Save YouTube Videos To Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s For Free

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Save YouTube Videos to Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s for Free
Save YouTube Videos to Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s for Free
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Innotab - How to Add Games (Claim Your Free Games!)
Convert YouTube Videos to InnoTab Max for Free [EASY]
Convert YouTube Videos to InnoTab Max for Free [EASY]
Convert YouTube Videos to Vtech Innotab for Free
Convert YouTube Videos to Vtech Innotab for Free
InnoTab Max Plays YouTube Videos
InnoTab Max Plays YouTube Videos

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christiana ogabi: The download takes time but it works or me. Manythx

Sofia Davina: Alguien habla español

MEMEZONEMLG: How do you put YouTube videos into VTech Smartwatch DX?

Yyy Hhh: lnnotab 2 2s3s

Tracey Geneau: thank you.. :)

macy grob: I need a innotab 2 to download spiderman: lookout

LaylaMichelleLuv: site no longer works awesome!

Carolyn Jaquez: mines says download application instead of rip . when i go to that site it looks diff than yours.

Michelle Cruz: Audio is delayed by about 3 to 5 seconds.  Any quick fix in Mediacoder?

Mei Alvarez: +travisgrindal first of all i wanted to thank you for the awesome tutorials you posted. I have a question for you, I recently purchased additional microsd cards in the hopes of being able to add many videos to rotate around for my son. However, when I put in the new microsd cards into the innotab and attempt to put the videos in while the innotab is connected to the computer, for some reason the videos that are on my first original microsd are also appearing when the new microsd is in the innotab. This, to me, means that the videos that I have previously added to my original microsd are actually saved on the innotab instead of the removable storage. I then looked again on the computer and it indicated that I only have 2gb storage space, which is odd because the microsd card I inserted was  a 16gb. Do you have any suggestions for me? I just wanted to fill up several 16gb microsd cards with various videos so that i can rotate between the different cards whenever my son gets bored with the videos on one card. thank you in advance

Mama Eli: I just wanted to come back and thank you for this video. I cannot tell you how much you have saved my sanity and the peace in household.  I just came by for another refresher and added a few new videos now that he has outgrown the previous lot. Your efforts are greatly appreaciated.

Elizabeth Taddiken: I almost got this right, but it's showing the video in a split screen (double video showing at same time) on innotab 3S.  Any advice?

Sarah Merchand: PLEASE HELP! I have been trying to figure out how to put movies on my son's innotab 3s for weeks now and I can't figure it out I have been on many different sites and nothing! I tried your video and everything was working fine but I can't use MediaCoder I have a MacBook and it says that I can't use it because it doesn't support it what can I do?? Please help Thank you!!

Christiana Swift: my sd card is locked to write protected, its not the pc settings as was able to modify before I put in the innotab. how can I unlock the sd so that I can add videos in the manner you've described in your video pls. thanks in advance. also is there a way to format videos so that learning lodge will recognise them. Thanks

Crystal Moening: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VIDEO!! It was a huge help. I have been trying to figure this out for DAYS now. Is it the same configuration for the 3? I have a 3 & a 3S (each kid HAS to have their own), I tried your technique on the 3S, but I haven't tried it on the 3 yet. Either way thank you SO much $5 for 3 20min shows is f-in ridiculous. The time I spent learning will translate to countless saved $$$.

Regine Espada: Hello did everything in the video even tried switching it to mjpeg but it's still loading video failed. How to fix this?

saxyroxy736: Thank you.  Very useful information for my daughters innotab3. Cant' wait to put some videos on for her

Lynsey Shaw: Can doing this wreck the innotab or void the warranty?

Mary J: Just one problem,the audio is delayed, can you help?

Mary J: THANK YOU!!! (sigh). What a relief. I just needed to followed the instructions to the Tee.
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Save YouTube Videos to Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s for Free