Beauty Tips: Men's Fragrances

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Christopher Wilson: Thanks for a wonderful video. You are vrey good.

Brad Marshall: wtf what a freaking bitch. There are fantastic cheapie out there that are all round better than some big houses like creed.

Mix the Fix: I love how she talks like she is the crap and like she knows it all and almost everything she said was non sense. Eau de Parfum is powdery? Who the said that? And JFK? LoooooL what a doooofus

BodyRights: Hey Sali. Absolutely beautiful presentation the woman and the perfumes. Do you know if the Tom Ford Vetever lasts long?? What are your thoughts on Chanel Platinum Egoiste for men?

GL 1813: Kennedy wore a Vetiver based scent made for him by Creed; not GIT which was released in 85 as mentioned below by Scentpede. GIT and the rest of Creed fragrances are excellent and contain more natural raw ingredients vs designer synthetics. I do enjoy Chanel and Dior, on the other hand; even Issey Miyake which when I first put my nose on IM women scent in 94, I was blown away. The men's is not as enchanting, nor "bliss" as the women's IM perfume.
In any case, this woman makes a lot of sense about scents, ha ha.

Dohboy69: Almost convinced me you were knowledgeable on fragrances- agree that cheapfragrance does smell like toilet cleaner, but then you said about paying £40 for a good one and mentioned Tom Ford, Creed, Byredo etc which lost credibility withme .... also, even niche houses do accords. Creed being one of the major culprits!

Jeffrey KRUPA: This woman is to fragrances what "ArchieLuxury" is to wristwatches...

Sithu Kyaw: gosh Montblanc perfumes smell more natural than one million at 1/3 of price

David CZa: nice review a nice young lady

Martijn M: I own several Creed perfumes, Parfums de Marly Herod and official samples of virtually every male Amouage fragrance. Of course these scents have superior quality. But I don't agree with her statement about 'cheap = bad.' That's baloney. Nautica Voyage is my gym scent, and I get a lot of female attention. If Midnight In Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels was marketed by Amouage, it would sell for 200 euro per bottle. Yet I bought it for less than 30 euro. Avant Garde by Lanvin is a rich smelling scent as well, and very seductive. Or what about Lalique Encre Noire? Regarding Grey Vetiver: I like vetiver scents like Mugler Cologne, Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée, and Terre d'Hermes Parfum much more. In my personal top 10, only the niche scents Creed Aventus and Parfums de Marly Herod would get a spot.

David Kennedy: Test Be Delicious for men..DKNY.....tell us what you think.

AF A: I am a hardcore fragrancer, and I can tell for sure she doesn't know what she is talking about.

Jack James: Lots of advice that is wrong. Even how she smells perfume on a test strip is wrong.

astroboirap: tranny?

Larry O: ugh this woman is full of contradictions and just a snob who acts all high class. She's forgetting the fact that fragrance smells different on everyone due to their own body's chemistry so two people can wear the same fragrance and still smell different, a connoisseur like herself would be able to detect that and the whole buying niche brands is rubbish as not all care about high quality and sometimes you pay for the in store experience and some cheap fragrances are staples on a lot of top fragrance list like Old Spice.

Wear and buy what you like, if that woman (like her) doesn't appreciate it then you dodged a bullet because she might want you to buy her a tiny 1 oz bottle of "high quality" fragrance. I've worn cheap generic fragrances that got loads of compliments and got none when I wore my high quality perfume oils.

Vish: Excellent review , You have educated me in how to go by choosing my fragrances.

Freekzilla87: Her advice is to buy roja dove? I didn't realise this video was only for Torys.

M Shlock: The woman took the safe route as a "journalist" vs. the full truth: she's not originally posh herself (just listen to her accent, look at her clothes, and notice the nose-pick right on camera). However, she is a whore for a particular audience so if what comes out past the bad English teeth and plastic plum in her mouth is "spend more money and buy exclusive indy and niche for non-mass-marketed quality and individuality you insightful upscale individual you," well, she can't really go (and isn't, generally speaking) very wrong. For those who actually know a little better, be kind and forgive the wench. Some here know better about particular fragrances that are inexpensive, maybe designer, and extraordinary (exceptions to the rule?). O.K., her demeanor and argument come across as rather snobby (intentionally -- remember she's prostituted herself) but does, indeed, get diluted in the scent cloud of perfumes' cloyingly high profit margins and some wonderful "bargains" if one has made the effort to know where to look. Or smell. The idle rich don't have time for that though and she is paid to take a particular position. At her age I'm sure she's retired by now but next time maybe don't arch your back quite so much Sali!

1230naze: John f Kennedy. I don't believe that crap. He died when GIT didn't even exist

Dean Wright: This video is total rubbish she don't know what she is talking about paco rabanne 1 million for men is a really nice great fagrance I love the smell and it lasts for hours on my skin I have the creed aventus. And the paco rabanne 1 million lasts longer on my skin and that's not cheap to buy either it's like 75 to 85 pound in the perfume shop and house and Fraser also fenwick shop it's the same price so the women is talking rubbish in my opinion and proberly every other persons opinion to.
Beauty tips: men's fragrances 5 out of 5

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Beauty tips: men's fragrances