Gravity Generator Turbine

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Gravity Generator Turbine
Gravity Generator Turbine
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Gravity Electric Generator Update
Gravity Turbine Demonstration Animation. Check out the other video for construction!
Gravity Turbine Demonstration Animation. Check out the other video for construction!
Dutch inventor develops gravity-based electricity generator
Dutch inventor develops gravity-based electricity generator
Free Energy Gravity Generator - Gravitational Engine
Free Energy Gravity Generator - Gravitational Engine

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david simmons: Ceeheer Samuel, those flaps would be like brick walls.

Nadeem Mughal: There is totally fraudulent ideas convincing people to invent free energy machines.

TheDonkeydash: This is so ignorant of the most basic physical laws.
First of all every transformation of energy has some loss to it,
so converting chemical ( e.g. gasoline) energy to mechanical
( Motion of vehichle -> motion of pedal -> motion of flywheel ) to
Electrical energy is going to be so much more inefficient then using
a normal generator directly. Secondly there is this thing called conservation of energy; energy cannot be created or destroyed, meaning you cannot recharge the cars and get free energy out of this. This proposal is simply ridiculous.

Jonathan Brinkenfalk: interesting, great inspiration.

Jigar Patel: how to make? for collage project

Harry Conover: This must be a joke no one is stupid enough to believe this

wren brighton: Like maybe it would work in very crouded cities but even then the whole idea is just stupid.

Jay Lobo: That'll be great for Motels... Just put that gravity generator thing under each motel beds

Charles Zimmerman: Rube Goldburgs Power Plant

VuurwerkZaak: How many times they must drive over it to even turn the flywheels and generator? WTF?!

Drew Hurst: Great idea with heaps of potential.

The morons that say it's dumb haven't stopped to think how many wheels are rolling around the streets already or the way flywheels work or anything much at all for that matter.

mike tackett: Aaaaahh nope nope nope your violating the laws and just because you end your video saying it doesn't make it true because of the human factor along would cause that system to fail

albert ma: WTF, I can't believe it it is amazing. but live is not a simulator and there is something called resistance and heat from resistance.

statesmanuel: a pity that todays generation have forgotten the origins of the term "Rube Goldberg".

statesmanuel: there are so many additional unnecessary sources of friction (efficiency loss) introduced here that it just boggles the mind.

wolfe1970: Takes extra energy from the tractor to tilt the ramps, and as there is alot of friction there will be alot of wasted energy

Matt Ellis: Can't believe this is even a thing. Who in the hell thought this crap up!! Simy the words self generating is the clue this is horse crap. In principle no different to the idea of a motor turning a generator to power itself, it doesn't work physics wont let it

Chilternflyer: I concur with the other comments:- Really, REALLY dumb!

J IJzer: most worhless ideaa ever where you thing the energy is comming fromĀ  OMG what are people becoming stupid

djfritz2001: Hey here is a great idea for a car. Put an outboard motor on the back of your car, then tie a bathtub to the back of you car and fill it with water. Submerge outboard motor into bathtub and hit the throttle. Off you go to catch the roadrunner....
Gravity Generator Turbine 5 out of 5

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Gravity Generator Turbine