Bob Ross: Painting Clouds

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Ana Arjona Kurz: Bob Ross: Painting Clouds´╗┐

MegaTimebomb098: his voice is relaxing zzzzzz

alex540150: Right up here we'll make a happy little cloud :)

HarmoniousKeys: His voice alone is very therapeutic...

cosmicblonde81: @loxami Yes!!! His voice was always so soothing and calming, he definitely had the tone for story telling :)

John Miller: Titanium white, the duct tape of the painting world.

BioYuGi: God is that how artists do it? That's amazing, he turned seemingly random white circles into a very pretty cloud.

Rebecca Serene: That's so funny. I was about to write that. My eyes teared up, and I don't know why...

Vincent Vega: Best painter ever!!! Spectacular

Steve Heron: And this comment will be our little secret.

Famousx81: i love him! he made painting seem so easy :)

BioYuGi: I think if this guy and Mr Rogers were on a show together I'd have just broke down crying form how soothing they are.

Tinafigureskater: @lapanda90 peacefully... =D

sammy4797: i love bob ross.i actually saw one of his episodes on t.v. recently

Vanlig Kantarell: thanks bob ross


luv2dancehiphop1: ahhh i rember being like 5 and waching him and a bunch of other shows like this for fun when ever i could :) and now i love art thats my dream in life

liverpoolreds8: Bob loaded his brush, I clicked on another tab, I came back two seconds later to watch the video and there was a freakin cloud there. Bob Ross is magic.

SheriffBones: first time i saw bob ross i was in illinois with my grand parents wen i couldnt get the tv to work i poped in an old tape casset and there he was in all his glory


GeorgesBarras: I think I may have to get a tatoo saying 'painting clouds'.

Yoko Bongo: Without even trying he became a hippy guru.

Max Evans: and... you don't make mistakes, we just make happy little accidents.

BlackMotherFucker: This is what happens when I watch Bob Ross "What is tha-DEAR GOD IS THAT A PHOTOGRAPH?!"

Joho1208: I love his voice.. so calm and understanding...

0nDeck: his voice makes me smile . i feel like everything's okay .

M1sT3rM4nJr: Bob Ross's voice is as soft as his paintings.

salv2013: this makes me want to paint now

MrJtr75: @lapanda90 I like how you put that! Wish someone would post full episodes of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

RockinTurtlez: Wow. His soothing. It made me want to listen to him forever. It made me smile.

BellaEdwardJacob1000: His voice sounds soo happy. I love watching him paint its sooo soothing and awesome at the same time

Krylogenic: What little talent I have had painting all came from Bob, He was one of the greatest painters because he shared his knowledge and expanded the joy of painting to so many people. RIP Bob your are sorely missed

xxDubstepRawkZxx: omfg i love the way he says Bristles ( 0:20 ) - There is a shot of the whole image a dif. Color. ( 0:26 ) the timing is not perfectly accurate-

Mariah Anderson: I remember "happy little cloud" from when I was little!(:

PrismaticSplash: The master of happy clouds.

prisregil: damn this man's voice should have been used to make fall a sleep tapes,

RockyBalboa211: Bob ross is awesome! :D

BlackyFive000: this was really good cloud.

Courtney-Lorenza Skiffington: looks like 45 people hit the dislike button. that's okay. that's just a happy mistake

theuglyhairmonster2: ohhhhh yeahhhhh all the paint in them bristles

Irrelevant402: Magic!

Missy: what should i fall asleep listening to tonite? lets see, ocean waves? no that was last night, rain drops? nah, cascading waterfall? why all water sounds? AHA! Bob Ross! PERFECT!

Kinekun: This is so beautiful I almost feel like crying

Alex Noon: That is a very nice cloud.

Sunsets And Love: Wow! He sure is/was amazing!!! RIP.

sweetparadise97: little fluffy things <3 oh i love you bob ross

kingandrewapolo1: take that photoshop!

NerdyChic :3: I remember when I came out of school when I was smaller I would turn the tv and his show was on and his voice always made me sleep. It's so soothing :)

Dick Grayson: Modern tutorials just don't have that sense of harmony and simple, flawless technique. Not to mention that patient narrative that draws you into the piece with little to no effort.

JPorta: just some happy little clouds
Bob Ross: Painting Clouds 4.9 out of 5

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