Tekkit 3.1.2 Dupe Glitch + Explanation

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Derek Adamson: Best tekkit Server NO BANNED ITEMS. Ip:´╗┐

Keyman481: doesnt work´╗┐

Snowkiller: freakING WORKING !!!

DevidIta: i found another way to do this,cheaper and faster,i'll post a vid to show

ZedX: How exactly do you do it? I press Q while hovering over the item I want to dupe... is that right?

silverkill95: i couldnt get it to work in singleplayer

170BArk: ben jij nederlands?

Kevin Larsuel: it dosent work for me i tried it on single player

Farmeraap - Professional Dutchy: Dutchy :P

Snuddjr: Umm...they ruin survival? Who said you had to use it?

SeargetSHEPHERD SHEP: This dupe random work youre smart or dumb just to dupe things if youre smart it will work if youre an ignorant son of bitch it cant work

silverkill95: yes i know that you just have to be smp but for simplicities sake i said tekkit.....

Scurut: better works with 2 same alchemy bag in hand

mohammed dagher: dosent seem to work for me

IAmCrazyLike321: @silverkill95 thanks soooo much I need this on my server since we were low and so I can make diamond condensing magic thing where blaze rods are macerated to 5 dust and 2 goes diamond condenser and 3 to blaze rod condenser and pumped back to macerated so you always have extra 2 dust :) from Duncan tekkit well lots of people use it not just him

silverkill95: no cuz its a server lag error and sp doesnt have a server...

silverkill95: the even slower alternative is cobblestone into slabs then back to cobblestone cobblestone = 1 emc cobblstoneslab= 1 emc but 1 cobblestone = 2 slabs which means u get double the emc :)

silverkill95: ehm ja.... wat dan?

WhiZ's Gaming Network: omg i found this glitch to but i didnt find it before you and i said i was first freak!

silverkill95: ty :)

TekkyT: This doesn't work anymore...

silverkill95: or do you mean blackhole bands?

silverkill95: glad it helped dude :p

Slict 43: Yes it does...

Saukkomestari: Thanks

silverkill95: no, i thought it was giving more dupes though i didnt know for sure...

silverkill95: the fact remains that duping makes survival too easy thus ruining the world

ComputersForDummies: YOU IDIOT! this WAS a secret and your NOT susposed to share it! THIS IS A HUGE LEAK NOW! NOW technich is going to FIX IT YOU RETARD

silverkill95: ah.... ok i understand :)


silverkill95: i didnt even show a single condenser in this video lol

gogabs156: i found this video first minecrat 1.2.5 dupe glich with EE (not fixed work's for servers)

rockcabbage: I was unaware, thanks!

silverkill95: true

silverkill95: told you :)

silverkill95: ah another complete idiot now, i suggest you look at the date people have been whining about the patch since august of 2012 and yet to this day there is no patch IT IS NEVER GOING TO BE FIXED BECAUSE TEKKIT WILL NEVER GET AN UPDATE! oh and it isnt just a few views actually this is one of my most viewed videos even if it was patched i would say it was worth it :p oh and the complete idiot part , dont take it personally :)

Hans-Markus: @silverkill95 This works with EE no matter, you can do this without tekkit

silverkill95: yes i know i should really put it in an annotation but i assumed people didnt do tekkit singleplayer and used technic sigleplayer instead

silverkill95: no it doesnt work on single player

atom608: Its for multiplayer you tool

Donzzzzification: The video is about tekkit 3.1.2 and its 3:12 minutes long lol

silverkill95: well it clearly says 3:13 lol XD

ClassyDoge: Most servers banned black hole bands.

diddybears: I love you buddy!!! Lol, Spawning in crap is fun

Raziii: where can i get the tekkit textures because i found one but when i changed texture minecraft crashed

silverkill95: some people might have servers with plugins. either completely blocking the black hole band so yeah ppl with servers without plugins it should work

silverkill95: it works with all items.

silverkill95: nono you must add the CONTENTS of the tekkit textures .rar file to the sphax purebdcraft .rar file it must be the same resolution aswell!!!!

silverkill95: lol :p

rowar150: the blaze rod factory thing i cant find a single blaze rod in my server so i use bones instead slow but still good
Tekkit 3.1.2 Dupe glitch + explanation 4.4 out of 5

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Tekkit 3.1.2  Dupe glitch + explanation