Mast Stepping On A Sailboat

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Mast stepping on a sailboat
Mast stepping on a sailboat
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Raising the Catalina 22 Mast Without a Gin Pole
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Shane Wallace: Ok it's been years since I even looked at this account! First off I want to say the music is ALL youtube thanks to their crapty copyright crap!Now a big thank you to all who liked this video and I hope it help you in some kinda way to set up your boat quicker at the ramp! I have since moved up to a Catalina 36 mk2 and keep her in Pensacola.Fair winds,  Gilligan2112

wkw: Small boat.....small mast....easy no matter what way you do it. I would like to see a system of any kind for a larger mast on something like an O'day 272. Any 25' or less sailboat could be handled by 1 person and no system.

Al Schmidt: I raise the mast on my Mac 22 Venture essentially the same way.  Why are all these other folks using Gin Poles?  Lots of work for nothing. Simplicity is the key to success. Thanks.

Dave Freeman: You make it look so easy.
I have to step my mast on a 18' yacht today.

lightlyone: Looks like a Hunter, between 24 and 26 maybe.

rusty keller: The only thing I do different (maybe, not sure if you did or not), is as I push the mast to the verticle, I also have a small rope tied to the end of the forestay, and I pull that towards me as the mast goes up as a helping hand to hold the mast where it is. Then once it is vertical I can walk forward keeping the rope tight until I can get the forestay connected and the mast is secured. I also use that rope to help me lower the mast.. Good video. Thanks.

Mosby's men: how tall is your mast ? im looking at a way to do it on a spirit 23

Alexandru Barabas: Looks easy... but man, this music hurts my ears!

teenbillybaby: Thanks for the video. More description is needed. Too bad you could not do a voice-over instead of music. Could you describe the pvc piece that you used (44 seconds --1:19")? How is that secured below deck while it holds up the mast? What is the second large piece that appears only briefly at 1:29--1"36? How is that used?

Nicholas chaput: i need to raise my mast on a 1968 26' islander. they told me i needed three or four people to do it. the water is never calm, or choppy. and every time i have help they bug out and say it too windy. any specs? or ideas

Mark Spruell: that's a great system for getting the mast up. Now how do you get it down safely?

nezpercenathan: When I used to have a trailerable boat (South Coast 26), I pinned the foot of the mast, then rigged a line from the forestay through a block at stem fitting. I then went back to the roosterpit with that line in my hand, shouldered the mast, and started pulling on the line. It was no problem at all to step the relatively light mast. I think if I had used a crutch like you did in the video, I could have run the line back to a winch, which I might need to do now, being a lot older than I was then.

Jackle61: I do it every year when winter rolls around. As long as you can anchor the base of the mast, and none of the sidestays get hooked on anything it goes surprisingly easy.

Tallshipdreamer: Thanks!! I'm running out for some Pipe today!!! My 25 Footer is the first "big" boat I owned, and everyone told me what you just did,couldn't be done. Thanks for proving them wrong.- J

yacht199: thank you for this posting, much appreciated, i am anxious to try myself

Tulsaguy123: Would luv to see how ya got to the water too....Catalina 25'er here.

mobyware: It does depend on the boat. My Tanzer 22 does not allow you to keep the shrouds attached or it will bend the chainplates when stepping the mast. Great video, very instructional!

mobyware: That's a great method if nothing goes wrong. If you slip or trip or something gets caught when the mast is half way up you'll rip your tabernacle off and cause serious damage, not to mention what would happen with to the mast when it fell and the thing it fell on (hopefully not you). Using your mainsheet tackle to a gin poll with some halyards as temporary stays prevents the posibility of the mast falling or going sideways and the mainsheet gives you one hand operation.
Mast stepping on a sailboat 5 out of 5

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Mast stepping on a sailboat