McGriddle Recipe - How To Make A McDonalds McGriddle!

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Will Storc: I done freaked up thr first time trying to use fake ass aunt jemmimas syrup

Mr123max9: you can use canning jar rings.that is what i use!

Keosha G: yummy im going to try it in the morning!

irismey: I love these breakfast sandwiches. The problem is going to be making the crystallized maple for the mcgriddle. Everything else is easy, you can cook eggs, sausage and bacon by yourself. It can be annoying when the maple syrup starts to stick at the bottom of the saucepan or burnt.

Monica Thomas: ''omg i am going to dork hell' haha u are so funny :) great video ive never made these myself will try it soon 

M Rogers: Great video and you're too cute! "Crystalized pot?" LOL

niyah boo: Hilah make a mcdonald's big mac

dismalsage: i love your show!

Tee Smith: OMG! I absolutely love McGriddles, thanks for the video. 

Muzzy Gee: Christalized Pot Though that Would Be Awesome! 420 Love Lol

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Nikita Burden: I have that same little sauce pan lol

Hilah Johnson: Oh dewds. It's time for junk fewd!!! I made McGriddles and surprise they are amazing. I mean it.

Will Storc: This women is cool as hell. 

Stephen Weathers: This was the best tutorial ever. not only did you show me how to make my favorite thing ever. but you did it in a way that was not cut and paste or boring as freak. Your tutorial owns!

Jasmine Milum: I love the fact that you aren't dingy and smiley and annoying!!! NewSub!

darius rogers: you are so funny. you remind me of my English teacher from high school... so safe to say I have a crush on you too lol...

Machieavelli: You are a AMAZING chef., And a Real Mans Dream Girl...!!!

Candace 陳馨詒: Hmmmmmmmmm....

Snooglez: 4:02 She learned everything she knew from Walter White. lol! :P

Paige Evangelista: You look and sound just like Phoebe from friends and I'm sure you get that a lot!

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biff malibu: I cooked the maple syrup. It came out watery, didn't crystalize. Maybe i didn't get it hot enough. So days later I try again, got the temp up to 275 like you said. The maple syrup got hard like it should but it was burnt and not eddible. arg !

Steve Davis: Just kidding,I subscribed to your channel after realizing I need to learn how to cook. Your the best teacher out there, and your very funny, which is comforting. I'm gonna use the the hell out of you,hope you don't mind,so I don't starve to death!

littlewing62: how great is American cheese compared to other cheeses?

Phlos Angeles: You are awesome!! Question, what type of video camera are you using, please give the name of the cordless mic that you are using as well. Thanks for the video.

Conor Culhane: fluffy as F***. That got my subscription

Steve Davis: You know what else is fluffy as freak? Tha bandage on my hand after rubbing butter inside my tuna can. McStitches!

Stella Johnson: I had no idea what a McGriddle was! We don't have it here... So that though is sweet?? With the saulty ham/cheese/egg in between? Must taste like heaven, but one shouldn't eat this daily I'm guessing. :-) xxxx

iShuffleAt Raves: oh god im doing this, EVERYDAY

Kai Haukass: "Crystalized pot though that would be awesome" LMFA

Sapphire Dragon: I'd just want to say, I tried making these myself and my family, they turned out really [BEEP]-ing awesome! Plus a little cheaper and much tastier than the real thing! OMG thank you for showing me how to make this!

Alastair Reed: Good tutorial, hope you threw after though!!!! #carbs #calorific xxxxx

David Rivera: That's was awesome. I've always wondered about how they got the maple syrup inside the pancake. Thanks.

Steph Price: Don't lie in your videos! It only takes one baking pan plus fifteen minutes

boizwish4me: I've never had a mcgriddle either but I wanna make these. I think my bf would love it

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potofgold07: i love +Hilah Johnson :D

IAMANGELHEART38: You are just so cool, and funny. I am definitely giving this a try. 

Liam Vaillancourt: You can use the the round things that you used for the pancakes for the eggs as well to make them perfectly round

David Lee: That Shatter though...

Thaís Anagrham: nojento! açúcar queimado com ovo e bacon? muito nojento!

Malena Lara: I want to pst this but its 2014 first coment on 2014 yeah!

Christopher Dixon: Fluffy As freak Ha Ha Ha 

Keisha Shante: Trying this todayyy. Excited

andy zootie: oh my going to try this! yumo! 

Khira Wallace: best recipe 
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McGriddle Recipe - How to Make a McDonalds McGriddle!