SA Sports Fever Crossbow Assembly Instructions

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Dons Johnson: great video buddy really helped cause the included instructions sucked . thank you

Dawson Dk: And the butt stock looks pretty small or is it big i don't know 

Dawson Dk: Should I buy extra string for it?

Dawson Dk: So the scope is good sites in right out of the box I don't have to take time and sit it in 

AnalExcavator 9000: You were shooting that box from literally about 3/4 yards away, no way was that 10 yards, my back garden is about 12 yards and is much much bigger than the distance you shows here.

Slim Jim: My advice for stringing to save thine hands is to use the included rope roostering device to pull back the steel cable.  Then put the string on.  Hook the rope roostering device on the string just like you would if you were roostering it.  Pull back as hard as you can with both handles in one hand.  Then pull the trigger with the other hand. 
   Still hard to do but as long as you have some tension on the string to prevent it from basically dry firing everything should be fine. 

Steven Lowe: Great video, SASportsxbows. My questions is this to them or any other experienced crossbow hunter out there....

I bought this from pickle's a couple of years back, it came with 16" bolts. I can't find any 16" bolts locally and would have to order them from They are awesome, by the way. I had to purchase limb tips from them and they were great to deal with.

Since I can't buy 16" bolts, will 20" or 22" bolts work? Since they came with 16" bolts, and I sighted it in with 16" and practice with 16" bolts, I am reluctant to use anything longer. If I go with a longer bolt, I assume I would have to go through the sighting in process again. Right???

Also, does anyone know the weight of the field points that came with the bolts in the package? Most of, if not all of my broadheads I use with my compound bow are 100 grain. 


Austin Woodward: This video was a big help thanks

Umer Khan: How the heck do you string this? So painful! 

bostonblock74: I just bought it yesterday from pickles sporting good for $150 included everything im trying too put it together now pickles told me it takes 2days too put it together and do my scope too have me shooting accurate

Mark Hepp: I just purchase the fever it is a great crossbow,real has power .Was target practice at my target at 30 yards had target on top of a wash tub,really old type heavy gauge metal, and 3 foot dia. I shot low the bolt went completly thur the tub out the backside and 3 foot in the grass. I would hate to be hit by that at any distance!. Now a question does anyone know a easy way to replace the tips on the end of the bow limb?? I puchase it was all ready put together. I dont have the stinging cable like the video shows. Does any one have a good way to get the string off? Thanks

tonitchit: Made in china?

ed wilkins: ok, so i did the thing where he shows to pull up on the string to release the tension on the stringing cable. used BOTH HANDS and had someone else release the trigger. nearly ripped my fingers off. find another way to release the tension after stringing. 

MickBurkellc: Very helpful. Thanks!

drewstarr71: He didn't' mention the lube that came with the crossbow.... =-/

sinbad20001: I watched this video prior to assembling the crossbow and it was a pleasant departure from some experiences I have had with similar projects. This is one good looking crossbow kit.  I hope it shoots as good!   Hats off to S A Sports!! 

fax701: ciao,ho questo modello ma la skorpion..l'altro giorno camibiando la fune ho schiacciato il grilletto e ho fatto una specie di dryfire..l'ho fatto con la fune più lunga,è la stessa cosa che con la fune normale? credi che abbia danneggiato i flettenti?? la balestra l'ho provata,e va bene e non ci sono crepe sui flettenti. grazie in anticipo.

Anna Comloski: Looks like junk too me,,buy a Wicked Ridge invader,already assembled except for the riser and quiver,,this looks like a pain in ass to too.Cheap looking like I said.

dcm44: Can anyone tell me the distance (roughly) each line on on the scope sight represents? 

Jojo Gun Fang: I just got one of these second hand. I collect crossbows I can afford. I have 10 crossbows. And 4 compound bows I got from people who needed money. I love the camo on this crossbow.
SA Sports Fever Crossbow Assembly Instructions 5 out of 5

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SA Sports Fever Crossbow Assembly Instructions