Salt Water Treatment (Spiritual Healing)

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Salt Water Treatment - Spiritual healing (2 mins)
Salt Water Treatment - Spiritual healing (2 mins)
The Healing Powers of Salt!
The Healing Powers of Salt!
Water. Natural salt (Not sodium) first. then diet and exercise in that order!
Water. Natural salt (Not sodium) first. then diet and exercise in that order!
*NEW* -- Salt Water TANK!
*NEW* -- Salt Water TANK!
Ozone for water treatment.
Ozone for water treatment.
Saltwater Water Change part 1
Saltwater Water Change part 1

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SSRFINC: Yes, it will work well.

Sunny Bhanot: dear sir. I am in this kind of trouble negative energy or evil energy. dont knw wht i am in trouble. i am going to try this remedy. i have done today it was my first day. i got rock salt. but i put into water and did it for 15 minutes. but rock salt was not melting is it fine? if it is still in his real shape/? plz answer . thnks a lot

SSRFINC: You can chant aloud while doing salt water. That will keep you more awake. If you cannot chant aloud, you can chant in low voice.

Hat 'n'cloak: Why are you afraid of trusting in your experience? Have you ever considered that phisical science may not be able to percieve or explain all of reality? If there really is such a thing as spirit, a soul, metaphisical energy and conciousness, do you really think we could prove or disprove them with a microscope or a voltmeter? One has to think outside of the box that many scientists imposed on themselves. Just friendly advice.

SSRFINC: Hi John, have you tried salt water treatment? How did it feel? Are you also reading our site?

LeaveImpression: Thank You Very Much.

SSRFINC: @garyomglol Yes, you can use all these variations also - the principle is to use most natural salt as possible (rock sea salt), as processed salt looses a bit of it's healing abilities. Apart from applying salt water which is a gross remedy, to have even more benefits - more subtle and powerful remedy is chanting and if you wish you can read more on SLASH chant.

B. B ~: So interesting and easy to practice. Thank you very much

SSRFINC: Dear Bon Ami, you can Login to SSRF on SSRF Home page and post the question on Login.

Jhon Cris Tabada: Wow! i will try thihs one. Nothing will be lost of trying. Tnx with the info.

Kevin Mao: if im Buddhist what name is my god

riseandshine2011: Thank you kindly.

SSRFINC: Yes - when we are ill, black energy in our body increases. Spiritual healing is important to overcome illnesses where the root cause is spiritual in nature. As it is difficult to realise the spiritual reason responsible for the disease, a patient should continue with the usual prescribed medical treatment along with spiritual remedies. Also if it is destiny of a person to undergo illness, spiritual healing will alleviate some of the symptoms and suffering, but will not cure the illness.

Xandra Fadey: I wish everybody gets to know this soon. Also if only they'd acknowledge the existence of God xxx

SSRFINC: It can be done several times per day, as per the need. If we feel tired, lethargic, unenthusiastic, etc. - these all are symptoms of us being affected by negative energies, it is good to do salt water treatment immediately. On regular basis, it is good to do it at least one time daily and when we are come back from work, super market, and other places where raja -tama distressful frequencies are stronger.

Anjali g: Yes I did it today . My name is anjaliRkgupta we meet n in touch at twitter U tell me about this yestrday . Chanting n this works . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELP .

Monique Harrell: I just received my rock salt I can't wait to do this tonight. I know it will help me out lot.

SSRFINC: 1. Rock salt is bit more effective, but crystallized salt can also be used. 2. We do not recommend drinking salt water for spiritual healing, as negative vibrations are sucked into salt water. If we drink it, it still stays in our body so it does not make much healing.

SSRFINC: It is not big difference - however "V" position is bit better as negative energy gets gets soaked faster into salt water, thus making spiritual healing more efficient.

EurekaRecycler: Stick grounding wire in the water to gain electrons from the Earth

SSRFINC: Om Manipadme hum or Namo Buddhaya

SSRFINC: Dear sunnykiwakl, that is all ok. This depends on the type of rock salt; weather it would melt or not - it does not affect the quality of spiritual healing. However, if we do it with surrender, chanting and prayer from heart - this increases the effectiveness. Please use our log in facility on ssrf dot org, so we can reply you more promptly and in more details.

bon ami: please what is the best way to contact the ssrfinc for advice and help

lavendderrable: Thank u so much jai sai ram

SSRFINC: @Shaniq307 Please see the Spiritual healing section on There are many spiritual healing treatments described in that section which you can try. Above all, persevering with the spiritual practice of chanting will help most, to remove black energy permanently.

SSRFINC: yes, epsom salt can also be used.

SSRFINC: It is salt in bigger crystals - you can google it for more information. However, if you can not find it, or it is too complicated or expensive, you can use ordinary salt, as its effects are bit weaker - however, if you couple it with sincere prayer and faith, it should definitively work :)

blaletalhe: just today I was thinking God put something on my way I can do because I feel very heavy energy around me. I are burning the hands and feet. and just see this today. thanks for the video.

bala murali: How many days to do salt water treatment pls?

Azara Moon: I felt this treatment working and felt lighter and more relaxed afterwards.

LeaveImpression: Thank you very much for the video :) Is rock salt the same kind of salt which people use for making ice-cream at home? If it's a special kind of salt then where can i buy it? I really wanna do it. Thanks in advance.

SSRFINC: You can do it until needed. At least once a day to remove the negative energy from body and mind. If it is done along with chanting of the Lord's Name then effect is even more.

jdphd: I am most glad to have come to your site.

Ankusha Bandyopadhyay: this video is beautiful! i'll try it out. thanks a lot!

sergechamps: Black energy from the body? Where does this black energy comes from? Anyone has evidence on this? I'm talking about tangible evidence not a testimony of an experience. What is salt water doing physically on the body to heal the "spirit"? "Spirituality" is a state of mind, a personal experience that can be modified by self motivation, not by putting your feet on salt water. If a physical treatment is used to cure something non physical then welcome to the placebo effect.

flower heart: how many times do you have to repeat this salt water treatment? do you have to do it regurally?

SSRFINC: @GirlPoppet We recommend it at least once a day. If feeling increased distress at a physical or mental level, it can be done 2 or 3 times a day.

SSRFINC: @valenciafil It is a very good spiritual experience. The video was recorded and published under the guidance of a spiritually evolved person (Saint), so God gives us such experiences to encourage us to put into practice what is presented in the video. Did you try performing the salt water treatment?

Daniel Ontiveros: what was the towel for and why do we need to wash it?

SSRFINC: Soaking of the whole body is also beneficial, however is is also more dangerous, as if we stay too long in the bath tub, negative energy frequencies that were soaked into salt water can again go back to the person to certain extent, thus reducing result of the spiritual healing. So it is important that we do not stay more than 15 minutes in the bath tab.

runningshoe1000: Is it me or is this real stuff. I just did the healing treatment and to my surprise I had the yawning sensation and burps. I also experienced my eyes tearing up as I focused on the healing. I dont know if its anything special but I feel light and content. Thank you.

SSRFINC: Actually yawning and burping are most common manifestations of negative frequencies being expelled from the body as result of spiritual healing treatment. After, because purity of the body and subtle bodies increased, person feels light, full of energy, content, etc. So you had successful healing, congratulations :)

SSRFINC: No, it is not relevant to results of spiritual healing.

Shaniq307: I have literally every symptom as described by this video, is there any other simple treatments for me to help remove the black energy?

Mariakia Xiong: What about soaking in a bath (your entire body) instead of just your feet?

bmwpep8851: Thank you very much,........sadhu,sadhu,sadhu !

mojo soldier: hi..if this energy works and gets rid off bad energy's then i guess people with incurable illnesses have black energy too, will this get rid off it and heal them?? and if so how long they have to do treatment?

malhori: Oh my gosh - it must really work - look how black the bottom of her feet are @ 6:15 :) Why just soak the feet? Would it not be better to soak the *entire* body in a bath of salts? Well, maybe this explains why I feel so much better after soaking in a bath of epsom salt (more-so than just a regular bath of ordinary water)!

SSRFINC: The towel is to wipe the feet and we need to wash it as some residue of negative energy remains on it after wiping the feet which were in salt water so that we can use it safely next time.

Asaliaramirez: DEAR.ssrfinc i just want to thank you for the video and the spiritual blessing that you shared i tryed it and i felt the result of lightness on me and my feet..i am a spiritual person and i take baths with sea salt but i never tried it this way just my feet..thank you
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Salt water treatment (Spiritual healing)