Parking Brake Bypass

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Parking brake bypass. super easy!
Parking brake bypass. super easy!
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How to do an In Dash DVD GPS stereo Parking Brake Bypass
How to do the parking brake bypass on your new Kenwood radio
How to do the parking brake bypass on your new Kenwood radio
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Pioneer Parking Brake DVD Bypass fits AVH X Series & App radio
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Игорь Владимирович М- ов: Hello! I have a Clarion MAX385VD, when you connect the green wire to ground the car, nothing happens! The manual says to mount the contact on the hand brake. Who faced such problem? What could I try next? options and suggestions...

AmusedPT20: Hi all I have a ripspeed dvd740 and I have all cables, ISO lead from Halfords and the lead that comes with the stereo. Now I am having problems with powering it up, I have connected up all cables and still nothing, I have read the card that comes with the device and apparently all I need to do is connect the 'park brake' cable to a ground cable? Not sure what that means however Halfords advised me that I just simply connect the pink wire which is loose, to the a black cable.

Can somebody please help as I am getting very frustrated.

HH REY: I have the same Clarion but it is the VZ401 I just installed my head unit and grounded the green wire with ground. It never worked like in other stereo's so I came to youtube and found your video.

So the only way to bypass is to buy a switch? So if I buy the switch I have to hook up the green wire to the switch and also ground the switch? sorry I am new to this...

alan thomas: hi i have the ripspeed dv740 in my vauxhall zafira but i can not watch dvds at all even when not in motion how can i get it working please many thanks

Donnie Nute: do u no how to do it where it stays off the blue screen i mean

Ashley Blackwell: Thanx allot, sweet

92DAb18: Yea same question. How do u bypass it if you don't have the pink cable a.k.a parking wire??

Orlando McAlister: how do you do the bypass if you dont have the remote control to go to the cdplayer and if you dont know how to hookup the on/off switch like you have?

robert jackson: can someone help me out, i want to bypass the parking brake wire for a power acoustik ptid 8920. how do i do it???

mminc81: I tried this and it doesn't work. When you want to watch videos, you close the circuit, open it, then close it, this time leaving it closed?

tazzkb: 2008 sts plz help

g g: hey please i connected my pyle indash dvd PLBT74G everything connected right added the pink wire called lamp in so i can watch dvd and the brown parkin brake to the ground to watch dvds while driving , but the front buttons of the unit have to be illuminated blue color and they are not illuminated they are off, what should i do to have the front buttons of the unit illuminated how they supposed to look wit light blue color? Thank you

nadzorka2929: It's how i have my camera setup, the cameras are always on when the car is on and the monitor channel is activated so whether you use the monitor image as a background and or used it's channel it will always be on when the car is on so you don't need a switch!

nadzorka2929: Some stereos use a ground and some use power, you never need a switch1 Either use a different ground or run to power the stereo is using so the stereo thinks its in reverse or braking all the time so when you switch to a camera channel or DVD it will just be on!!!

abcdasdf24: Explain that one more time?

hippa2dahoppa2: the batterys negative because under my dash is all plastic i cant find the ground, also could i use the nut/bolt that is in the middle back of my radio as a switch ground? i currently have the cars ribbon/wire grounded to that in the back of my radio so would it be safe to also put the switch on the same ground?

hippa2dahoppa2: i got a few questions i been struggling with this the past 2 days. ok first i have 2 diff switches one switch has 3 prongs and one has 2 prongs. 1. on the 2 prong switch does it matter which connection on the switch goes to the radio and which goes to the ground? on the 3 prong illuminated switch(this answer doesnt matter just curious) theres the ground, 12v, and acc how would i use this switch i tried neg on switch to ground and 12v on switch to radio. last question can i run ground switch to

jjuradojr1: I finally took the time to make a video of how to do this automatically with the use of a 5 PIN automotive relay thereby eliminating the use of a toggle switch. Click on over to my channel and see the video. If you have any questions- let me know.

jjuradojr1: @Gtracer009 - YES- this eliminates the toggle switch. The relay itself becomes the switch that activates the ground circuit to the parking brake wire - to turn off the safety feature.
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