Save YouTube Videos To Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s For Free

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Save YouTube Videos to Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s for Free
Save YouTube Videos to Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s for Free

"Loading Failed" on Innotab 2 and Innotab 3 - How to Fix Your Videos
Copy Movie File(s) to Vtech Innotab 1 & 2 & 2s
Copy Movie File(s) to Vtech Innotab 1 & 2 & 2s
VTech InnoTab 2S Learning App Tablet Review
VTech InnoTab 2S Learning App Tablet Review
Innotab 2S by VTech
Innotab 2S by VTech

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Mama Eli: I just wanted to come back and thank you for this video. I cannot tell you how much you have saved my sanity and the peace in household.  I just came by for another refresher and added a few new videos now that he has outgrown the previous lot. Your efforts are greatly appreaciated.

Elizabeth Taddiken: I almost got this right, but it's showing the video in a split screen (double video showing at same time) on innotab 3S.  Any advice?

Sarah Merchand: PLEASE HELP! I have been trying to figure out how to put movies on my son's innotab 3s for weeks now and I can't figure it out I have been on many different sites and nothing! I tried your video and everything was working fine but I can't use MediaCoder I have a MacBook and it says that I can't use it because it doesn't support it what can I do?? Please help Thank you!!

Christiana Sheldon: my sd card is locked to write protected, its not the pc settings as was able to modify before I put in the innotab. how can I unlock the sd so that I can add videos in the manner you've described in your video pls. thanks in advance. also is there a way to format videos so that learning lodge will recognise them. Thanks

Crystal Moening: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VIDEO!! It was a huge help. I have been trying to figure this out for DAYS now. Is it the same configuration for the 3? I have a 3 & a 3S (each kid HAS to have their own), I tried your technique on the 3S, but I haven't tried it on the 3 yet. Either way thank you SO much $5 for 3 20min shows is f-in ridiculous. The time I spent learning will translate to countless saved $$$.

Regine Espada: Hello did everything in the video even tried switching it to mjpeg but it's still loading video failed. How to fix this?

saxyroxy736: Thank you.  Very useful information for my daughters innotab3. Cant' wait to put some videos on for her

Lucky Ade: Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Lynsey Shaw: Can doing this wreck the innotab or void the warranty?

Mary J: Just one problem,the audio is delayed, can you help?

Mary J: THANK YOU!!! (sigh). What a relief. I just needed to followed the instructions to the Tee.

alma amador: maybe u can help me out  its only allowing 7 min of the video when i convert it...its a 30 min show

alma amador: Aiseesoft MP4 Converter this is what i used for Mac Book it worked perfectly... thanks

monica aguilar: My sound on all the videos are like 3 sec delay? help?

Mark Rigby: Hi there, firstly, thank you very much for all your videos...a huge help!! I've now finally got a youtube video working but the sound is not very good at all...any help would be much appreciated...I've followed your instructions correctly (i think!)'s for an Innotab 3s....thanks in advance

Jasmine R: I've tried numerous times to open media coder every time it only opens the setup after the setup & installation is completed. Uninstalled & installed different mirrors nothings working. Please help I don't what else to do.

Steve Sparks: Do you know how to convert videos on a mac? I have been trying to use handbeak and noteburner but can not get it to work. Best I can do is black video and audio. However if I have the video codec it does not work or audio or video.. 

Molley Shifflett: the sound is very bad, it sounds like the speakers will blow on my 3s, everything else worked, but i changed the gain to 25 like posted in the video, should i try not doing that?

edlene alvarez: it converted and sounds great but looks very pixelated, is there any way to fix it?

cantuti1: now i have virus in my computer your  this sucks
Save YouTube Videos to Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s for Free 5 out of 5

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Save YouTube Videos to Innotab 2 & 2s & 3s for Free