I Gained Weight With Apetamin! | Photos At 6:38

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How I Gained 10 Pounds in 10 Days! Apetamin Cyproheptadine Syrup Review
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Ekomuj A: +Esmé de la Rosa Gurlll!!! thank u so so much! I ve been tryn to gain weight 4 only God knows when, i tried them all and gave up last yr after CB1. This worked like magic, I ordered it from the Caribbean store u recommended, been using it 4 two weeks now started at 120 now at 131!(biggest ve bn ever) my goal is 145-150 max(i'm 24, 5.5). I don't count my calories intake(lol im too busy) I just eat anything anytime i feel like, b4 1 slice of pizza im done now 3slices nd still going lol. I do recommend this to anyone try it u never know what really works for u until u try! I'll come back to give my one month update :). Thank u gurl! u rock.

stilstanding2: I love ur hair lik this how did u do it

Donya Ghyam: you're pretty and I appreciate this video :)

Taylor Buchanan: WAIT did you say you gained 10 lbs in 10 days?? I NEED this 

Sharifa R: hey, I am 121 & 5'6 I want to be 135. What do you suggest to ensure the weight goes where you want? Should I stop my morning runs? This video is old, but I hope I get a response.

Taylor Buchanan: Thanks for the fast reply. I hope there aren't any side effects I'm ordering this ASAP

Esmé de la Rosa: I def didn't see your comment until now! But good for you! I don't like them simply because my phone calls and emails weren't returned. I refuse to support companies that don't believe in good customer service.

lauranff: did you see changes in your legs?

Anquinnette Davis: Hi coco here I can't gain weight for nothing can you help me out email address davisanquinnette@gmail.com

ewinbreshaun: transmawfoods is where I just ordered my apetamin from this site its 14.99 i used paypal hope it helps

shantellk42: hey where do u gt the syrup from im trying to gt to 139

Esmé de la Rosa: I did the same Friday. :) Just waiting for my package before I can vouch for them.

Esmé de la Rosa: I buy mine from Transmaw Foods' website but I believe they are currently out of stock. If you use their Contact Us link on their site and ask when they are restocking Apetamin, they are really quick in replying with more info.

twinkitten1: Are you still taking the maca? Is it still helping your pms/period?

Esmé de la Rosa: I did a little research way back and I saw that was a popular weight gainer too. Glad it's working for you! Slow and steady wins the race! Lol.

lmeteyer: Just want to let you know that I always use the afipa website, and I never have any problem with them. I don't know if they change now, but they were very good to me.

Amisse Baras: you look great! good luck for the rest of your journey

Esmé de la Rosa: Good to know! They sound like a decent company then.

Esmé de la Rosa: No, I ran out months ago and never bought more. I've been thinking of starting it again but I haven't acted on it.

Esmé de la Rosa: It was maybe 3 days? (4 days max) It shouldn't last too long if you take 10ml 2 to 3 times a day. I did a review in the video titled "Apetamin Cyproheptadine Syrup" so you can check that out to see my initial thoughts and side effects after my weight gain. :D

Esmé de la Rosa: Thanks Amisse!

mmoultryful: I purchased Apetamin at transmawfood on Sun 8/4 and received my order on 8/8 and I purchased with a crdt card using paypal.

Esmé de la Rosa: Sorry for the late reply! Can you email me instead? MissEsmeD@gmail.com

mmoultryful: Quick question, I know you probably mentioned it in another video...I just wanted to know at what point did you get past the drowsiness, or were you drowsy the whole time taking apetamin?

Esmé de la Rosa: Some of my jeans wouldn't go past my thighs but I gained mostly in my hip/butt area.
I Gained Weight with Apetamin! | Photos at 6:38 4.6 out of 5

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I Gained Weight with Apetamin! | Photos at 6:38