The Man With The Iron Fists Lucy Liu Sexy Character Trailer

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TheEvilelvis89: Aahhh freak she looks hot here!

Dylan Calderon: 2 Quentin taratino movies in 2012. Man with the iron fists and django unchained I only saw django unchained. Good movie but this one looks alright.

fyeahh: Why she

Peter Ian Staker: Calm your tits.

football256: I must have read the title wrong, I thought lucy liu was gonna get fisted


Michael Owens: welcome to happy new year 2013!!!!,babe

german rea: I like the cover

Lightable2: to be taken by the slender man

nick corcross: I wish Lucy will do a 3rd charlie's angels film.

jisunee602: Lucy Liu as Lady SnowBlood Please she perfect for the role >_<

johan haugs: stop it!

Joseph Smith: So there's fighting in this movie?

robis ray: batista had sex look closey!

vinvgohg: Because she is already 43 Years Old?

hitmanhart670: I love Lucy Liu when she acts mean!

PureMedusa: I only watched the movie because of Lucy Liu that's it.

Rock Lover: dude!!!!!! She looks good for 43!!!! X )

Creepercat: Please save yourself an hour and a half and don't watch this movie.

MrOne2watch: lucy you got some splainin to do ! lol

Nikki G.: Lucy liu is a bastard!

jennayy: I like the ending how she goes like "u damage my girls, I'll damage ur boys." Lmao Lmao Lmao! : D

ohyeahmeow: wow! where did you get the info from? Chill out !

Feels Man: She still looks as cute and sexy as hell.

ReGremlin: worst movie EVER the only thing i enjoyed was lucy liu's character

PureMedusa: oh i would ploy miss.lucy, oh gosh in hell, why is she so damn sexy

fckcom: was lucy liu in sleeping dogs?

Gerald Bimann: Hey Vasco, you wrinkly old maggot, Lucy has a heart of gold, and the remark about looking filipino if she had a sun tan was just a slip of the tongue, which makes her human after all. you and me.

captainkuru1: What the freak with this music!

blacksupafly: This was a misleading title. I thought fisting was involved, now I am mistaken. Ha.

fyeahh: Why lucy liu looks old?

Fitri Anatasya: Owwww

Justin Edwards: I thought the movie was about the super hero iron fist not some strange japanese movie

Minh Thong Nguyen: phim hay mà gái xấu quá <3

Matt Rodda: My pencil clicked this.

kevin unbeliveble: 1st xD

vasco correia: Lucy Liu is an old and arrogant bitch.Racist mother freaker who speaks bad about other races on TV.
The Man With The Iron Fists Lucy Liu Sexy Character Trailer 4.4 out of 5

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The Man With The Iron Fists Lucy Liu Sexy Character Trailer