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Alistair Milner: If hydrogen fuel cells are so crap how come the U.S navy uses them to power some of their submarines?

Guillermo S Gómez: Mmmmm no way they must produce CO2/CO when methane gas is mixed with steemed water (reformation)

Myron Helton: Opening...
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Myron Helton 1 second ago
 Get rid of your big house with the energy wasteful duct work leaks heat, and get rid of your heat pump. And get yourself a small house that doesnt need duct work, and you wont need a heat pump that would never show a cost benefit in a small house. So you have saved money on insurance, taxes, repairs, duct work, and a heat pump. Houses used to be an investment.  Now home ownership is a loser. Get yourself a shack, and instead of paying interest. With the money you save, bank it and gain interest.

Jack Stowe: Listen to the explanation, the system produces HHO from other fuel sources, but why could you not just supply HHO produced by renewable means?  I see this fuel cell being used to generate electricity from HHO that is produced from a renewable source.

hotpapayasalad: How its gonna lower your bills when your natural gas bill goes up the roof? What's good is that? But still it use fossil fuel just like coal and what's good is that?

xparade0de: in Germany are a lot of houses with solar cells on the roof are getting much less money per kw after a period of 20 years and for the new ones they pay only 9-13 Cent/kw - if You buy You pay 30 Cent / kw - so a lot of people soon are getting energy for free because the credits for the solar modules are payed and they are thinking about using the energy for heating or driving.

thewandererone: Forgive my ignorance but what happens if fire broke out in a building where this fuel cell is? Could that cause some kind of a hydrogen bomb like effect!!!


johnlocke445: Forget it. It's just another carbon based way to burn natural gas. Get back to me when pure hydrogen is used, without the carbon.

giurgiu ionel: I was one of those who never had the courage But now that we have managed to build a solar panel and have advanced in knowledge and think make money from it not only saves It is unbelievable You can find here ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM all the tips guidance .... will learn how to build end help build keeping in touch with them and THOSE with EXPERIENCE help them find what they need and guiding is one of the best in the market believe me ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

Neojhun: Reverse the chemical Process it will make Fuel. If you understood chemistry you know fuel cells are a two way system. Capture CO2 + Water (H2O) + Heat + Electricty = Methane (CH4) + 2 O2 (2x Oxygen Molecule). Die Oil Companies.

davidkllr1629: My next home will be off grid. I hate paying over $120 a year just to be connected to power. I figure a small fuel cell to keep batteries charged during extended days without sun would be the perfect solution. There is much I can live without during a series of cloudy days, but I want the fridge working all the time!

Computational Biochemistry: The way it is explained in the video people will still be dependent on the grid. The design is reliant on a natural gas line which means that you're still burning a carbon based fuel. It may be cheaper, but it's no better for the environment.

PMeursault: @people saying this is free energy: no it's not, it still requires fuel (hence the name) and fuel isn't free @people saying this is no good because it uses fuel: fuel cells are easily twice as efficient as burning the fuel in a regular generator, so far more electricity is obtained per unit of fuel, not to mention they run silent and have no moving parts They still have issues such as the huge price

PMeursault: yes but twice as efficient (or more) as burning it in a combustion engine, but these devices are very expensive

Scotty Beeman: it still uses natural gas . freak thatt

Tom Batkin: This is a great advancement.It inspires me that a major hotel is generating 70% of the consumption it requires with this technology.Hydrogen cells are moving forward .If we ca all support company's like clear edge power and also Honda with the clarity. The world would be a better place

Mercedes-Benz MYVAN: Great and amazing technology. More of that

madisonelectronic: These will never sell until alternative ways are developed by power companies to freak you out of every cent you have.

randacnam7321: No. In a (PEM in the following example) fuel cell, the hydrogen disassociates into a proton and an electron with the aid of a catalyst. The proton passes through the membrane, but the electron cannot and must go through the circuit being supplied by the fuel cell. On the other side of the membrane, the proton and electron recombine to form hydrogen, which are then oxidized by atmospheric oxygen, yielding water and heat. Or in other words, FUEL CELLS CANNOT RUN ON WATER.
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