How To Make A Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon From Hardware Store Parts

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How to Make a Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon from Hardware Store Parts
How to Make a Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon from Hardware Store Parts
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Blastin22turnips: Would this be able to be modified so it could shoot a high power blast of water?

Juan Kmaney: Hi Bud! Thanks for sharing with us. quick dumb question, I'm about to start building one of those, but I want use it for "bait caster" instead, so I know that the barrel has to be longer, and I like to know if I have to make the whole setup longer or just the barrel.... Thanks again.

MadAndMajorGaming0: I need some help. I live in America and ive been on almost every hardware store website I can think of and even after multiple google searches I havnt been able to find a pressure rated 3" to 1-1/2" reducer anywhere. Can someone help me out? Preferably someplace I can pick it up at and not have to order. thx.

chris platt: Is there anything that can substitute the gas vent tee caps? I cant find them.

Don Green: Made one but when dry firing all the air escapes through the ball valve not the barrel. I've played with wrapping the piston and not wrapping it but nothing seems to work. With no tape on the piston I can hear it move as I tilt the cannon back and forth. Any suggestions to get it to work?

Morgan Smith: What could I use for as a substitute for the galvinized steel vent tee caps??

Bob R: I just spent hours completing this cannon. I followed all the directions and specs as best I could. I have run into a huge problem..... Connected my bike pump, pumped it up like 8 times.... Turned the valve..... And all the air fired from the back of the valve????? Total opposite direction???? Now, this was all done with an empty chamber. Does it matter if I load the chamber??? I guess I will go get some potatoes... 

Jeff Gardner: I sure would like to see a cross section veiw of this thing

mark22732: What kind of PVC is used here? The type for drainage or for venting your furnace?

Chris Gebben: Ok on 6:51 I just found out my piston push in end is not flat how do i sand it to flatten it 100% (ish)?

KraZer: Can anyone tell me how much this would cost? Need it for a 9th grade project

Gintoki Azuma: i have a question Will it put a hole in someone stomach if they get hit ?

Jim McFarland: Would a smaller diameter barrel work? I want to shoot golfballs out of it or would I have to wrap them in something if a smaller barrel wouldn't work

jean paul Saliba: i need help the its not shooting followed instructions aig goes to the outer barrel but not inner barrel 

kenvadnais: I'm having a problem with two parts: 1) grinding off just the lip of the T-Cap evenly 2) after pouring/mixing the epoxy into the 1st T-Cap, I can't get the 2nd T-Cap to sit evenly. Either there's too much epoxy or not enough. Either way, the 2nd T-cap doesn't seem to set even. Do you have any advice?

Mathieu Lapointe: What's the use of the piston? I don't understand.

Steve Nottingham: That will give you a nasty bruise. Too funny. You have to much time on your hands,

assassinlucas: there are mini bike pumps you could mount onto the cannon and have constantly connected for quicker loading and less to carry around

cantfoolme: why not just use a motorcycle fork?

DANTHETUBEMAN: i like it :)

sheenufilms: That's just a potato gun. 

BlueCro64: hey great video. I managed to solve the air leak problem with the rubber seal. Used a cell phone rubber sticky pad for the car, i added dust to make the rubber not stick so much, the soft rubber works good. The problem im still having is the piston does not open when the ball valve is released, it drops down after the pressure is released. i added a couple more lairs of foil tape and the piston is tighter but still have the same problem. Should i keep adding foil lairs or am i overlooking something? Appreciate your input.

John Ortiz: What's the maximum psi this cannon can take? 

MineVenturers: Can this be converted into a rocket cannon

Will Spears: I'm currently planning a hybrid between this and the sniper/shotgun video. It will be a sniper but have this coaxial design. Only problem is, I need a quickrelease mechanism rather than the ball valve so I can fire it accurately. the ball valve would just add too much movement. do you have any ideas? if not i will make a spring powered one similar to the one used on the sniper

mike evans: How far will this gun shoot??

Goldie Neko: would this work if you put confetti in it instead of potato? 

Kathy Freeland: Wow, why make something more complicated than it is in reality? Potato guns are suppose to be cheap, fun, and fail proof. Either way, the pipe is only rated at 40 PSI, so why make a piston? Just load a piece of pipe up with air and shoot it. But that's my philosophy. 

Raymond Preblick: How does this bore size work with frozen bait bullets for surf-fishing? About how many yards could you achieve vs. a long rod.

Carl Davidson: My grandson made it in two hours. Copied this plan... Awesome!

Diane Hunter: Can you fire something heaver than a potato in it?

akshat trivedi: Can I get the parts online, if so please,please tell meeeeeee".......................

alex rozenauers: anyone no where to buy the threaded reducer?

Stew Knoles: Oh my! In my younger days I loved making potato guns. This is a much more complex design but you get an exact firing every time. I used the old can hairspray or engine starting fluid and a Coleman lantern striker. Pretty explosive. Yours looks a lot safer to use. Thanks for the plans. Great video. 

ali swaed: בד

Jeff Gardner: Thank you. 

ramirezharrier: Man, I wish I was still in eigth grade and had time to do this stuff. I loved making the mini potato cannons and such. This looks really cool!

john hanrahan: Is it worth using schedule 80 for higher pressure/velocity? Looks like it works great but hey, if good is good, more is better, right?

Spyk Arhus: Hi! Men you're video it's just amazing! But... With subtittle in french? It's possible? pleaaaase...... THX! ^^

mgada83: Could you preform the same action with a 9v 2" sprinkler valve as a replacement for the ball valves? Would like to make a replica LAW nerf launcher for airsoft

Waleed Elmansour: It's strong

alejandro rodriguez: would you be able to use abs pvc

Will Spears: I have a question. For the cannon, rather than opening the valve all the way, can't you simply press down on the nipple you filled it from? It should let enough air through to move the piston, they that will open the chamber and push the air through the barrel like normal.

Redentor Lasala: not clear where was the pressurized air contained?

Arturo Ortiz: I have been looking every where for the 2 tee caps. Where did you find yours? Is there an alternative for the tee caps? 

ExtremeMtbFilms: You have to scarify the outside of the PVC pipe.

Rush Yahr: would this work with a tennis ball in a mortar tube configuration? I bet my dog would like that.
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How to Make a Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon from Hardware Store Parts