How To Clean Plasti Dip Spray Gun - 3500 DipYourCar Pro Car Kits

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How To Clean Plasti Dip Spray gun - 3500 DipYourCar Pro Car Kits
How To Clean Plasti Dip Spray gun - 3500 DipYourCar Pro Car Kits
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adam garrett: water boy :)

Michel Sanders: +DeadHand1992 You would be staring at his physique! Haha, jk bro

Sammy Benitez: So what kind of thinner is this? I want to use it through some guns I have, but I use them for spraying lacquer, so cleaning them entirely is a must for me. 

slatsdeploy: Thanks for the drooling gun flex show....and all that car crap stuff too

DeadHand1992: DAMN THOSE BICEPS BE POPPIN for real 4:40

Fernando Perez: GREAT!! is this spray gun you use for Winstrol?

92garth: lol thats freaking legit

gsrhatch14: Is this the 130$ spray gun??? Is this what i need to do my car?

Jaytwo JaySquared: How often should we wash it?????

Hardcaslte: LOL it's like his hulk juices are flowing just while he stands there and then you look up again and he's twice as big as he was when the video started

Ramsey B: You forgot to mention that if you forget to wait 15 minutes and take it out after 24 hours all the plastic parts are a different size... Happened to me lol

Wayne Tibak: Actually, there are 2 reasons it will happen. The one you were talking about but I also found out today after about 20 mins of playing around that the needle in the front of the gun can come loose and cause the gun to lose the air and not force any dip out. When disassembling and reassembling everything after cleaning I recommend just using that tool that came with the gun and making sure the needle it tightened down.

Raul garcia: What setting shoes gun be on?????

kenzdanae: Can you use Acetone to soak and clean parts? And also can you spray the cleaning solution a few times through the gun to clean it?

monkeyboy405: 1:37 and while thats exposed pump some more plastip into those biceps

MrSACKBOYPARADOX: Xylene or acetone? I did give lacquer thinner and it didn't do s**t.

agent27droid: Awesome videos Fonzie! What I'm really curious about is what it would look like if you did matte plasti-dip over carbon fiber.

schtekar: "bang it dry" heheh thats what i did to my girlfriend last night

Douglas Deyo: I think he mentioned in one of the videos that it does not. There is some places in the UK that have started to distribute plastidip, check out and they might be able to help you out.

odtypeballin: "just bang it dry there..." 4:17

Motch Moore: Fonzie, you work out.... we get it...

DeadHand1992: huzzah

kevinpt3: need to do a fade between 2 colors

dirtjumps: Fonzie pulls through on the requests once again. Thank you!

Madras Man: Didn't hear a word he said.... hehe!

monkeyboy405: 3:15 close your eyes for 30 seconds

Patrick Kawka: I believe you can use xylene. A slow drying form of acetone.

lightbulbsocket: With all those black splotches on the wall I have to wonder if you guys are dipping cars really fast or building a padded room really slow. :)

RickMacDick: zyzz part 2.

Dann2013: roids fo sho

DarthVirc: I have professional gravity fed spray guns. Can I use this product with them?

xXFrEzEXx1: Fonzie i think you should give us your workout and suplementation your freakin huge

tony mandujano: @acesintheirfaces u can use any type of paint with the spray gun.

Robert Cullen: That made me almost spit out my drink, LOL. Good stuff! Good video too, Fonzie!!

cokeMAXX: are we all on here for his biceps? LOL.

Douglas Deyo: Your better off buying the kit. It comes with everything you need.

John McGee: Your videos are always very helpful... Thanks for doin what y'all do!!! I'm gonna use my 3500 for the first time this weekend. Pretty excited (-:

joker1style: he allready did look it up

vvtitec: can i use this spray gun using real auto paint?

gallya: woo


Fation S: where is the 5500 sprayer?

joker1style: Hey Fonzei Im glade you finaly took my idea on cleaning the gun. Check out the dip i did on my trans am ans the S-10 Blazer

Skitch Bryant: How do you recommend cleaning the white foam ring insert seal inside the gun? I've noticed that mine gets all gunked as well as the threads inside dry up and even a microfiber doesn't always clean it out amazing. Suggestions?

Robert MacDonald: At 4:02 I swear it looked like those biceps got bigger ! You should get dipyourcar(dot)com tattooed on your guns cause everyone is staring at em.

armenchik619: its not them, its Ca fed law, i doubt they will ever be able to since emmision laws are such a bi*ch here because of our population

justin bieler: "Just bang it dry there" @4:20

brandon anderson: hahahah that was a good laugh

351sambo: How much would it cost me to have the pro car kit sent to Australia? Cheers

MrBeto2020: As long as you clean it each time you use it how long will the gun last?
How To Clean Plasti Dip Spray gun - 3500 DipYourCar Pro Car Kits 4.9 out of 5

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How To Clean Plasti Dip Spray gun - 3500 DipYourCar Pro Car Kits