Gravity Generator Turbine

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Gravity Generator Turbine
Gravity Generator Turbine
Gravity Turbine Demonstration Animation. Check out the other video for construction!
Gravity Turbine Demonstration Animation. Check out the other video for construction!
Turbulent Is Ready to Change the World!
Turbulent Is Ready to Change the World!
Dutch inventor develops gravity-based electricity generator
Dutch inventor develops gravity-based electricity generator
Gravity Electric Generator Update
Gravity Electric Generator Update

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Felipe Dorneles Maganha: uma baita porcaria, se fizeres a soma de todas as energias perdidas, veras que é uma bosta bem mal feita

Costel Gogoasa: Deșteaptă ideie.

Light Car Club: Wasn't this the basis for a rick and morty episode?

velcroman11: What a stupid video. It’s even too stupid to call it click bait, which it actually is.

Allan.Froehlich: No!

Paco Vasda: There's no question whatsoever this would work but it's stealing! Because the tractors or vehicles that run over the gate have to spend their gas to climb up this little wall that it then collapses and generates electricity from this is using the gas of the vehicles that are taking their stress to climb over this obstacle to generate your electricity.
It works but it's thievery.
This is not free energy these vehicles have to increase their load slightly to compensate for the spring action on this gate.
One more short-sighted view that doesn't respect.
How about a water wheel? how about just using a good old fashioned water wheel?

glasslinger: They were proposing to put this contraption on freeways to harvest "waste energy" from the passing vehicles. Bumpity bumpity bumpity bumpity.....

Mike Gillett: Sorry for not proof reading my note, life is precious, but a sentence could make more sense if rather than "life" I used the word "lift."

Mike Gillett: The person who did all this work was attempting to think out-side the box, attempting to some how capture gravity as energy. On very simple terms, the energy required to life the weight is equal to the energy that it would produce as a result of gravity allowing the weight to "free fall." Just based on this fact without considering any of the other loss's through friction etc. would not the absolute perfect situation result in equal amount of energy to life the weight as allowing it to fall? Without considering the friction losses of the machine moving around in circles gaining nothing from all of that expended energy? Everyone would love free energy, well we are kind of fortunate to have the sun producing tremendous amount of energy, weird thing call wind, ocean waves, and explosions from gasoline and other heat or explosive actions. I don't think people have a clue how much energy is released in one stroke of a gasoline engine. Even on a simple one cylinder lawn mower. Not a scientist, rather a person who studies people, and attempt to guide people to rational thought without destroying creativity.

Nathaniel P: This could be used in cities to harness vehicles passing by on the roads!

MsBoots10: Looks like a government project and will creat free energy if the inventor buys the fuel

Markus Wunderlich: dude, re-invent this to be installed on active public roads! every car that goes over it shares some of the power created by the engine, collect it all and you get energy using average joes!

Jason Cortina: how is this better than using the fuel used to power the tractors to power an engine connected to the generators?

Tank1nat0r: Basically this is free energy?

Carskick: 1. This won't work (energy used is more than energy gained.
2. By it's very nature, if it did work, it would violate the laws of Thermodynamics.
3. If you get people or animals to jump up and down on the platform instead of using a GAS or ELECTRIC powered tractor, then it would work...

homen123456: How many cars a day do you pass on your street this can do in transit using cars and trucks that passes every day it's got to be done

Beowulf Silverblade: Good idea we can put that on the highways

awsomeedv gaming: How freaking retarded do you hawe to be to think of this it already exists

Marc Leenaerss: .help please shoot me.

Wil Hobbs: Yes it does violate the laws of thermodynamics.
Gravity Generator Turbine 5 out of 5

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Gravity Generator Turbine