Cat D3K, D4K And D5K Small Dozer - Overview Of Features

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Cat D3K. D4K and D5K Small Dozer - Overview of Features
Cat D3K. D4K and D5K Small Dozer - Overview of Features

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Cowcritter Ranch: I don't like the lack of leg room in Cats, I remove the foot rest on the left side so I can stretch my leg out and it helps a little. Also the cabs are hard to get in and out of the cabs and need to be bigger. 

josh33025: I would think laying the blade back cuts into soil better. It's that way in a grader. And really a blade shake button, we have the g series dozers at work and I don't get tired of shaking the blade. 

Leroy Bullied: I wonder how many times the blade pitch ever gets changed, just like manual tilt in the old days set it at neutral and use the machine to crate slope

jc553388: if i get really rich before 40 i'll start collecting modern heavy equipment and make them my new toys

andrew7113: i run john deere 450 h and j's, aswell as d3k's at work, and these cat k machines are a dream to use compared to the john deeres, the hydrostatic controls are effortless to use, my arms hurt after a day on a deere, after a day on one of these i feel like i didn't do anything, very operator friendly, go cat!

USFBULLIT: I HATE THE K! A lot of hop and the controls are to electric. As a 28 year old, I am saying I like the Old school. On the other hand, the M series grader is the best grader out there.

HEOEvgeny: I found and greased 31 zerks on D3K at my school upon completion training day.Indeed,this machine is quite simple to operate and comfortable to operate.Keep looking for a career as HEO.

jc553388: i love heavy equipments. modern, new, shiny, efficient, reliable, robust, safe, economical, cheap and easy to operate and maintain,

catanddeereD11T: I'm considering these dozers!

canadiankleen: pretty darn fancy, i wish the spoke about the engine thou

ROAMinstuie420: that would be useless. what if ur in a situation where u need max hp for backing up grades? now ur hurting production cause u can't turn that stupid eco mode off

lorrizio1: Ok so u have this special efficient reverse switch on this tractor which u have to switch on erm I'm not a genius but that should b linked straight to the reverse switch so it activates automatically c'mon cat bit slow there rnt we

monstertrac: Nice i want one!

407pilot: Track type tractor! Just call it a dozer, Caterpillar, everybody else in the world does. Snobs!

CaterpillarBCP: fantastic Machine!
Cat D3K, D4K and D5K Small Dozer - Overview of Features 4.5 out of 5

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Cat D3K, D4K and D5K Small Dozer - Overview of Features