How To Make An Above Tank Basking Area For Turtles

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Above Tank Basking Area - Details
Above Tank Basking Area - Details
How To Make An Above Tank Basking Area For Turtles
How To Make An Above Tank Basking Area For Turtles

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Evgen Kostin: You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Romelia Polly: I made it yourself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.

SUB0sandwich: I'm thinking about getting an Asian box turtle hatchling
And I'm thinking of getting an 80 gallon tank for it and my adult Red eared slider
But I'm worried...
Will my adult foot long RES eat the hatchling?

Matthew Huh: How much is plexiglass?

Hundred: great job
every turtle tank should have this above tank dry area, its such a clever usage of space, so you can put inside more water and they get a good swim

Scott Goode: So the wood doesn't rot or what?

jay racz: Nice work. As a carpenter I can not fault you on any of your errors. Glad it was a turtle house as I hate fixing renos where the home owner failed to think a head. More f ups that's the home depot!

Millie Diaz: Hey could you build me one for 10 gal tank? How much would you charge me?

Heith Gagnon: Great set up, it may be time consuming but it looks great when finished...I just made a video of my set up for my baby turtles also and tell where I got all my stuff and what all my stuff is and what I feed them...Check it out if you get time and let me no what you think...What do you feed your turtle's...I feed
mine baby bites, baby krill and dried shrimp...Take care, Gonzo...

Tigerg33: Just wanted your opinion. I have a 55 gallon tank. I want to get a southern painted,razorback musk, and reeves turtle. Since they all stay on the small side what gender should i get?

kylegregory55: Also how did you connect the boards? Glue? Or did you hammer a nails?

kylegregory55: What type of wood is that and how did you secure the plexiglass to the wood?

DiamondbackTerrapins: Wood rots very very slowly inside. What causes wood to rot outside fast is constant weathering, insects, and funguses. The needs to be just moist. Soaked wood doesn't rot. This video is over 3 years. Only thing that has happened to the wood is that the wood is slowly being warn down from constant up and down. Maybe when its 10 years old I might have to change the ramp haha. Google: plastic light diffusers panels. Most people cut those into a ramp.

Maricela Johnson: thanks for this vid! i am watching countless "tutorial" videos on this to make sure i dont mess up!!! its always more involved than you think isnt it? anyways i am now having trouble deciding how to do the ramp because wood eventually rots when its constantly soaked in the water… any other ideas?

DiamondbackTerrapins: Clean it off, surprisingly it doesn't happen that often.

DiamondbackTerrapins: She wasn't very old, I think 3 or 4years old.

Peter Wong: What do u do if the poops on the basking area?

Peter Wong: I mean the one in your video you have a large one how old is that

DiamondbackTerrapins: I have a two 10 year old diamondback terrapins.

Peter Wong: How old is your biggest turtle?
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How To Make An Above Tank Basking Area For Turtles