How I Mold My Hair For A Quick Weave

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How I Mold my Hair for a Quick Weave
How I Mold my Hair for a Quick Weave
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sherry chatmon: How do you recommend molding longer hair

Anjanette Woods: Try using 360 molding gel, it lays the hair down really god the more you brush.

sherry chatmon: How do you recommend molding longer hair

NakayiMichael1: why dont you wet your hair first before geling it down ?

izdatsweets: @MsChanda Screw the haters. You are always beautiful and your videos are very informative to me. Keep doing ya thing...

colacheeks: yes!!!!!!! finally! a clear concise tut! i just cut all my dreds and now i have an enormous afro and am trying some protective styles! thanks a million

kanimizz: this is nice. how do you think this would work if i used a stocking cap? I'm natural an real dont know if i could put the stuff you talk about in my hair, i really love this style ..

f gayle: Love your eye brows!

deniseche424: @MsChanda okay I wanted to see what GenoviaFae had to say.....I wanted to get in on youtube roasting of dat ass...lmao...but seriously don't let that no life person get to you

cottoncandy234: Doed molding it really protect your hair from the glue

f gayle: Never mind I went back to the original video and saw what you did thanx!

Cammi Shields: love ya work MsChanda n eye brows too ; )

Marquisha Staten: @GenoviaFae if you have nothing nice to say, why waste your time to say anything? I actually learned how to do my own hair by watching these vids and they have been very helpful to me (and my hair has never come out thank you) so to MsChanda I give you 2 thumbs up gurl!

MsChanda: @GenoviaFae we can clearly see that this person has no life....if you can spend all night watching ONE video commenting on everyone else comments...its obvious that they (cause we dont know if you are a man or woman cause we have no picture or balls!) nothing else to do in life...depressing isn't it?...its easy for me to just press can create as many accounts as you like but it just takes a second to block you babes!

Jungle City: @GenoviaFae why is it sorry as muthafreakaz like you that comes on peoples pages talkin all that crap when your no face showin ass has nobody and nothing on your page but honestly its bottom eaters like you that make us do what we do. 1st Fredrick Douglas was the freakin man 2nd Yea U freakin kkk sorry as white cape wearin bitch we got our freedom by runnin away from yall nasty asses. 3rd Ru Paul is more of a man than yo daddy would ever be 4th michelle obama is everything you mamma would never b

neanealuvmuzik: u shuld use morning glory hair product it protects ur hair from the glue..look it up

TiffineyBaby08: man i wish u lived in michigan or somethin lol yo hair be cute

sandy wilson: Ms. Chanda: thank you so much for helping/educating us. You have no idea how much this helped me. YOU rock! By the way, you have beautiful natural hair.

CYRINTHIA212: luv ur channel..thank for the info

misspurpleladi: @neanealuvmuzik she has knows about morning glory and has used it before in prior videos.

strawberryvines: @Mizznewbooty018 it lasts well...u get ur moneys worth and more

Deedee Maple: Ya know i always wondered why people don't mold their hair into a wrap (like u just did) instead of into a ponytail that leaves a fat lump in the back of their head...I just thought ther was sum kind of flaw in it...I know everybody are my "hood" knows how to do it cuz' everyone female knows that....thats he way to keep yo perm lookin fresh... Thanx for the video...helped lots :P

ASIADABADDEST86: Isn't the gel damaging to the hair?

Hunni Bee: Had to get a quick weave because my hair was too straight to braid.. Was nervous that it was going to look extremely artificial. Looks great tho, I left some hair out

lusiciousd: Hey Chanda i have a question. Alot of my hair broke off really bad around the edges and in the front due to extreme stress and depression. With prayer i'm outta of that stage in my life but what can i do now to get the damaged back to a growing stage. By the way i'm natural as well.

Jungle City: @GenoviaFae 4th I bet morgan Freeman can mop yo ass all the way down the freakin yellow brick road so you can go to the freakin wizard to find your freakin brain.. u need a brilo pad to wash yo stank ass. what happened yo daddy freaked you too hard and u grew up a freaken ass? get a freakin life ur the freakin joke........ how many times have u tried to kill urself? cuz its clear that u have nothing to live for but suck the devils pickle

honeybrowneyes30: can't wait 4 the next vid!

Michelle Pempton: Hey, MsChands I can't wait to see the quick weave.

MsChanda: @queenfee Thx ♥

UniqueTrendz: Nice hair! hair wishes it could mold

Mari'jae Moore: @MissChanda i know this video is somewhat old.... but do you get perms.?? i do.. nd if you do with ur good hair....THA'S AMAZING.!

babaygirlchica101: do quick weaves damage your hair really badly and cause breakage? thats the only think im afraid of.

sobeautifull3: what kind of gel did you use??? and how do you cope with all the itching??

jlovscottga: I like your videos, In just need you to use the proper combing techniques, end to root. Going end to root will not work against your hair growth and reduce the need for cutting of split ends and slit end treatments. Your videos have caused me to stop buying wigs and just quick weave when I want to give my hair a rest. thank you.

oshunb1: what product you use to mold your hair?

Clarissa Clovis: I always used blck gel && 24k gold spritz && my hair never broke && I been wearing quick weaves for almost 3 yrs now...jst a tip for anybody who needs it

MsChanda: @gabriellet87 it hair is growing though....

Mari'jae Moore: 5:27 FUNNY A'F

GotTheBestName: I have been watching your vidoes and learning so much from your techniques. I was reluctant to add a channel, but have to tell you how much I enjoy watching a pro at work. Thanks so much for all your tips.

SaggRex: please please be more gentle as you comb :(

lsmzl: Can't waitt for the finished results. (glad another subcriber checked the rude commenter)

MsOfficialAsia: u could have use so mousse 1st then apply the black thats how i do it so, that i dont put too much gel.

MiaMi2013Girl: Im so glad to find your channel!!!! This is was the way that im tryn to do my own hair...thank you so much ...MsChanda

confident169: HELP!!!!! Hey Hey Hey Ms. Chanda! I luv your vids. They are very informative & helpful. I am interested in wearing sew-ins and want to know what type of hair you recommend that is a little cheaper than the $1million bags. LOL!! Whatever hair I get i want it to hold curls!!!!! A friend of mine just got a sew in for the first time but her curls fall REALLY easy. my natural hair is extremely soft so should i use a net? Not sure how you respond to ?'s so here is my email

TheJanaeDanielle: @TiffineyBaby08 unless she moved (idk), she does stay in mi.

peacheskz: I always have a problem taking out the quick do u do it??? It takes forever to get the glue out!! I need help!!!

Jurnee Tapper: I just wanted to ask is how often do you do quickweaves, and do you condition your hair properly after doing so? I too used to wear these alot, but the continous use of heavy amounts of gel was very damaging to my hair. The gel would rip my hair and split my ends and some parts would be so crunchy and hard that I couldnt even wash it out, overall it was very painful and just not worth it.....

chasmariew: any suggestions im trying to wrap my hair for an invisible part but i have long hair

LadyT506: i wish i had your skills so i can do my hair in cute styles

Legit1001: I see you sides are eating out...I had that problem before so i bought this product called "Dont B Bald" It works wonders, and all now i still have rather long was a life savior.... Nice Do by the way :)
How I Mold my Hair for a Quick Weave 4.8 out of 5

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How I Mold my Hair for a Quick Weave