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Scentapede: Really? JFK wore Creed, Green Irish Tweed which was released in 1985. Do you know that John F. Kennedy died in 1963? Hmmm, does not seem to work out. Unbelievable.

The Perfumed Podium: I'm sorry that cheap scent offends you, Miss Hughes. Most people are appreciative of the efforts of others, who make the decision to perfume their bodies, rather than appear in public stinking. If all men want to wear the same fragrance, that's up to them.We all tend to wear what we like.

trident3b: Tom Ford stuff simply stinks. Tobacco Vanille... a dreadful stench... try it.

Lincoln Hawk: She has so many annoying ticks like sniffing deeply and smacking her mouth like she's chomping on some Bubbalicious. This is where the American valley girl persona originates. Info was good though. Haha!

Dohboy69: I think Tom Ford is very particular it smells expensive, but doesn't do it for me. I agree your point on marketed smells. I do love Byredo 'Sunday cologne' btw.

paintballeros: i want my balls inside her mouth

Sam Angelo: She was sexy

G. I. Ortega C.: I used to buy A LOT of expensive cologne that went for over $250 but now I go for anything over $80 and lower than $ 120. I have other things to spend my money on and I practically kept Mr. Creed in business for a while, along with the Amouage sultan of Oman. Uh-uh, no way, no more!

Lincoln Hawk: I really really really really really hate cheap make up. Theres no two ways about it and this woman is wearing cheap make up.

ScarvesForUnited: Complete snob.

G. I. Ortega C.: My favorites are Chanel Antaeus and Moschino pour Homme. Talk about a cut above and obscure!

Dreez76: I'd gladly pay 100£ for a good fragrance. Creed Original Santal costs 200£, and i don't mind. I paid about 90£ for each of the fragrances in my Thierry Mugler collection. I believe my cheapest bottle is Fahrenheit, 50$ - been my signature scent for 20 years.

Phil Jarratt: God I love you.... you are so so special. Great presenting, seriously!!

DubsMood: True! Btw, i totally dig your style.

patrick morales: whats your favorite for men? (pantie dropper)

Paul Lowry: oh forgot to mention you have very sexy lips,

Joe Robertson: Your talking about " cheap" perfumes but you say £40 is a "fortune" for perfume?

mus5599: What's wrong with Burberry? Burberry for men is so rich/pure

Maceo852456: 90% of perfumes have synthetic ingredients even designer perfumes like Dior and Chanel are mostly synthetic. Raw ingredients has very poor longevity thus need to be boosted with stabilisers.

Allen Sandusky: I very much appreciate the videos geared toward men. Please do more. You bring an obvious mastery of the information pertaining to whatever topic you are discussing. Thank you.

thisis muti: JFK wore Vetiver not Green Irish Tweed, Prince Charles has worn Green Irish Tweed or maybe still wears it

John WALES: Wise words from a very knowledgeable and beautiful woman!! Thanks for the Info

Muhammad Hamza: very good analysis

MeatEater96: She has no idea what she's talking about. I was kiterally laughing my ass off when she said that JFK wore GIT.

Michael Kargbo: can u do a part 2 to the clip.cuz is so much information left out of these clip pls.i would like to know the rest of those colognes on that table pls

RainDeepshoXX: Utterly gorgeous Sali Hughes.. ;] ...with a beautiful accent.

Flashmore: Sharp chin pinched nose!.....ok then

joe69er: jfk wore creed's vetiver

Skippy MyMan: This lady has no clue what she is going on about lol...

NewsWatch New York: Bloody hell, there's quite a bit of misinformation here that I barely know where to start. Her comments on Creed GIT are rubbish (do they check facts at all), and while coffee beans are commonly used to clear the nose, a fresh clean linen cloth is better. Plus, you need to go further than just paper blotters since skin chemistry plays a crucial role, and not all "expensive" fragrances are better (many are simply more expensive). And please don't get me started on the overuse of makeup.

Barry Tran: Thumb up to fact about EDP and EDT, not many pplz know that ! glad u do n spreading the word.

Joachim Christensen: I live in the capital of Norway, and the stupid thing is that there are no real perfume-shops here :( only perfume-shops in supermarkets and they sell designer-fragrances (and I never buy my fragrances from the internet, because I'm afraid I won't get the real stuff). I am a collector so I have now around 32 different fragrances ;) But I only buy fragrances that suits me, and remind me of a wonderful holiday-memory.

Kang Tian Ning: Coffee beans Haha

Sherzodbek Omadillayev: Thank you for making video, and I'll recommend you ladies & gentlemen to try FM Group fragrances be cause it's worldwide & everybody loves it, just watch on youtube or google it if you have this FM group in your country, go there & they let U try all the perfumes for free vs pleasure, coz I understand what's a perfume itself & how it's made. U can use my FM id: 36001651 whenever u contact to them! thank you! And never underestimate it! Drom international produces all of ur & my FM perfumes!!!

Adamkay17: Yeah, was just thinking that

VikingShaver: How the hell can JFK have worn GIT, when GIT was released in 1985 ? This lady reveals she us NOT a frag head. Also you NEVER EVER test fragrances on paper. Only on skin. But hey, I'm a fragead. She's certainly not. Cheers/Claus from Denmark

dantealighieri1265: i have to disagree. Cheap doesn't mean automatically bad. There are a lot inexpensive fragrances that have great quality. For example Creed's Original Santal is a expensive copy of MontBlanc's Individuel and still many people consider Invividuel to be the better one. Creed has good fragrances, no doubt about that but in my opinion they're overpriced. I believe also the most stories about the famous customers are just made up by Creed for marketing reasons.

Michaele Nagac: I think there is a fallacy that the more expensive the fragrance is the better it is. There are still fragrances today cheap as they may but of GOOD QUALITY. Fragrances as well reacts differently depending on skin type so never rely on how it smells like on paper.

whoryanp: A*MEN PURE MALT is one of my favs

jams6279: I don't know why but you look and sound so boring!

penlovmov: For the love of god, get to the point. I'm female and her voice annoys the hell out of me.

Greggieboy76: Creed's marketing claims have excelled even their own in sending GIT back in time to the days of JFK :-) Joking aside, I enjoyed the video - thanks :-)

Rangerswincup: just subbed! thanks

Rangerswincup: I am a fragrance nut, and in all honesty, Cool Water is very similar. It basically smells like GIT but with watery caloney notes added and almost like it was made into a laundry detergent smell. Definitely cheaper smelling, but VERY similar. However, with that said I don't care for either of them. I would much prefer to have a bottle of Aventus or Millesime Imperial over GIT.

kkqd: hot

theLupeXperience: If you're fragrhead, pls sunscribe to my Youtueb channel. I vlog about fragrances.

lexip396able: Seriously get to the point!

ungredda4: your voice is sooooo relaxing very melodic and soothing quality to it, loved the vid

Philippe Nilles: @fizzzzaa1

Adam Grass: wow, so much of that is wrong PR and magazine nonsense. Also, I was unaware that JFK lived to 1985 to wear Green Irish Tweed.
Beauty tips: men's fragrances 3.9 out of 5

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Beauty tips: men's fragrances