Armani Si Rose Signature By Giorgio Armani Fragrance / Perfume Review

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Armani Si Rose Signature by Giorgio Armani Fragrance / Perfume Review
Armani Si Rose Signature by Giorgio Armani Fragrance / Perfume Review
Armani "Si" EDP Fragrance Review
Giorgio Armani Sí Perfume Review!
Giorgio Armani Sí Perfume Review!
Giorgio Armani - Si Rose Signature Perfume
Giorgio Armani - Si Rose Signature Perfume
Armani si rose signature
Armani si rose signature

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Fariha Aditi: My favourit perfume and it sayed longer.My cloths smell good even after 3 days.❤Si..elegant smell from giorgeo Armani🖒

mo g: its the limited edition version very light doesnt really last the same as other armani si such as the original EDP and this rose signature which you reviewing but great work on the reviews. keep it up

mo g: the si signature with the black badge on the bottle is so weak and light in smell

N K Fischer: Great review! please compare it to the Armai Because It's You, they seem similar and I can't pick between the two.

esor val: Hi ty for your review, SI is one of my staples with Limperatrice and Love relentlessly by Tory burch... What do you think about Love relentlessly?

Abdul Kabore: Got this for my girlfriend on a blind buy and boy does she love it and she gets a lot of compliments and she smells so nice and sweet when she wears it around me. We live in Africa and it makes her smell pleasant in the hot weather. Dope...awesome review

Alberto Gonzalez: Good job, Steven. 👏 definitely good to see you do women's fragrances as it could help us guys on selecting a few bottles as gifts to the females. I love the house of Giorgio Armani. If you had to pick between Acqua Di Gio vs Acqua Di Gio Profumo, which one would you go with?

naheed a: such a pretty rose fragrance, and another excellent review 👍

Charlie Tay: For a teen, Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct or Invictus Aqua? (For summertime indoors)

Scott Piper: Yes, another ladies perfume review! Please continue to do these, Mr. G. I'm just testing out the OG Sì tonight, so this video is right on time. Gotta try this one out as I'm digging the original. Much appreciated!

Christine Madrazo: Bravo Steven. I would like to see a review on one of my two favorite fragrances. Tom Ford Niroli Portofino or Narciso Rodriguez Her.

Garry Carloni: Great job Steven! My wife is now watching your reviews on womens fragrances.

ladyarizel: Yessss! Another women's perfume review! Thank you!! <3 I enjoy your videos. :))

Haroldo Tani: Steve, have of tried Ferrari Essence Oud?  I have not, but from the notes you mentioned in this review, the two seem much alike.

Serg S: Very interesting to see Armani's take on rose.

M Maddox: Really happy that you reviewed this one :) I was curious about it !! Thanks

Wednesday Bushong: The original is my favorite fragrance! I will have to try this one for summer :)

Keara Krause: I know you don't get as many views for doing women fragrances but I appreciate it so much! Thank you, and please do more soon!

Linda C: I didn't like the original . Too heavy for me . I will try this one though . Thank you for the review .

Bruno Giambroni: Liking the suit 👍🏽
Armani Si Rose Signature by Giorgio Armani Fragrance / Perfume Review 5 out of 5

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Armani Si Rose Signature by Giorgio Armani Fragrance / Perfume Review