Cat D3K, D4K And D5K Small Dozer | Features And Benefits

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Cat® D3K. D4K and D5K Small Dozer   Features and Benefits
Cat® D3K. D4K and D5K Small Dozer Features and Benefits
Safety & Operating Tips: Cat® D3K. D4K & D5K Track Type Tractors
Safety & Operating Tips: Cat® D3K. D4K & D5K Track Type Tractors
Caterpillar D4K Bulldozer.
Caterpillar D4K Bulldozer.
Caterpillar D3K II LGP Dozer Walkaround
Caterpillar D3K II LGP Dozer Walkaround
New Cat D3K2 LGP Dozer Grading
New Cat D3K2 LGP Dozer Grading

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Gabriel Vanasse: I hate the d3k for 1 reason and 1 reason only. Welded track frame. If the machine didn't receive maintenance for the tracks and bolts get snapped, your freaked. You need to lift the whole dozer for a decent access to the track frame.

Sidney Mathious: I love the features on the Caterpillar D-3 thru D-5 units and if I was a owner of a company looking for new bulldozers, my preference would be to buy the Cat brand after working on the D-6 which I loved so much. Even though I was just the operator, I treated that unit like it was mine, and appreciated the service it gave us. We returned the unit with a full tank of fuel, and hydraulic fluid and made sure it was clean as well since the owner didn't charge us to use it for the construction work we used it for.

Skeeter Saurus: 2014 D5K LGP loaded with 139 hours (used) selling in 2016 for $139k, with a 2011 D5K LGP loaded with 2,000 hours (used) selling for $75k. Too much depreciation for a harsh little dozer not worth a Cat label. D7's a larger hold value a lot better, and with all this 'new electric drive' junk, I'm ready to start shopping a new brand. I understand Caterpillar wants to make all the profit (with proprietary electronic units, unworkable-for-the-owner sub-systems, etc.), but when I can't make money with the tool, it's time to find a new tool. Cat, you need to start listening to your clients, instead of taking that Microsoft attitude, or you'll end up like Terex did, making 14-units of your D14's for 'special customers' and wondering where your business went to. (HINT: Terex returned to small units once someone figured out the obvious).

Robert Adkins: not cool at all

aldana manquez: español plis

clint luby: most violent bulldozer I have ever run..dose not deserve cat badge. .

Antonin DUFOUR: Il et trop bien

Humberto de Andrade: Nn.

Heather Parker: I don't like the lack of leg room in Cats,  I remove the foot rest on the left side so I can stretch my leg out and it helps a little.  Also the cabs are hard to get in and out of the cabs and need to be bigger.  

josh33025: I would think laying the blade back cuts into soil better. It's that way in a grader. And really a blade shake button, we have the g series dozers at work and I don't get tired of shaking the blade.

Leroy Bullied: I wonder how many times the blade pitch ever gets changed, just like manual tilt in the old days set it at neutral and use the machine to crate slope

ROAMinstuie420: that would be useless. what if ur in a situation where u need max hp for backing up grades? now ur hurting production cause u can't turn that stupid eco mode off

Solutions reviews to my problem: I found and greased 31 zerks on D3K at my school upon completion training day.Indeed,this machine is quite simple to operate and comfortable to operate.Keep looking for a career as HEO.

USFBULLIT: I HATE THE K! A lot of hop and the controls are to electric. As a 28 year old, I am saying I like the Old school. On the other hand, the M series grader is the best grader out there.

andrew7113: i run john deere 450 h and j's, aswell as d3k's at work, and these cat k machines are a dream to use compared to the john deeres, the hydrostatic controls are effortless to use, my arms hurt after a day on a deere, after a day on one of these i feel like i didn't do anything, very operator friendly, go cat!

jc553388: if i get really rich before 40 i'll start collecting modern heavy equipment and make them my new toys

jc553388: i love heavy equipments. modern, new, shiny, efficient, reliable, robust, safe, economical, cheap and easy to operate and maintain,

monstertrac: Nice i want one!

catanddeereD11T: I'm considering these dozers!
Cat® D3K, D4K and D5K Small Dozer | Features and Benefits 5 out of 5

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Cat® D3K, D4K and D5K Small Dozer | Features and Benefits