SA Sports Fever Crossbow Assembly Instructions

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Major Adviser: Nice

Fran Willumitis: ... and get a CROSSBOW target !  It shot CLEAN-THRU my foam compound / longbow target !

Fran Willumitis: This guy is related to King Kong !!  If you loose the roostering rope, you ain't NEVER going to rooster this thing!!!!

fresh Hardy: I see alot of people saying they have a hard time getting the stringer line into the roostered position. Im approximately 120 lbs in overall weight. Getting in shape is key to drawing back string with ease. A bit of fitness training helps with using bows and crossbows. Video was pefectly explained and helped me tons

Dustin H: It's a prod!

Don Duffy: Good crossbow..i use it for rabbit hunting and white tail deer hunting.

SASports: Hello All,
The instruction sheets for the SA Sports Fever do not mention or instruct the assembler to dry-fire, partially dry fire, or stringing the bow in any other method than is indicated in the video above. I would guess that you do not have an SA Sports Fever instruction sheet, more likely something from another product. If you would like a copy it can be downloaded at Thank you!

Allan Hoyle: The stringing instructions are confusing. In the directions it shows a specific way the stringer goes on. It then says to rooster it, put your string on, then dry fire it. It doesn't say anything about grabbing the string and easing it down. I know your not supposed to dry fire cross bows, but when I read the instructions and put it together that was the way I understood it was to dry fire it once your string was on, then simply remove the stringer. I think that is something that needs to be put in there about the proper way to dry fire. When I did it I just put it on the ground with my foot in the stirrup and dry fired it, but only when I was stringing it. Not even easing it down. Seems fine, but after watching this guy do it I see how it's done.

Lee Northfield: thank you, helped alot.

Somesom33: If I wanted to buy a quiver for this would I have to buy the same one that it comes with or can I buy a different one?

joseph merritt: Ok,I have shot this crossbow about 40 times using carbon arrows instead of the crap that came with it,the arrows KEEP hitting about 12 inches to the right,I have the crosshairs turned alll the way to the right,and its still 12 inches off target,I put a broken round toothpick between the from right portion of the scope mount foot,so now its off by about 6 inches and the haIRS are all the way to the right< i would say the scope is defective or the mount is the issue,since the mount atop the frame seems non adjustable,I dont see how it could be the rings.Any suggestions?OH,and its less then a month old.

beachbroadnjshr: This is too hard to string! You need to be Hercules!!

GMULEMAN: Does not explain which side of the stirrup is up or down, a newbie would not know at that stage of assembly (It should look like a U not an n).
Goes not explain which direction the quiver mount allows the quiver to slide into, this could make attaching the quiver awkward.
Does not show where the latch on the quiver quick release should be until the end of the video after you have already installed it backwards.
Does not give any indication of which direction the quiver should be pointing ( I remove arrows with my right hand so I installed it backwards from this video)

Rocky Smart: I dont care what this guy says. I bought this crossbow. It is a piece of crap. Do not listen. He is an employee of the company paid. It is a crap bow junk in all ways. Failure to comunicate is a LIE

Balto of Siberia: Mine came with a gadget you didn't mention and it's not in the instructions. It looks like it would be a sight. Little wheel that adjusts a notch back and forth. Any ideas? I'm guessing this is in lieu of a scope? Does it have to do with the pre-drilled holes just above the limb?

Richards Homestead: How come there no brace height info? And info on the scope rail? Isnt there a adjustment knob on the rail.

edwardsdeacon: Great video, thank you for making it.

Scott Weld: Great directions. I ordered my Inferno Fever Crossbow Package and got it today and it is pretty much the same as the one being featured in the video. Your video was exactly what I needed to assemble my new crossbow. Very easy. There are some sight differences in the assembly with mine compared to yours such as only having one concave plastic pad. Other than that, everything was the same. Again good job.

Jolly Joel: I couldn't help but notice every online store that sells the string for this model is "out of stock", what gives?

Harp Neal: How many yards does a arrow go??
SA Sports Fever Crossbow Assembly Instructions 5 out of 5

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SA Sports Fever Crossbow Assembly Instructions