Speedlink Black Widow Joystick Review

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Speedlink Black Widow Joystick Review
Speedlink Black Widow Joystick Review
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Black Widow Flight Stick Review
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ben thompson: is it mac compatible 

Chris Coffey: Thanks for posting I found it very helpful

Ola Bergström: Does it have 3d-twist? (z-axis) and is it stable without the use of sticky feet?

adam lediard: Is it compatible with other driving simulators

iPhone171: Thanks probably should have looked at YouTube fist but its on order from Amazon! Great review!!!!!

kingmcbrian: LOL i always chuck away the manual, ^_^ now i wont ¬¬

TheNjDevils4Life: can you tell me where did you get it (website, store etc.) and does it work with windows 7 or xp

razordude500: i cant find the effects thing i got windows 7 i cant find classic view or what ever and i can find game controllers and the controller and properties but no effects please help!!!!

Joshua Nesbitt: @WOZZIEtron i had that problem when I first got a joystick (not this one) on the keyboard you don't notice it. You need to trim it or better yet use AP!

spanielgita: Great background music!

iillyyaa777: Does it also work with the airbus x?!

TheHazSpaz: brilliant thanks :)

GameraidersJEMAD: Wozzeh is right but, you can only plug and play with Windows 7 as the drivers are incompatible with Windows 7 and you can't use it if you use the drivers. No vibration sorry on Windows 7. I'm unsure about XP but, I would of thought it works fine as Windows Vista and XP have pretty much the same driver compatability.

WOZZIEtron: @jackchaddyjackjack i dont have flight gear but it works with fsx and the crappy google earth one so im guessing it will. yes you can change them thats just what comes up standard

veksed1: It does

iT3acher: Iam buying this joystick tomorrow, just asking if it works for fs2004 cause i saw some rumours that black widow dosent work on fs2004? Is that true?

alikescorch62: Can I use it on Vista?

rickypierocks: @WOZZIEtron oh ok, thanks man, appreciate it ^_^

Zaladorarch: Great review. 5 stars.

Dr Bob: Do you think this would be good for a game like Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

critbot: omg how weird, i ordered this off amazon and it said estimated dispatch was 5 days away. liturally as im watching this review it only gets delivered *i ordered it yesterday* so im happy and your review couldnt come at a better time. Also your review rocks, one of the best i have seen on youtube regarding anything really.

Captain Radu: Hey :) I just bought this joystick, but my game, (flight simulator x, running sp1) lags if I installed the driver from the CD. I get around 3 FPS if the joystick vibrates... When I uninstalled the driver, the vibration was gone, but in the game I got around 55 FPS. Can you tell me in the problem is from the driver or from my PC? Thx. My laptop is Asus g75vw with 16 GB ram, with Nvidia Geforce GTX670M , 3GB.

TheNuclearManx: Great review, thanks!

rickypierocks: just to make sure, is this compatable with vista? and could one use it on an xbox 360. if not does anyone know of any good pc vista/xbox360 joysticks

WOZZIEtron: @critbot haha wierd thanks anyway!

GameraidersJEMAD: Yes, it works on Vista perfectly.

Qwbecz: good review. Can anyone help, I have this joystick but cant use it Every time I use it the plane veers violently to the left even with full right rudder and aileron! It wont let me re calibrate either. When I use my Saitek yoke and rudder pedals all is well but this joystick somehow automatically makes the control surfaces be full left!Any suggestions as id love to be able to use it to realistically (sort of) simulate airbus aircraft as I prefer them to boeing ( no intention of startin a battle)

WOZZIEtron: @razordude500 hey yeah on FSX you just change the controls =] soz about the wait

Kingbobski: How wierd is that I made one just because there wasnt any 2days later haha

Lord Sheep: very usefull!

GameraidersJEMAD: go to the american Amazon and put in Speedlink black widow

Wozzeh: @monsterman48390 Well all i can say is search the name. Check on amazon =/

MrEPIC91210: Does it work for Windows 8

DJ FireStorm: The last War Thunder update has it listed so I assume yes? I was looking for a good non-Saitek controller as they are just garbage. I just ordered a Thrustmaster T160000 to see how it is, I might try one of these out too as I am picky!

TheAbds2000: i'm gonna get FSX n i need a joystick i just wanna ask if this works with windows xp or not

WOZZIEtron: @rickypierocks yeah definitely on vista not sure about xbox though

Wozzeh: @michael9594 hi this is my new acc baisicly you just go to the flight sim menu (or what ever game) and go the the controlls tab

michael9594: how do you program the 4 buttonds f5 f6 f7 f8

GameraidersJEMAD: Hey, just noticed your question. I've been looking for reviews and stuff about this joystick. I recently ordered it off amazon about 4 days ago (sunday) and it still isn't here >:(. I found out, you can't install the drivers on Windows 7 because they aren't compatible sorry. You can try looking for a patch on the Speedlink website if they have a patch but, you'll have to make do with the vibration off sorry.

Povl Besser: Can anyone confirm this works for WarThunder ?

WOZZIEtron: @DaBoff99 its not its the black widow its just fighter stlye...aparently

Mike Smith: ace review mate!!

Wozzeh: @TheAbds2000 as far as i know it does no reason why it shouldnt

Wozzeh: Did you watch the video?! try 3:08

hazajaza123: how do you use the rudder ?

James Vines: I like how one of the Suggestions is Black Widow Sex ;)

DaBoff99: why didn't they call it the F16 joystick?????

WOZZIEtron: @super95cooper check on the box or website whether it joystick enabled. my guess is yes but just check any way thanks =]

WOZZIEtron: @pavstaaaa thats because it is pulling back all joysticks do it. you cant fly a plane without puling back on the stick slightly even in real life thats how planes dont fall out of the sky

razordude500: can you change the buttons to do different functions
Speedlink Black Widow Joystick Review 4.7 out of 5

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Speedlink Black Widow Joystick Review