Kanger T3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up

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Peter Moffat: Sean, your ohms tester---you said 20$---exact same one-£2,99 from china and it works perfect, £2.99 is about $3.50, sorry but i had to point it out. There is not a great deal of vape-stuff in uk, i think u have a lot more in us--you lucky

philanna38: I have a Kanger T3 Bottom Coil Atomizer . What is better, long post or short [stem] when rebuilding?

RetroCrazed1: Great vid, man. Thanks!

Adam Vanderhoof: I Use the T3S and dual coil T3D do I need the same supplies just doubled to rebuild both coils or different sizes. Please let me know so I can order. Been wanting to rebuild for awhile as i spend a ton on coils. 

Rubens Guifarro: I recently got some 32 gauge wire from the links provided, I just rebuilt my first t3 and the whole base gets too hot with lo vapor. First attempt done with 6 wraps, second one with 4. Any ideas of what may be wrong? I am using cotton

Hayseed1776: is there anywhere I can get some new grommets mine are wore out and burnt now ,I need some new ones,,ty

Tutorial S 23451: Oh man, I've been looking for this for quite some time now. Smoking the T3 bottom feeder for over two years now I've spend more money on replacable anomizers then I spent on the tank and batteries. Dude this is the BOMB. I can't wait to check out the new taste, If this works, I might even lower my nicotine mg. HAHAHA. 

Mars Barger: Any idea where I can find some 510 Rubber Insulator/Grommets?

resilientkid: not sure if someone else said this, but using organic cotton over silica for a wick will make another night and day difference. Right now some people are even contemplating Rayon fibers, but if you haven't tried cotton yet in your tanks, do yourself a favor and learn to thread some organic cotton through the coil after you pull out the silica. Holy. CRAP. Difference in vapor and flavor is night and day in itself. 

DR - M: Can I burn/damage my battery if my coil resistance isn't right high or low (cus don't have a resistance meter) ,,,or i can just do trial and error ,

Felipe Orozco: Thanks a lot, I just bought a kangertech T3S tank and my wick was starting to bubble and pull dry hits, it was a synthetic wic which I do not like, again thank you.

Felipe Orozco: Thanks a lot, I just bought a kangertech T3S tank and my wick was starting to bubble and pull dry hits, it was a synthetic wic which I do not like, again thank you.

Josh Nance: There are no vids for the Kanger t3d(dual coil) rebuild. Any plans on making a vid? You have the best quality rebuild vid out there btw. Great cam, good voice, very good explanation. Thanks for the vid. I bought some kanger t3s with 32ga and ekowool 3mm and 2mm. So if nothing else ill just be rebuilding my single coils. A whole whole lot easier from what ive seen any way. 
Again, thanks for the vid

Tim Watson: @Snaredrummer88 I purchased the 32 gauge Kanthal A1 wire along with some 3mm silica wick and it tastes really bad.  Tried boiling the wick and it still tastes horrible.  Thoughts?

Doug Peddicord: Just did my first rebuild, and I am so stoked.  The wick and wire cost about the same as a new tank, and now I can rebuild it when I need to for a very long time.  Not to mention the difference in taste!  Holy crap. What a difference.  I was thinking my last juice purchase was a bad decision, but after the rebuild it tastes amazing!I can't believe I wasted so much money on those disposable clearos for over a year.  They last like a week if your lucky.  Thanks so much for this video.  So happy I stumbled apon it.

Blind Guy Vaping: Okay, is anyone else just NOT able to get that rubber grommet back into place? I tried everything after taking it out; using some eliquid, thinner pliers, everything, and it just will not pop back into place. 

Henry Wisniewski: thanks

Tony K: Thank's a ton for this video. Very Helpful! The t3's I purchased from the local vape shop burn out too fast, this will save a ton of money

Jesus Cervantes: Well that does not look like my aero tank at all is it fake cause mine did came with the code on the side

kingri1: LOL   at the cost of 2 dollars for a new coil,   my time is valuable enough not to waste it on doing a rebuild.   I mean even if you value time in labor at $20 per hour,  just doing the math tells you that if it takes you over 6 minutes to do the rebuild you have gained nothing.   And that doesnt include the price of tools or other materials.   I buy brand new coils in a box of 5 for $10 bucks,  to me rebuilding old ones seems just silly.   Better things to do with my time.   
Kanger T3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up 5 out of 5

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Kanger T3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up