How To Make A Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon From Hardware Store Parts

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ThatOneDudeYouHate: my dad made something like this with an old school co2 fire extinguisher once, at max pressure it shot some 3-1/2 inch nail darts through sheet metal siding like 20 feet away lol

Justice Smith: shoulder mount it

that one ugly kid: use 100 psi for this kind of pipe. and if you make a smaller one you can use more.

Kro DaJuggalo: Deffinately an upgrade from what i have from a few years ago... How can i do this without the grinding?... Dont have a grinder.

andani Angeles: How much did this cost to make?

Riley Milligan: Will it shoot tennis ball

Andrew Goss: Does anyone know how the power of this compares to the power of a simple cannon with just a reservoir connected to a barrel with a ball valve? Does seem like it would have any more power, and thus all the extra stuff would be redundant.

electsquirrel95: can i upscale it a little bit so it can shoot nerf vortex footballs not the little ones

Daniel Murray: i wonder if you could rig this into an air vortex cannon?

Raul Chavez: how much would u charge to build me one..just need to shoot my weight out far for fishing..let me know if possible..would love to own one..dont got time to build one

Cain Kamikazi: i know it was explained briefly, but i still don't understand how this works....

Steven Sparringa: You have the same voice as the armoured skeptic

Blackzhabant Sandoval: wonder if is powerfull enough to be use as a Bait Caster Cannon.?

Anthony Antonellis: what glue does he use to glue the brass air compressor tank valve

Cle Collins: This is an awesome cannon. The key items: #1 look inside the 3" pipe and make sure it is smooth. I got a rough piece. #2 The time consuming part will be the piston and its' seat (the end of the 2" barrel). These must be near perfect. The piston pieces need to be as parallel to each other as possible and the barrel must be cut near perfect. Once your piston is done, cut a piece of sandpaper to fit in it. Use a tiny drop of super glue to hold it to the piston, we will remove that later. Use the piston with the sandpaper and lap the end of the barrel. Mark the end of the barrel with a sharpy and start lapping carefully, lifting and looking at the sharpy mark. Once the mark is totally gone, you should be ok. Remove the paper with a little acetone. Now here is the tricky part. If your flat rubber packing is not very flexible, you will need to do the following. I took some 1/16" or near spongy tool drawer lining and cut that fit the piston. I then took some 1/32" flat rubber packing and glued that to the lining. I then glued that to the piston. Now, remember the drawer lining is porous so you must seal around the edge of the lining with super glue to keep the air from migrating under the seal and blowing out the rubber. One last thing. The less surface area on the seal at the end of the barrel, the better the seal will be. I used a regular old bastard metal file around the barrel to reduce the area in about half. Take your time.

Jordan Dureso: Jake t I do freak your mom

baxtergusdog: You have the best experiments! Have you ever launched Peeps with the coaxial piston valve? We want to do something with kids that is maybe not as strong, using Peeps to shoot or launch. Any ideas? The potato is a riot, but maybe too dangerous for younger kids?

myasadefa: This video shows how to make a potato gun.

Dr. Melon: your fingers are stubs...

Aidan Obee: How does the power of a coaxial piston cannon compare to a standard compressed air cannon of the same size?
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How to Make a Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon from Hardware Store Parts