GTA Car Kits - Nissan Murano 2003-2008 Install Of IPhone, Ipod And AUX Adapter For Factory Stereo

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Rafael David: is that a 6 cd changer stereo?

luis Soto: blablablablabl

Kyonn Gowans: The hardest part of this install is identifying the proper wires to tap into and you totally skipped that. Why?

ROB MATTEI: Can I buy it from Amazon?

pawel broda: What if I would like to listen music from my apps (Pandora etc) ?
It will work too ?

PS Great video THX !!!

Orlando Robinson: Will this work in a fx35

Tyler Prior: Do u need to connect the wires..say I only want it to play my music and not charge the phone. Can I just put the plug in the empty port or do I need to connect the wires as well?

Papa Elliot: :v

Marlon MEDRANO: my murano no listen

Hakeem Hoang: I'm sorry but this dude sound slow and uhh

Fliptop: Just burn your own cd period lol save your cp battery for emergency

Sam Gallardo: Just installed mine, Aug, 14, '15. I would not do the cassette thing, looks cheesy. This GTA unit fully integrates with my '03 Murano and iPhone 6Plus.

 I tried the fm transmitters, poor performance and sketchy reception. I tried the bluetooth visor receivers, poor performance and am radio speaker sound. The other units are like well, budget and perform and sound like it. I was having cd issues like Dave below,  fortunately after I removed my captured cd's, mine stopped trying to load the cd's, no more growling. 

This GTA is just as easy to install as the video shows, I used my tablet to follow along with the video and done deal. Playlists, music apps, Waze gps voice over, and phone, pretty slick

Oliver Andrew: For Murano owners:

Buy a cassette tape adapter (ebay $5 bucks, $20 if you want to get a quality one) then buy a Wireless Bluetooth 3.5mm USB 2.0 Music Receiver Stereo Audio Adapter (ebay $8)

The 3.5mm plug from the tape adapter plugs into the bluetooth wireless usb. Plug in the wireless bluetooth usb into your phones usb car charger (power source) 
Put the radio on tape player, link your smartphone's bluetooth to the wireless receiver and then boom!!!! You now have a speakerphone for your car for phone usage and access to all of your music (and any other sound coming out of the phones 3.5mm input)

If you already have a car charger, your total cost for all of this will be under $20. If you want to get a quality tape cassette adapter and a quality bluetooth receiver that will last much longer than the cheaper ones, you can spend up to $50 max!
No electrical work required.....

Rolo: Whats the difference between the yellow and the pink wires? are they both 12v ?

Oladeji Koledade: Can the GTA Car kit work with the 2007 Nissan S AWD 1 CD player? and it can is it possible to get such Car Kit for Samsung Android phones?

seapicsdavebryant: Great Video guys - is there a way I can disconnect my CD Player ONLY, from my 2006 Murano Bose Stereo?  Is there a white plug at the rear of the Stereo system which will disable the CD stacker, so then allowing me to use your GTA Car Kit and play my music using my iPhone..... Reason being, my Murano stereo overheated last summer and the CD's are stuck in it permanently. When I start the car, every time the Stereo has a loud Ggggrrrr sounds which goes off four times, then stops... as if it is trying to mount a CD, but of course they are all stuck... I'd rather just disconnect the CD Player, so then when I start the car it shouldn't make those 4 sounds every time!  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated... and can I buy a GTA Car Kit in Australia, or do I need to order it from the USA?  Thanks, Dave, Melbourne, Australia.

Fernando Menchaca: I have a 2007 murano and where there's suppose to be an empty slot in the back of the radio it has something plugged in already!! Wtf is that? What do I do?

Dylan Horn: Received product 3 days after purchase and watched video and installed in 45 minutes.  I have no experience in car stereos, but this was very easy to install.  Only questionable time was when i found the port which was supposed to be empty had a plug in it.  My sat. radio is not connected, so I took a chance and unplugged it and plugged in the GTA kit and everything worked great.  Good sound too. Thanks for the product.
I have two questions:
1 - I have a sirius starmate radio that i plug in via the 3.5 plug.  i used to use the cassette adapter and it worked fine (until cassette broke which is why i purchased this).  I am now noticing a very high pitch when I play the sirius radio.  It looks like something a noise filtering 3.5 plug can take care of, but wanted to know your opinion.
2 - the instruction manual says I can plug in both my iphone (via charger) and sirius (via 3.5 plug) and switch between the two.  I can't figure out how to do that.  Whenever I am using my iphone, it overrides the sirius and automatically plays music, unless I completely shut off the music, but I still cant get to the sirius radio.  Can you let me know how to toggle between the two?
Thanks again!

William Cruz: Are there any kits for a 2003 350z? 

Eilbron Khoshabeh: Is there any newer model available to support iPhone 5s?
What's the model number?
GTA Car Kits - Nissan Murano 2003-2008 install of iPhone, Ipod and AUX adapter for factory stereo 5 out of 5

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GTA Car Kits - Nissan Murano 2003-2008 install of iPhone, Ipod and AUX adapter for factory stereo