Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig

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SilentBob420BMFJ: Recyclers seem to really be catching on, but I feel like they're for show and just glorified splash guards. They don't recycle the smoke, just the water. This is unlike multi chamber bongs with pre-coolers, percolators, etc., which filter the smoke more. So why are these gaining popularity as if multi chamber bongs don't exist? Recyclers are pretty cool, but just a thought.

Jeff Camacho: Yeeee

J tet: so, instead of using the stopper.... you can smoke two bowls at once? yes please

kjimmy24635: wow great pice dopest pice Iv seen to date

Jake Caylor: out of a normal bong I can take whole gram dabs I don't need to spend he extra cash on a recycler

Darius Townsend: Where can I purchase this? The recycler attachment and all?

rylan whobang: That piece is dope as freak, one of the most unique and original pieces I've ever seen but bro you aren't doing that thing any justice with those tiny lil baby rips you're taking off of it. I know everyone smokes different but I'd be milking that thing up good. Take bigger rips it'll get you stoned a lot quicker and you'll prob end up saving oil

KeepSpamUnderControl: woah wait...what!!?

It had a recycler attachment!??! Okay now that is freaking awesome!!

MICHIGAN 710: Holy crap that is freaking awesome

Craig: my man here spent all his money on this sick rig so he couldnt afford furniture

Jasraj Sekhon: Nice rig but why don't people just say how much they got it for so they feel like they got ripped off or something I don't get it.

Tenacity47: This is such a dope ass piece

1betterthanyou1: why spend all that money on a rig if you aint gonna smoke out of it?

Stoney Mcdab: Dude, that is so sweet where did you acquire such a piece? And at what price? So much respect tho

mathieu carriere: That is so freaken EPIC holy crap mad respect!!!!!!

TerminiTubes: You can follow. @terminitubes on instagram

Cameron Ennis: Whats the song at 3:37?

Rob M.: This is all I want for Christmas.

Lisa Au: Traded all the tables in his house for his rig

Wayne Wang: Whaaaaaaaaaaaats the song called ?!?!?
Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig 5 out of 5

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Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig