha Thompson: Can you inject the dough with syrup

boizwish4me: I've never had a mcgriddle either but I wanna make these. I think my bf would love it

darius rogers: you are so funny. you remind me of my English teacher from high school... so safe to say I have a crush on you too lol...

Sapphire Dragon: I'd just want to say, I tried making these myself and my family, they turned out really [BEEP]-ing awesome! Plus a little cheaper and much tastier than the real thing! OMG thank you for showing me how to make this!

Machieavelli: You are a AMAZING chef., And a Real Mans Dream Girl...!!!

David Rivera: That's was awesome. I've always wondered about how they got the maple syrup inside the pancake. Thanks.

Stephen Weathers: This was the best tutorial ever. not only did you show me how to make my favorite thing ever. but you did it in a way that was not cut and paste or boring as freak. Your tutorial owns!

james robinson: such a funny sexy woman lol i enjoy your videos very entertaining, you can make me Mcgriddles anytime Hilah lol. Done and hot as freak lol.

potofgold07: i love +Hilah Johnson :D

andy zootie: oh my going to try this! yumo! 

Malena Lara: I want to pst this but its 2014 first coment on 2014 yeah!

Daniel McFarland: The content is censored

David Gardner: Lol no its just I was typing to fast and yes I old I am 25years old lol and single

biff malibu: I cooked the maple syrup. It came out watery, didn't crystalize. Maybe i didn't get it hot enough. So days later I try again, got the temp up to 275 like you said. The maple syrup got hard like it should but it was burnt and not eddible. arg !

Scott Donahue: Your so funny! Good work

Ruben Koops: Done! 

Gordon Evans: Oh my gawd...Looks ridiculously delicious!

Angie Noybp: Had me cracking up at the "dork hell" too funny! Like this recipe not sure I'll ever make it but I sure want to.

Cody Davis: "Hot, and Fluffy as freak!"

justforyouenjoi: Made this today! Thanks!

joshafool: Great video, a lot of effort but why not take 2 minutes and stop in at a Mcpickles drive though and buy one of these for a taste comparison?

Liftheavy85: thats way too much work, would rather just go spend 2.29

andrew barrington: You can't crystallize pot you can weederized butter. Man...weederized butter mcgriddles. 

dar482: "Crystallized pot?! That would be awesome!" "Omg, I'm going to dork hell." "Fluffy as f**K. Dude, that should be their new motto" You crack me up Hilah. Thanks!

Matthew Clifford: This is awesome.

cheyanne lawson: my dad made this for my birthday one year and didn't do the crystals but some how injected it in.i was wondering if you could freeze them and heat them up for another time

BrightOrange J: Wouldn't you choke on those crystal things

GreenFi5h: I love your kitchen.

Hilah Johnson: Oh dewds. It's time for junk fewd!!! I made McGriddles and surprise they are amazing. I mean it.

Candace 陳馨詒: Hmmmmmmmmm....

dfgher: You're so funny ! I love your video thanks!

Brianna Goldberg: just finished this one. Slow moving cooking disaster. My Maple Crystals never hardened. Had tafflee to cook with and it was a mess. Most fun I had had in a cooking fail though. Will try again.

kimonorose14: You're amazing!!!

smharris9: I'm late

Delfino Diaz: Ima try this

romero271991: Hilah, you're the crap! I am terrified of hot sugar, so I would probably just make maple flavored pancakes instead, but this looks AMAZING.

Taryn Doxie: but im Pooor lol

Kate Wyse: maple sugar is available in bulk food stores or you could use maple flavoring extract. Save yourself a whole lot of work.

fatbabiess: You look like a mix of gweneth Paltrow and Kate moss!!

drew Morr: Never eaten one tell you no pun intended lol I need to make that with the hot cheeto pancakes and bacon I saw last week breakfast of freakin* champions

Carolina Vasquez: looks so good! even better than the real thing i bet
McGriddle Recipe - How to Make a McDonalds McGriddle! 4.9 out of 5

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McGriddle Recipe - How to Make a McDonalds McGriddle!