Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig

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Anthony Fryer: Man... never gon like white boy rap.... but nice piece.

Andrew Wheeler: You still own this?

SilentBob420BMFJ: Recyclers seem to really be catching on, but I feel like they're for show and just glorified splash guards. They don't recycle the smoke, just the water. This is unlike multi chamber bongs with pre-coolers, percolators, etc., which filter the smoke more. So why are these gaining popularity as if multi chamber bongs don't exist? Recyclers are pretty cool, but just a thought.

Jeff Camacho: Yeeee

J tet: so, instead of using the stopper.... you can smoke two bowls at once? yes please

kjimmy24635: wow great pice dopest pice Iv seen to date

Jake Caylor: out of a normal bong I can take whole gram dabs I don't need to spend he extra cash on a recycler

Darius Townsend: Where can I purchase this? The recycler attachment and all?

KeepSpamUnderControl: woah wait...what!!?

It had a recycler attachment!??! Okay now that is freaking awesome!!

MICHIGAN 710: Holy crap that is freaking awesome

Craig: my man here spent all his money on this sick rig so he couldnt afford furniture

Jasraj Sekhon: Nice rig but why don't people just say how much they got it for so they feel like they got ripped off or something I don't get it.

Tenacity47: This is such a dope ass piece

1betterthanyou1: why spend all that money on a rig if you aint gonna smoke out of it?

Stoney Mcdab: Dude, that is so sweet where did you acquire such a piece? And at what price? So much respect tho

mathieu carriere: That is so freaken EPIC holy crap mad respect!!!!!!

TerminiTubes: You can follow. @terminitubes on instagram

Cameron Ennis: Whats the song at 3:37?

Rob M.: This is all I want for Christmas.

Lisa Au: Traded all the tables in his house for his rig
Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig 5 out of 5

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Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig