Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W), Grip Reduction / Chop

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Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W). Grip Reduction / Chop
Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W). Grip Reduction / Chop
mods to my glock 23 and 27
mods to my glock 23 and 27
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Glock 23 Laser Grip
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Robar's Xtreme Metal Frame Glock

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pigpaul: #Vaginaglock´╗┐

Draco Masters: Very cool, except for the external safety. I don't understand why people are so afraid of not having an external safety on a semi-auto pistol, when people have carried double action revolvers for decades.´╗┐

Jtgarner07: When you chopped the grip did you use an aftermarket grip sleeve to fill the space on the full size mags or did you use the leftover part that you chopped off? I am interested in doing this but I would also like the full size feel without the gap when i use full size mags (ok so I know you are using compact and sub-compact size mags but I would be using full and compact size mags because I have a G22, hence the possible confusion in my word choice above)

Rossm812: Accessory Rail

Charlie Jones: Damn you did a kickass job

dakine425: Great job on the video, Dale does do great work. I'm sending my Glock 19 in to get rid of the hump. What texture did you choose? Also good info on the slide release, didn't know there was a match grade type made.

Philip Ramirez: Nice safe...

eldogg4life .: Nice!!! Dale's website doesn't show the cost of the grip chop so I wanted to know if you recalled the pricing. Thx

Gary Gutierrez: I like it...nice job, I could not do it to my 23 though I have had it too long and I shoot well enough with it as it is. Never liked an electronic gun safe, with my luck the battery would bitch out right when I need it. I also don't have kids or a pet monkey so I can keep mine in a matress holster. Shalom!

Airborne80: Nice video. How much did that safe run you and where did you get it? I like that idea!

rolling9657: Why not just get a G27!

jkeys251: That looks like very good work. I wouldn't choose those mods for myself but they are well done.

Mr1bigsexy: you should have just got a 27 dummy,who needs a rail on a compact?if you put a bulky light on it its not a compact anymore,its to hard to conceal

patman0455: I like them because they offer the best of both worlds for daytime and night time sight picture. Some people argue that FO sights are fragile and break easily, but I find that these having been shrouded, are pretty tough. I have no problems with them. I don't even fear breaking them with normal concealed carry.

MrUtubegunner: @Mr1bigsexy guess thats why xd 40s arent very popular...who would want a light on there gun on the nightstand?

tacdriver22mk2: pritty cool ill give u 600 for it ha ha jk ill bet that is ur pride and joy u look at it and reminice thats what i did to my ruger mk II tricked it made it my own good work and congrats

patman0455: @jaundibalm ,mostly because I really enjoy tinkering and customization. I'm an engineer by profession, and always tend to analyze and tinker with everything. It's what makes me happy. Another hobby...

Maxwelshouse1: Thank you very much for your time and response.

MrUtubegunner: @1TacticalMedic SIDERLOCK...check there site

90foxfreak: Thumbs up on everything except the external safety! There no need for it.

tronclay: you can take stock sub compact mags for regular carrying and keep a sleeved 19 or even 17 mag as a spare, you get a whole slew of new options when you do this mod plus you get the longer sight radius of the 19 and the accessory rail. Dont be a fag about it.

adalynn111209: external safety? why even own a glock, buy a smith if u need a manual safety

KendrasEdge757: Gay

nio619: i'm in the navy and we use the 9mm beretta so im already use to the external thumb safety. ill be getting a glock 23 here shortly and will be going with the cominolli safety. I fell in love with the styling of the glock. the only thing i didnt like though was the fact that glocks do not have an external thumb safety and luckily for me i found a way to get a thumb safety put on. so a glock 23 will defintely be my first handgun for home defense. thought?

Andy Martin: Dude, great looking 23. I would like to connect with the guy that did shortening of the frame. I really like that

hathcocked: Very nice. I am considering a grip reduction but I might wait and see what the Gen 4 Glocks look like first.

AndrejPetro: I did not have a chance to go through all the comments, so I apologize if I have repeated this question. Did Dale Hunnicutt also do the grip chop also, or just the reduction?

jaykbrake: Great vid. Can you give the specifics of the external safety, and where purchased? I am waiting for my 27 to come in, and would like to add the extra safey to my weapon.

Mike Smith: While Glock is the SAFEST firearms with built in safeties (NEVER) accidental dischargers to date the external safety is SUPER and EVEN looks great! Glad you feel comfortable with those mods! Glock is excellent and never let me down in 20 years under HEAVY usage and dirty. Not the prettiest gun, like a SIG SAUER P, so what!

Nicho2177: I have never seen an external safety on a glock thats pretty interesting. You kept refering to the slide lock you replaced that marked the barrel up and gave you better patterns but you were pointing to the take down levers. Were you speaking of the actual locking block??

squackhunter11: Frame work is ok but putting a safety on is stupid

Ronald3570: you pretty much turned it into a glock 27 with a rail haha. not counting in the safety of course.

patman0455: @ABorell12 - You could technically just take a saw to it, BUT... I wouldn't do that. The best thing to do is look at a "Stock" Glock 23, and the way a magazine fits. The idea is to create an identical shape to the Glock 23. I would first cut it a little bigger, and then CAREFULLY shape it with a Dremel tool. It takes a lot of patience if you are going to do it yourself, and make it look "Right". My grip is identical (in shape, minus a back strap) to a Glock 27.

tfineis: Can you hit a torso sized target at 100 yards?

tysonb209: @mrtrayblizz I was thinking the exact same thing

Tacoma78: Anyone know if CW9 mags would fit the PM9?

MrMiltheman: why did you chop it if your going to use grip extensions.

1TacticalMedic: Can you do the aftermarket Safety on a Glock 19? How much was it?

patman0455: @MrMiltheman - I can conceal it easier like a 27 (No printing), but also use a grip extension later if I want comfort. The best of both worlds. I didn't buy a 27 because it didn't have accessory rails.

patman0455: @Redcaster916 - Yeah, I love it. I'm glad I did it. I have all the confidence in the internal mechanisms, but I like the idea of safety insurance. Just my preference...

Jackal's Outdoor Channel: @Lonewolf6565 Sorry I replied to the wrong post. Mate see above re why the external safety is desired.

Lonewolf6565: @AusJackal why are you guys so paranoid of guys with no safety selector. just dont pull the trigger and it wont go off... glocks will also never go off if you drop them.

Jackal's Outdoor Channel: I carry a M23 @ work and one thing I don't like about it is the absence of an external safety. I like yours. Where did you source the modified frame from?

Diesel Tactical: How do you like the plus 1 mag extention? I just ordered 2 pearce's from cheaper than dirt. I have a G27.

Bradley Melnyk: when i first starting watching i thought this was a 26, but then i saw u had a handle reduction lol boy im glad i didnt open my mouth until i watched

Jtgarner07: @patman0455 - Ok yeah I have seen those sleeves but I also saw the texture on your sleeve and that is why I wondered. Thanks for the info I might be trying this soon.

Chris Rider: you actually mentioned two things that i haven't seen out of the hundreds of glock vids ive watched. good video.

scottmercado: I like how you have a G23 w/ a 27 grip. I always imagined that to be the ultimate CCW. Awesome.


tyu30: The biometric gun safe is good for crazy wives who wanna kill their hubbies in the middle of the night while they are in deep sleep.. Its called the black-widow buzz off defense.
Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W), Grip Reduction / Chop 4.2 out of 5

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Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W), Grip Reduction / Chop