Tekkit 3.1.2 Dupe Glitch + Explanation

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tekkit duplication glitch working
tekkit duplication glitch working
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Keyman481: doesnt work

silverkill95: well it only worked on multiplayer anyway

micheal kitt: im using it on single player it doesnt work

silverkill95: i believe people use plugins to fix this glitch

silverkill95: no, it only works on version 3.1.2

TekkyT: This doesn't work anymore...

silverkill95: thx :p

silverkill95: some people might have servers with plugins. either completely blocking the black hole band so yeah ppl with servers without plugins it should work

SeargetSHEPHERD SHEP: This dupe random work youre smart or dumb just to dupe things if youre smart it will work if youre an ignorant son of bitch it cant work

seth philmlee: THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! It work awesomely for me! i duped my quantum armour! lol

silverkill95: true

Macarena: Most servers banned black hole bands.

silverkill95: this server no longer exists.... sorry :\

Seth Myers: what is the server ip

silverkill95: it doesnt work on single player this is a multiplayer glitch where the server thinks your inventory picked it up so it gives u the items in your inventory but in reality your client said he got it in the bag so that makes the dupe (very simplified)

Kevin Larsuel: it dosent work for me i tried it on single player

mohammed dagher: dosent seem to work for me

silverkill95: idk it tends to happen, this dupe glitch is kind of a random occurance

John C: I was doing this and it seemed to be working well, but then it just stopped duping. Any idea what happened?

silverkill95: no, i thought it was giving more dupes though i didnt know for sure...
Tekkit 3.1.2 Dupe glitch + explanation 5 out of 5

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Tekkit 3.1.2  Dupe glitch + explanation