Kenmore Elite He4 Dryer DEFECTS And PROBLEMS

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gatorsms: Thanks Rob.

Contact cleaner on the buttons seems to fix the problem, at least for a while. Fortunately it's only a 15 minute job to take things apart and clean the switches and put it back together  (once you've done it once).

I got one of these dryers free on Freecycle. Was going to toss it because the buttons appeared to be pressing themselves and the "Modifiers" would switch and beep at random. Now it seems to be working okay.

Dave Carpentier: The solution that worked for us, was to elevate the front of the washing machine by an inch.  This allows the clothing to tumble away from the exhaust vent port (just under the front door).  By doing this, the damp air does not collect in the cabinet and the circuit board does not get wet enough to short out those switches etc.  As a bonus, the clothes also dry quicker due to improved airflow !
I would bet that nearly all of these dryers will fail via corroded circuit board.

Sarabeth Rose: I've been having the same problem for a couple weeks.  Open the machine up and blow dry and everything works fine.  Serious design flaw--- the motherboard sitting just north of the condensation coming off of clothing.  However, been running for the last 20 minutes (quietly-- no beeping) with the top open... may just leave it that way until my Samsung is delivered on Friday.  No more Kenmore.  I'm finished with them.

Psycho9263: You should have stuck with the old Kenmore dryers. Cheap and easy to fix and they last.

Octo Puss:  We have one of these that's doing this now but I have to say that it's probably really the luck of the draw. Anything will eventually break down. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. We've had ours for just about 10 years and used it very heavily in that time and it only just started doing this.

 Of course if you just bought it a couple of years ago, a $200 part would be an unacceptable expense. Since ours lasted as long as it has, I think it's worth it to repair it. The washer is still running flawlessly.

Steven Barra: Unbelievable.

You just saved me $75.00! (and those of you who posted comments below).

Earlier this week, I went to dry off some items (as it had rained here in Central California  ... a rarity, but we are grateful!) when I couldn't get my dryer to work.  The light worked when I opened the door, but no response from the keyboard.

I thought the worst ... a fried mother-board.

I called Sears to come over today to repair it.  But due to work, I missed meeting with the repairman.

So out of frustration, I consulted YouTube and found this video.

Now, I didn't have a hand-held hair-dryer to help.  But because it was a warm day today, I guess the panel had dried out enough for it to work again!

Thank you YouTube friends!  

AND I agree with you all ... I'm losing faith in Kenmore/Whirlpool.  When I bought the washer/dryer set, I did take out a 3-year warranty.  And luckily I did, as the washer's mother-board fried three months after owning it.

My combo is 10 years old, but still very efficient.  However, when it's time to get a new set, I might just look at another brand .... 

Global Awareness: You simply cannot trust Kenmore and Whirlpool anymore, they all use the same inferior parts as everybody else.

Stephanie Harris: Our dryer looked like it was dead-no buttons responded to touch. I pried the control panel so it was slightly opened, used a hair dryer and a lot of banging and it works for now, but I can't change any of the settings!

ricardo120: Lol to previous comment... China products = trash

Gene Adams: They should know that Mexicans can't build control boards. They should have had the Chinese build them.

donald brehaut: finished cutting the black connectors off, that the corrosion hides under and sucks moisture between the pins shoring them out. put the ribbons on to the bare pins(there is enough strength there with the group to hold them. cleaned it all up with tuner cleaner and coated it with acrylic spray. threw it back in and all worked perfectly (for now??). I really don't think it's the buttons. will keep all posted.

donald brehaut: I think the boards are shorting under the ribbon plugs, just finished ripping one apart to remove the greenish corrosion that helps moisture jump the connections between the pins that the cables attach to. Will let you all know if I'm on the right track.

Teresa Griffith: Well if moisture is part of the problem then no wonder I have issues. I live in humid Florida and like alot of Floridians my washer/dryer are on my back screened in patio outside lol. Won't buy another one. Hope it lasts for awhile!

Rob in NH: the buttons on the thing are about 1/16th around inside and the ribbon cables make horrible connections with any moisture in the air.. the whole machine is a POS

Teresa Griffith: Had a Sears tech come out and said my user interface board was bad, 500 bucks plus labor. Anyways found someone who said to bang on the interface and oddly enough it worked. Dryer lit and up and is drying no problem. Don't get it but it's working for now.

mtroy0620: Our he4 kenmore dryer just stopped working - none of the controls would work but the inside light worked. We tried to unplug it and restart it but it never worked permanently. Finally, I went online and sought some advice. We took of the toe panel (the panel at the bottom of the dryer) and cleaned out the inside of the dryer. So far, our dryer has been working very well. Seems ridiculous I know but it worked. I hope this will help some problems.

MATTHEW K. (101Mattk): turn off the damp dry button??? 101mattk's mom that is what I do...:S still irritating I know

Matt Todd: Nothing but problems with ours. 2G wasted. I will never shop at Sears again! Nice of Sears to advertise their repair service on your video.

elaprovechado1: replace the board and that would be a a happy cust ,,,,,,,,that men look like the sears techs a them blower and run away like kittys ,,you call again for services they never show up ,,,,,,,,,,,them m&^% f^%$#rs

Taxminia0311: You get what you paid for and what is that you say??? Garbage kenmore Elite wanna be LG.
Kenmore Elite He4 Dryer DEFECTS and PROBLEMS 5 out of 5

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Kenmore Elite He4 Dryer DEFECTS and PROBLEMS