Salt Water Treatment (Spiritual Healing)

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Salt Water Treatment - Spiritual healing (2 mins)
Salt Water Treatment - Spiritual healing (2 mins)
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M M: I want to try this, something really creepy happened today. My mom saw a man instead of me and described him with clarity. That shook me because in my 30 years of life my mom has never been able to see ghosts. The scariest part is that we don't know who this man is, he's not a family member or anyone we know so I'm thinking I picked up this energy from somewhere. Now the last few months have been terrible for me,  anxiety, depression, anger. I've been looking for a job in months and i have had the hardest time getting selected, which is unexplainable to me and many ppl around me. This is my first time doing this salt water treatment and i hope it works because now I'm seriously scared i have this Ghost attached to me.

marcia glanville: Someone work obeah on her foot she can't walk good every where i go them tell me that is obeah they work on her please help me that she can walk good again

knchary chary: Hello, this is very nice vedeo. This practice can i do every day.

marcia glanville: Some one work obeah on my daughter foot she can't walk good help me

Tushar Patel: I m possesses,maybe wrong,by an idiot who keeps charging me with its negative energy.What should be done to counter it?

Dheeraj Rajput: Thank for the video ssrf .. may I know that can any one do this remedy for life time or for some particular duration of time ?

Balasundram Murugasen: How long need to do this ?

yogi da: Is it possible and how that The amount of salt we r take in diet is affect our aura

陳瑤: 以前有泡過,沒啥感覺呀?

Jonnette Bush: Does it have to be rock salt?

Nimesh Patel: my parents become very angry at me while doing some spiritual practise or while I study my books please help me i 100% know these incident is done by some negative energy I try to convince them but they don't even try to understand and home quarrels occurs daily what can I do please help me

Shantanu Patra: Best time for the treatment?? Before bath or after ?? And when morning or evening?

Jethmal Deora: Can this therapy be applied to a child of 4 plus years or can the child be given a bath with salt water?

Dheeraj Rajput: i have a high blood pressure problem .. if i do this my blood pressure got increased what to do weather i should continue doing or not ?? please reply

Sagar Kadam: nice video tnx

Mario Mullet: Is rock salt and salt that we used to melt the snow is same?Thanks

Mario Mullet: Another question can I use table or cooking salt instead of rock salt?Thanks

Mario Mullet: I just want to can I use incense sticks either I am Roman Catholic what is the best time to open the incense stick and how many days per week?Thanks

Mario Mullet: I bought glass or small jar and rock salt,my question is I want to know the amount of water and rock salt?Do u think after I filled the water and salt do u think can I place the jar any where inside the house because I bought 8 jar and filled after?Thanks and please reply again...

Mario Mullet: Thanks for your reply
Salt water treatment (Spiritual healing) 5 out of 5

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Salt water treatment (Spiritual healing)