Dry Curd Cottage Cheese DCCC (SCD)

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Dry Curd Cottage Cheese DCCC (SCD)
Dry Curd Cottage Cheese DCCC (SCD)
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CrazyIvan1988: Can we have store bought colby cheese?

jean picard: Dont know how I got to this video, but im in love

Crissy Renee: PCC West Seattle!

tohopes: goodness. you have such a tender and engaging way of talking! i just came for info on farmer's cheese, but this was enjoyable.

aaron maxim: going to find dccc tomorrow for im newly diagnosed with crohns but everyone is talking about it and no ones really telling me what TO DO with it...cook with it,just eat it raw?

fernpixel: @stevencr00k I'm not quite sure. Do you have the Breaking the Vicious cycle book? There's a short chapter on DCCC. You can also try searching on google for more info. I only found the two brands mentioned in this video, but there could be others. Check the labels with caution.

jentyk: If you are living in UK you can buy Dry Curd Cottage Cheese in Polish shops. It's called 'Twarog', as it's been mentioned before or 'Ser Bialy'. Please check ingredients, as names of similar products, however not the one we are looking for, can be pretty similar ;-)

fernpixel: @quixotally Yea... this stuff is pretty hard to find! I went to 8 stores and its only in one of them in my area. I'm not sure about that Quesos La Ricura, Maybe you can ask around in the SCD forums? They might verify it or find other brands available for you. good luck!

powergi: You are so incredibly cute :)))))))))

okmontreal: I just watched a video about cheese. Life with crohns is making me retarded. Oh, and i love that it's called "Hoop" cheese...my hoop is burnin' lol. Thanks good info.

thehotavocado: thanks SO much for sharing. we are doing GAPS/SCD -- so, thank you for the explanation. Also, you are so pretty! :)

fernpixel: @whattheydontsay Cool! Whole Foods pretty much has everything :)

fernpixel: Sure thing! I'll jot this one down. I'm not sure how soon I'll post this, but this is a really good idea, so I'll make it someday :)

fernpixel: Yikes! Really? Its still under $3 for me. I haven't bought it in a while because I've been using my yogurt instead.

alirolls: Thanks for this video! I just google the Lifeway Brand of the farmers cheese, and the label says 4g of carbs. Truly legal DCCC for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet should have 0g carbs. So, everyone, make sure to read your labels!

stevencr00k: Hi i got some cccd i think!! its polish and the ingredients are milk and starter culture no added salt. its just called curd cheese?? what do ye think?

8Killerbee: You are beautiful, you voice is music to my ears.

o00thunderhawk00o: i always find this stuff for 50% off at stores cuz no one buys it. so i pick it up cuz its a fantastic protein source. no fat and low carb. im trying to find good recipes to use it with.

Noa Erlitzki: Hi, just wanted to let everybody know that this is actually the same thing as cottage cheese with the whey (liquid) drained out and removed. You can make your own (called Tvorog, it's a Russian curd cheese): pour 1/2 gallon milk plus 2 cups buttermilk into a pot, let sit in a warm place overnight. The next day, heat covered without stirring on the lowest setting on your stove for an hour. The curd will separate from the whey. Let drain in a cheesecloth overnight.

karpdiem2: This cheese now runs about $4.99 for a small package, when you can find it!

NazirJaaan: @fernpixel where can u find dccc? i live in southern california and we mostly have trader joe's, sprouts, and whole foods as the places that might contain something like dccc.

fernpixel: I've heard of that before! I think it was mentioned on one of the forums but I've never tried it myself.

780skynet: thaks for the info, ur really cute :)

Ann Mandeville: There is virtually no difference in flavor or consistency....and cheaper. I really am enjoying your videos.......very helpful and I don't feel so alone in all this!!

o00thunderhawk00o: how do you make cheesecake out of it? do you just replace cream cheese with it?

fernpixel: Lucky! At my store its always about $3 for 8oz. which I think is a bit pricey. My favorite thing to make out of it is cheesecake. I usually eat it plain :)

purpledcitrus: 1. don't you always have yogurt on hand? I like to, you need it almost all the time to cook. 2. cheesecake is the bomb, i make it quite often. i have also made lasagna 3. you said polish "something" around 2:20. what did you say? 4. i get the same kind of DCCC. cool 5. can you do a video on CHEDDAR cheese? It's allowed, yet on the ingredients it says "milk." this concerns me but i can eat as much as i want without a problem.

purpledcitrus: thanks for the quick reply. check your channel comments. i'd be sooooooo happy if you did a video about the following (forget the cheddar, if you're taking requests pleaase :]:] do this one) how to avoid bringing up the fact that one is on the SCD diet. i honestly cannot meet someone and get to know them for more than a few days without telling them i'm either 'allergic to gluten' or making up a white lie. how do you deal with this? also if you're planning to tell someone, how do you do it?

fernpixel: Yea... unfortunately its pretty hard to find in some areas. In my town, there's only one store that has it. Maybe you can ask your deli or grocer to special order it. Also, check your inbox, I'm sending you a PM :)

qasion: I got it today in my local chain super market,,bought 2, lovely.

Garusinho04: Its "Pierogi". And the heese in polish is calld "Twaróg". Thank you for that vid.

Chris Marx: its impossible to find in seattle! i gave up. any tips?

The Indulgent Gamer: u r beautifull :)

skydavidhealth: Would be good to find or make it organic!

djean schna: I live in MIssouri, and are their national chain grocery stores that carry this like Schnuck's? Or, if I ask them, would they order it?? Never heard of this. I bet if I can get it, it won't be under $3. Nothing for SCD has been too pocketbook friendly that I've seen so far, man!! Thanks for post.

jkspitler: @yarwnna My son's doc just started him on the SCD diet. I cannot find DCCC in any local store so I am wanting to use your method. Do you need to heat up the milk to 180 like with the yogurt?

neurocosm: LOL @2:35 I love your "mean" I can't open this right now" look! :) And thank you for the great information. I don't have any diet-restrictions per say, but, I did find a non-flour recipe and recommended using this (as opposed to egg whites), so I thank you!

alirolls: Hi there! I found DCCC at Wegmans in PA. They sometimes set aside a 3-lb package just for me! If you can't find it in a store, I also found this place online that sells the 3-lb package of Friendship Farmer Cheese. The store is called Chicopee Provisions, located in Massachusetts, and I believe they ship anywhere in the USA. Just google "chicopee provision". Hope this helps!

qasion: I went to friendshipdairies site, browsed it good, and I got the stores that carry their Dry Curd Cheese.

fernpixel: 1) Usually I have yogurt, but sometimes I get lazy or forget to make a new batch when I'm running out. 2) I <3 the SCD cheesecake!! 3) Polish "Perogi". Its like a dumpling and DCCC is used for the filling. I'm trying to figure out how to make it without the "pasta" 4) Huzzah for DCCC! 5) Cheddar? Sure! I'm taking requests since I feel like I'm running out of ideas.

Ann Mandeville: Suggestion: I can't find the dry curd anywhere so I started using 1 package Knox gelatin per 1 quart whole milk, then draining the whey through cheesecloth/seive for 6 hours. It makes a perfect replacement for dry curd cottage cheese and....it's easy to find. :-)

fernpixel: You can search for SCD cheesecake recipe ;) There's a bunch of them online. There are also a couple of SCD cookbooks on Amazon.

Joseph Gentry: Just started SCD and your videos have been extremely helpful! Thank you so much! Luckily I found Friendship Farmer's Cheese first time out at Whole Foods!

glatzor: you are so pretty..

swingensin: I am in love you so hot!

swizzazn: i'm in love <3 | <3
Dry Curd Cottage Cheese DCCC (SCD) 4.6 out of 5

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Dry Curd Cottage Cheese DCCC (SCD)