Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W), Grip Reduction / Chop

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Porkchop's Papi: I'm wondering what's​ the point of chopping short the grip & then adding a grip extender so it's right back to 23 grip height ?

Alan Lias: Love it!

pigpaul: #Vaginaglock

Draco Masters: Very cool, except for the external safety. I don't understand why people are so afraid of not having an external safety on a semi-auto pistol, when people have carried double action revolvers for decades.

Rossm812: Accessory Rail

Mike Smith: While Glock is the SAFEST firearms with built in safeties (NEVER) accidental dischargers to date the external safety is SUPER and EVEN looks great! Glad you feel comfortable with those mods! Glock is excellent and never let me down in 20 years under HEAVY usage and dirty. Not the prettiest gun, like a SIG SAUER P, so what!

90foxfreak: Thumbs up on everything except the external safety! There no need for it.

nio619: i'm in the navy and we use the 9mm beretta so im already use to the external thumb safety. ill be getting a glock 23 here shortly and will be going with the cominolli safety. I fell in love with the styling of the glock. the only thing i didnt like though was the fact that glocks do not have an external thumb safety and luckily for me i found a way to get a thumb safety put on. so a glock 23 will defintely be my first handgun for home defense. thought?

YZ250Yamaha969: Why did you not buy a g27 instead.

Andy Martin: Dude, great looking 23. I would like to connect with the guy that did shortening of the frame. I really like that

Jeff: Umm a rail maybe..

Michael Mendez: Very nice!!! Must be nice to have money!! Lov the Mods...

Steven Garza: Awesome video! I really like what you did here, you made it you own. Who cares about the extra money you spent. It's made perfectly the way you like it. Great job man.

Wing it Workshop: Never seen the safety before, can't say I like that one BUT the chopped grip is sweet! Do that and bevel the front like the 27 and It would be perfect

KX125Ripper: external safety? why even own a glock, buy a smith if u need a manual safety

rainmechanic: Something i would have very much liked to see in this video is how the gun looks with a stock 9rd G27 Magazine inserted into the mag well... Perhaps an IWB demo with a factory 9rd inserted and then one of you wearing an IWB with the G23 mag inserted.... Would give everyone a better idea of what is achieved as far as printing and carryability..... This type of mod originated with folks chopping Colt Commander grip frames down to Officer size....Grip frame length is what supposedly prints most.

leggomyeggro12345: does the grip reduction reduce trigger reach?

Chris Rider: you actually mentioned two things that i haven't seen out of the hundreds of glock vids ive watched. good video.

tronclay: you can take stock sub compact mags for regular carrying and keep a sleeved 19 or even 17 mag as a spare, you get a whole slew of new options when you do this mod plus you get the longer sight radius of the 19 and the accessory rail. Dont be a fag about it.

brickcitync40: Real nice bro!!!!
Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W), Grip Reduction / Chop 5 out of 5

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Glock 23 Modified (.40 S&W), Grip Reduction / Chop