Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig

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Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig
Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig
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Tenacity47: This is such a dope ass piece

1betterthanyou1: why spend all that money on a rig if you aint gonna smoke out of it?

Stoney Mcdab: Dude, that is so sweet where did you acquire such a piece? And at what price? So much respect tho

mathieu carriere: That is so freaken EPIC holy crap mad respect!!!!!! 

TerminiTubes: You can follow. @terminitubes on instagram 

Cameron Ennis: Whats the song at 3:37?

Rob M.: This is all I want for Christmas.

Andrew Bredin: yo everyone song is: Above The Surface Feat. Phil Maggio - Task & Linus

Tone Vu: Traded all the tables in his house for his rig

Sunbathe Ah: that is an amazing rig u got there! cheers!

Jesse Perez: Song name please?

Ryan King: idk the name but it's by task and linus

LuckyNum3erS7evin: Easily the coolest convertor tube out there. Hella jealous that you picked this up from him. Gotta get on a waiting list to get one of these bad boys and add it to the collection. Mind letting us know how much he let it go for?

mike varzino: Whoa! Really sick design.

smokey mcpots: That thing is dooe as freak! I would love to see an adapter the precede size so you could hook up the recycler so it dumps down the grided stem and put the nail on the batty perc bottom chamber. So ill man

CannabisKing503: Dope

avkebler2: above the surface - task and lunis

Acronaitor: Love the versatility of this tube. So sick

Dustin Anderson: sick vid!

kniv malmo: What's that in the background? Looks scary :3

TerminiTubes: Nice editing dude, Thx for the link :)

K Mac: Suck piece man, where u got that from? I subbed u man, peace. Check my channel out

paranormalechoes: This is just freaking goofy you muppet.

Chrsdxn: I'm pretty sure Karl told my friend that he will never make one of these again.

alloneword: i disliked this for two reasons. 1: i wanted to be the only one to dislike this video. 2: i am jealous and wanted to buy that piece but it was sold out by the time i went to purchase... very jealous. very jealous. so jealous..... we shud dab together ;)

bdogaroo: crap now you need task's infiniTi nail, and that crap'll be the definition of versatility.

RANDOMxONE24: Anyone see the girl pop out of the top left Corner of 1:47 scary

shanghaishiznit: freakin sick, and good bong rips, they coincide with the music nicely

EstablishedPilot: freak, Id truly spend stacks on something like this.

DeltronDan3030: i REALLY dig this. dope song as well

john mayor: Wow I would like to see more rigs like this. Amazing concept and execution. Mind me asking what the price tag is?

Canna Claus: Wow Dopest piece. I would love to have this crap, good music too. taskrok always killin it. 801 reppin

Cgabriel1215: Are there anymore of these made? I need to get one.

Wayne Wang: Whaaaaaaaaaaaats the song called ?!?!?

iTIsSmoke: super sick!

MidWestFlow: ever heard of a table? get off the floor man

hema toma: sweet torch

EstablishedPilot: And serve as to close off different ports when you switch the parts up of course.

alloneword: oh and 3: get a better fuggin nail dude!! dont skimp on a nail when you drop loot on a beautiful rig like that!!! much love tho still (:

SpaceeCatt: can I bother anyone to tell me the name of this song?

Canna Claus: I want this tube so bad.. Everything in one

stephreyn73: Bad ass piece..

ThisOnesForSatan: you're kidding. that craps to crazy.

dalton sasakamoose: song name ???

ItzMeLowKey: Wow that looks PERFECT DAMN! The colors are perfect, and the extra recycler attachment? C'mon need I say more?

BigDogJunction: Damn man. Big ups. Don't see many of these and that is one sweet rig.

fadedfools: So sick

freddie delarosa: Whats the song name?

balla420ish: I've hit this rig several times super tight

mike varzino: I always wondered how this beast was.
Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig 4.8 out of 5

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Termini Tubes Recycler / Double Micro Convertor Rig