AGO G5 Pen Vaporizer Review

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morgan tyler: He means to say does it smell like weed when you use it ­čść´╗┐

joe smith: does it change the smell´╗┐

cannabliss94: Lmfaooo my homie got so high he started talking about Anime and beef jerkey he bought´╗┐

Anthony Graham: Can I use flavored liquids?, will it break if I do?´╗┐

janpatrick dolot: Do you know what kind of herb can I use and where to buy it?´╗┐

alex gagnon: attack on titan is dope´╗┐

Evelyn Anderson: I got mine for only $14.99 off ebay´╗┐

Clyde Istrefi: Is it odorless?´╗┐

Gregory Osborne: I have the same one and it works great. Thick clouds and no lighter = love´╗┐

KennyTheTaco: 14 bucks on ebay. also does it just do herb? or also ejuice?´╗┐

Tommy Yu: Yo bro ive been watching your reviews what vape should i get ive been thinking bout the seego or the yocan any suggests my goen got really rezzed up and unable to use any advice would help bro´╗┐

Sanchez9531: I was just about to order this piece of crap. thanks for the review. the vaporizers are freaking overpriced´╗┐

Josh Park: freak, i was going to buy the g5 on fast tech because it wasn't in my local vape shop but you just said it breaks fast.. know where can get it for cheap? and another question, can i use wax in it?┬á´╗┐

Sammi Huyler: You seem to know what you are doing, i was going to buy this one because i only have like 20 something $ to spend on one, is there a different better one i can buy? Please respond ASAP i really wanted to get it tonight´╗┐

Sunny Black: how may hits do you get from a bowl ? and whats the price ?´╗┐

Lord Maximus: Yes you have to watch the coil with all these. You can put a metal screen inside to keep the herb off it. It's like a car cigarette lighter. If u put stuff on it it won't last as long. The problem is they don't make a good connection. If u see the snoop dogg g5 pen it has screwed in rebuild able pancake style coil. The k e I have seems to be soldered after the first 2 (different vendors) came broken due to loose coil. I will try to solder them myself. ´╗┐

TOKE MINER: 102 subscribers YOU DESERVE MORE ┬á´╗┐

John Collins: Dude your stoned...´╗┐

Tony Lou: Hi Mr Wong. We are manufacture of e cigarettes. It would be appricate if you can review our new products. We'll send you free sample for review if you can leave us a address for shipping, thanks.´╗┐

Dj Turnz: You play wow?´╗┐
AGO G5 Pen Vaporizer Review 5 out of 5

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AGO G5 Pen Vaporizer Review