Crysis 3 Walkthrough - All Nanosuit Upgrade Locations

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S111or: Thanks for your work.
I'm still missing one upgrade suit, so I think I'll delete the save game and restart in order to get that trophy.
It's just a suggestion but, next time, consider to put the 'chapter information' not in front of the mini map so you will not hide it and allow viewers to better realize where the character is when he gets the nanosuit upgrade, ok?
Thanks again.

FiztUC: So now instead of 2.0 it's like 3.5

EXIA112: Get ur crap together ign !

Jokers Wild: I like how this is all out of order. Lmao.

Bovrillor: It's entirely possible that one of your points bugged (or you may have just missed it). The only way to be sure is to delete your save and replay the whole game on easy without spending any of the nano points. Just run past all the enemies. Took me 2 hours.

Bovrillor: exact same problem here, did you find a solution?

Stevan Pena: yes it is but its shorter which kind of stinks

Akmal Chance: same

Daniel Blinder: come now...ur IGN, u should not be setting the editing bar so least consider fixing the obvious repeats that are out of order and, yeah, repetitive footage that pops-up all over the place. some ppl will be, and judging by the comments, are, confused by this (not just the errors, but why you (of all ppl) haven't bothered to fix this, and more importantly: NOTICE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!-?). Watch, IGN will never bother to fix it, and yes, all of us should care. Me-out

Daniel Blinder: some glaring repetitions as well, obviously. (thought i'd write that in case ppl are confused). Although they are easy to edit out (the repeats not the ppl!), and am not sure why you wouldn't want ur vid to be as close to perfect as possible, and am surprised after all of your work that you wouldn't go the extra mile...whilst ur at it u should "de-fluff" some of the "white noise" (tighten up the time by removing footage unrelated to upgrade locations). As is, 6.5/10, with corrections: 8.5/10.

Daniel Blinder: this has nothing to do with the vid...but yeah, i agree

Daniel Blinder: good work. out of order (of encounter, i.e. some are naturally found before or after the way you listed them in vid), but all in all very helpful. well done, keep 'em comin'! (you should be proud of streamline quality btw, however there is "fluff" in the vid that slows down the pace and is tedious to watch (such as you briefly altering weapons or mods and other things unrelated to mod upgrade locations), but again no biggie). thnx (thought i'd leave u more than just "nice vid)!)

Jason: This games WAAAY better then the 2nd one!

Jason: It says im only missing one upgrade but the upgrade i need costs 2 points... da freak?

I'm Fire: damn i have one left

L33Dutt0n: Simple (yet annoying) fix, if you die after collecting one, but before a checkpoint it will save that you have it but wont ping the achievement, you might have to re collect a few like I did to find "the one" that glitched for you...

Matthew Brodie: same i've gone through ALL of them and i have not got the one that costs3 points but my record says i have them all crysis buggs me i have completed the game on super soldier got the achievement for completing the game on supersoldier but not for completing half on super soldier WTF??

TheyCallMeNis: same wtf

Alessandro Zakolski: is there really none after mission 6

Toxic Industrials: ah yea? have u played it on ultra? theres a big difference. crysis 3 is a gameplay like crysis 1 (more ways to complete the mission) and the graphics are much better than crysis 2. crysis 2 was like cod.... get the titan and your opinion will be changed.
Crysis 3 Walkthrough - All Nanosuit Upgrade Locations 5 out of 5

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Crysis 3 Walkthrough - All Nanosuit Upgrade Locations