Titanic Model Floating In Big Pool

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How to Divide a Plastic Model Boat with Bulkheads- Titanic example.
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Model Titanic Sinks & Splits
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Keagan McMullen: My revell 1:570 model keeps capsizing but I fixed it with coins all you people that has a capsizing model titanic balance it with coins put them in the bottom of the hull or inside the ship I have bulkheads in my model so I put them in each compartments

James king: I've build that , it's purity cool.

Coop Meister: Put rc motors in it

ronoc931: Where's the ice berg lol

Un_ sathit: สุดยอด

david barker: Watch my dideos

doctor who543 gaming: Boring

Wsk Rain: Hey! How do u make it float? Mine keep capsizing! Thanks!

DrinkerPepsi: Sink it

CoolMultiGames: i have a revell titanic in 1:400 how did you float it? mine tips to one side. i put in a weight but it sinks

Joseph O'Brien: I been seeing this model everywhere where can I get one please send me a link or something I want this SOO bad

The Lime Ender: cool

richie thach: lol

Briandrum: You should of made it sink

MrJeffpilot: you had created something thad the boat stayed ofloat? or was thad just the kit?

MrJeffpilot: can you tell me which brends were,and when you had to chance something or hear te stay floot?

BackpackAdventures24: wrong

gunsterguys: horrible loozer

gunsterguys: horrible video

Troy Isaac: Hey im making one and i was wondering how does the glue and everything not fall apart in the water? Did you use some kind of coat to seal it? And also what did you put in it to weigh it down so it didn't fall over when you put it in the pool? Thank you! :)
Titanic model floating in big pool 5 out of 5

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Titanic model floating in big pool