10 Pound Weight Loss And Albolene Challenge

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10 pound weight loss and Albolene Challenge
10 pound weight loss and Albolene Challenge
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Albolene challenge and neoprene suit
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HOW TO Lose Inches FAST with Albolene
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Fitness VLOG: Trouble areas: Slim waist trick: albolene & waist trimmer
V3 & Albolene challenge 10/1 - 10/31 waist 371/2''
V3 & Albolene challenge 10/1 - 10/31 waist 371/2''

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Helen Gomes: can you put it on your arms?

Helen Gomes: nvm

Cleo Cenci: Good job girl.now let me catch up. Thanks for the motivation.

Dewmi Tech: It would be a shame if you did not burn fat when these normal people do it so easily using Skinnimaker System (check it out on Google). 

krs14062: Congrats

Meisha Robinson: New subbie here, love your videos!! You're beautiful!!

NeCole Dash: I love your energy it's awesome

msfrae1: Thank you for being such an inspiration! I love your videos and your attitude! I was looking at you like she is so skinny already. Then you said your height and weight and we are similar (I'm 5'6 & 1/2 lol i count every inch). So now I see how ppl say I'm skinny (of course I dont think so lol). You are beautiful!

Nkechi odukwe: lol you r too funny

Melissa Brown: your so funny and pretty love your videos 

MyInvisibleChyrsalis: I just made sure I juiced more veggies than fruits and drank a ton of water. I also listened to my body and drank smoothies with bananas and coconut water when I was feeling low on energy. I did what felt right.

meka1079: If you want to you can check out this site, I do a lot of green smoothies for years and have gotten tired of making the same thing. I found this site and they just finished a challenge and they start another in July. They send you a weekly grocery list and recipes. You don't have to wait for the challenge on their site there are some recipes as well. Just google simplegreensmoothies , you should come up with a site (they wouldn't let me write the site out, sorry)

TheNatalee3: I always wonder why in the heck people dislike yours or anyone's video ever so silly. I love your show, or very coil in my book. Have a great weekend :)

Ebizzill: It took me 4 months to drop....... a measily 6 pounds. (how sad is that) lol... so im right about the same weight as you... that is if I drop this mean doughnut in my hand I'm trying to eat.

Tatiana George: you are so awesome, I'm glad that you and your husband are getting fit together. That can be the best type of motivation.

ClassiDahl Calhoun: YAY!!!! Getting neoprene shorts and abolene SOOOOONNNNNNN

Elle Dee: Read Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure. He focuses on reducing sugar intake and managing your carbs. Definitely a good read. I lost 30 lbs. just by focusing on my nutrition and limiting my sugar intake. I have my cheat days but then I get back to it. It's definitely a lifestyle changer. Best towards your weightloss goals!

RinnyFresh: You should definitely try jump roping with weight training! I've found with jump roping that its more fun and i burn more calories than running on the treadmill or elliptical. Supplementing that with weight training makes working out more do-able for me! :D

flowrpower: giiiiiiiiirl, your skin is everything. & why don't you try pills, they're not all bad. my one day diet pills just came & im happy, this is my second bottle. i lost around 20 pounds & then maintained. i was 168 and now I'm 140 @ 6'0. but i'm gonna try to go until i get a thigh gap so yeah. there aren't any side effects other than not wanting to eat sometimes, but it's not an overpowering sensation

nellzubad: i have the Albolene in the red writing is it the same?

Blasian Mya: You kinda look like lola monroe

Rose Brooke: "Let me catch up! DANG!!" LOL Totally subscribing right now!

Sheila Bedford: I just started the Albolene Challenge on May 1 2013. I'm hoping to loss so much. I can't wait to see 176 again. Good luck.

Silky Link: Ma'am. It is too hot here in Georgia. I'm getting in shape to wear shorts too!!

Missy Knight: You so pretty!!


tr3sish: I upped my water intake to be more healthy as well and I agree, hating the extra bathroom visits!

Brandy Russaw: hey did u ever get to your goal of 140?

onecoolatty: I rub ALBOLENE on my stomach and i wear a waist sweat band....it works

Nothingbutthebest: Do you know that jumping rope burns the most calories and it tones and strengthens, look it up.

James Williams: Hey everyone, You can melt away excess body fat with simple rules, POUNDALE.COM its 100% natural weight loss solution. This really helped me lose weight. Visit POUNDALE.COM for more healthy tips. The permissible discovery audits the oil. The fire involves the brave expansion.

RawLivingFit: I watched your 60 juice fast.. Wow, amazing! Im starting mine tomorrow and I think you should do another one ;) I def have to get a vitamix and omega..just dont have the money yet~lol That omega coconut cream looks so yummy :) So yes, me and my breville are going on a journey starting tomorrow and your 60 day fast gave me insperation.. Can I get an Amen xo

James Williams: Hey everyone, You can melt away excess body fat with simple rules, POUNDALE.COM its 100% natural weight loss solution. This really helped me lose weight. Visit POUNDALE.COM for more healthy tips. The jealous wound upgrades the expert. The verdant iron presides the science.

Julia Duncan: I love your videos! I lost 30 pounds a few years back but now that I'm with my fiance' well I gained it all back.. I joined the gym last year to get ready for my wedding in a month and haven't lost any. I'm gonna juice fast for the next 21 days to hopefully lose something.. but if I don't oh well.. I know weight loss is a slow process. Thanks for showing your progress its really encouraged me! :)

poliscifabi guzman: Just curious how tall are you?

mzzzmonique: I'm soo getting some of that!!!

En3r613: Hello there, I'm a new a subbie. I think you are absolutely gorgeous and true. I'm hooked. I have a few questions for you. Lately I've been thinking going on a juice fast. I watched your videos about it and how you lost 34 pounds. But what do you think made you gain the wait back. Do you think if i do it and maintain an healthy lifestyle after the fast i would be able to keep the wait off?

Morgan Morton: you are so cute and I know what you mean about the shorts I live in Columbus GA so this is my first summer I lived here and am doing the HCG diet just trying to add something to it its grate

Josephine Ash: You r so funny! I'm from Ga as well and my goal is the same, daisy dukes :-). Ive lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks cutting out processed foods: no sugar, no flour, nothing artificial. I'm setting my goals in 5-10 pound increments, makes it easier. Best of luck!

Andriy Poltava: Hey! I'm Andrew.I do -30 lbs in 2 month.Open bit.ly\1b02cub#AX0s

MsFlame Lily: I freaking love you! I've been using Albolene for over a month, seems to be working for me :)

Asia Gaines: How much weight did you lose while doing the 60 day juicing challenge?

princesssKary250: Try turbofire!

Christina Yu: Mailbox Daisy Dukes! Haha

Tonna Vaughans: I love your humor

noor azmi Suratman: Have you experienced Atomic Fat Loss? (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to burn up fat fast.

tonihubb: You look good I'm turning 30 as well Aug 8 happy early birthday

lolitaotaku: I'm turning 30 in September and I'm trying to get it tight too!! Good luck and congrats on your progress so far!

Randall NDemocrat: Size 10 jeans. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I wish I could fit in a size 10 jeans right now. LoL Congrats on the weight loss. Awesome!!!

TheSimplisticBeauty: how tall are you?
10 pound weight loss and Albolene Challenge 4.9 out of 5

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10 pound weight loss and Albolene Challenge