Freezer Gun Safe

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freezer safe  THANK YOU
freezer safe THANK YOU
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Nathan Bulldis: Great idea

junkmailsucks10203: so any upgrades to the locking mechanisms? What if bad guy wants to see if you have any popsicles in there?

J33PFYN4TIK: That thing is "ghetto" as hell! Great idea...Bad execution!

Kevin McKay: I have one on youtube at freezer safe we get $450 for them use a 25 w bulb works great at 110 fh

Colin Lamothe: i would rather something like this then a gun safe could easly add a lock in there as well will be making one very soon

Steven Schultz: Do you want the gun safe to be warm or cool? Ammo or gun powder should be storage at 70 to 80 F

Steven Schultz: how are you locking your gun safe

littleteethkeith: What if the burgler is really hungry?

jwmhenderson: What is the golden rod and hiw do I determine if I need one in my safe?

19hawk11: This is pretty cool! Good work.

Mike Baugh: I am in the middle of doing this, almost done. But you have had it for a while now, does the goldenrod handle the humidity fine? Is it a 12 or 18 inch? Mine is in the garage so I am real concerned over humidity. Thanks for any info!

David Dunaway: awesome

Stanley Andrew: I just thought of doing this today, I was just looking up how to do it.. But I gotta say, if I was gonna rob your house, I'd look up this video to see what your gun safe looks like, just to be sure. ;)

Andy Fuentes: great idea, thanks

Glen Bradley: you are a freaking genious!

matt degabe: In the fridge, you wouldn't put beer in a freezer.

TheRugerLuger: Where does the beer go?

Sky1: I would call it a stash not a safe. Many crooks like to grab a beer before they go

Scott H: An old Coke vending machine would make a great safe. Ever see anyone break into a soda machine ? Those things are built like ATM's and can be purchased for around $200

wethepeople947: Cool!
Freezer Gun Safe 5 out of 5

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Freezer Gun Safe