How To Make A Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon From Hardware Store Parts

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How to Make a Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon from Hardware Store Parts
How to Make a Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon from Hardware Store Parts
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Barsabus: Haha powerful? Ok

LOGAN CUMMINGS: This is awesome I made one with a swivel base and I mounted it on my boat I shoot golf balls at manly snakes turtles and alligators.

Ollie Dennison: Theoretically, could this design be expanded to accommodate a larger barrel whilst retaining the same shape? Thinking airsoft howitzer here ;-)

MrPuggy: Would it work with a T shirt?

Jeziel Carvalho: Very good!

CallsignCrackerAirsoft: How were you able to move the ball valve so easily?

4epupaha: транклюкатор

Brody Harpstrite: Can other objects with the same dimensions as a potato be launched?

Vikas Sharma: how much does it cost?

IcePheonix: About how much does this cost in total?

Davis Fosgitt: Does the projectile have to seal the barrel?

Sam Van Battel: I built this last summer for our mass LARP to shoot foam arrows, and had a lot of trouble creating the piston. Hockey pucks (as suggested in the comments) were too heavy, and as I'm living in Europe where the sizes of pipes etc... is different, I couldn't use the setup in the video.
I eventually made it with a pipe-endcap and some rubber, but every 30-40 shots, I have to take apart the gun and fix the piston. For some reason the rubber keeps losening, even with epoxy applied.

It's an awesome design, and especially if you're into LARP and want to have something that can be made to look like an old-school cannon, this is amazing! But that piston is a pain in the ass to create :D

Raphael Lizares: Can a tennisbal fit?

Chris Francis: Where do you source your parts? I am having trouble finding the reducers that you show here. Flush bushings are easy to find. but the reducers you show I can't find anywhere

rp7r: is this better than just pressurizing a chamber and just using a valve to pressurize the barrel and launch jt? why the added step if having to us a piston?

Leonardokite: Yet another awesome idea/project. I'm going to need to quit watching these videos or I'll never get anything productive done LOL!

Dialed In DIY: Very cool... I've been making a bunch of different kinds of PVC cannons, horns & more but none like this. I love the design!

Peacekeeper Hero: I just want to say a hockey puck as a piston does in fact work. I've tried it.

Peacekeeper Hero: I built this thing twice and It did not work. The barrel kept leaking and I followed you video to the letter. Please. Please build another cannon like this one but without using the tee caps because I had to order them online and has to wait to days. Please please redo this.

jacob lineberger: Could this fit a tennis ball of not what adapter would I change it with?
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How to Make a Powerful Coaxial Piston Cannon from Hardware Store Parts