How To Load Burnt Wii Games From Disc Channel With Darkcorps V1.0 A.k.a Cioscorp 4.0, On Wii 4.2u

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Modified 4.2 Nintendo Wii running WiiFlow. DarkWii and DarkCorp (aka cIOSCORP)
Modified 4.2 Nintendo Wii running WiiFlow. DarkWii and DarkCorp (aka cIOSCORP)
Wii Region Free Backup Launcher Demo (Disc Channel)
Wii Region Free Backup Launcher Demo (Disc Channel)

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Danail Uvarov: HAHAHAHAHA. Man,are you speak from space? Apolo13. Hhahahahahaa.

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @lunilizz you do not need darkcorps to play games off a usb loader all you need is the cios rev 17 which is the video darkcorps is only for playing burn backups off the main disc channel :)

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @TuBeNiCkEl well the good thing is that it worked but i seriosly doubt that it took an hour for me it took like 7 minutes maybe it was just your sd card i have a 4 gb sdhc sandisk class 6 and it did take 7 minutes what kind of card do you have?

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @bucket4life do you have the darkcorps v.1.0 with the wads on the root of your sd card because if it exits to the homebrew channel then you probaly dont have those wads on your sd card

dominator756: Dude wtf this freaking screwed up my homebrew channel. Everything is upside down. HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaltonJMiller: will this break my wii?

e1234njoi: like ZBKN said it is a good video it also worked for me but that sucks that your computer got a virus and did i hear that you will get a new camera that will make your videos even better anyway im going to suscribe

Loleus: HELL YES.

Andrew Ybarra: yeah i would really like it if u hacked it for me man because im not good with any of this stuff

NikoZBK: Good video, worked for me.

Peluche Torres: 222, 222, 222 LOOOL xD

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @meatintaco2002 I'm not going to argue with you yeah the quality is pretty horrible but i made this video for two reasons just for fun and maybe help someone so if you don't want to see it your free to dislike comment whatever you want to do you're free to do it

Herp Derp: @MegaLinky123 go to dshacker14's channel and softmod ur wii like he did in his video

MrTechCenter: @IpodTouchAndWiiHacks I tried loading rev17 but it didn't work. On rev14 it installs successfully but when I put a backup in and select the disc channel it doesn't work. It might be how I burn it because in neogamma it gives me the dvd error 349/1255 but I thought I did it right ( I burned it on a DVD-R using imgburn at speed 4x).

TuBeNiCkEl: @IpodTouchAndWiiHacks i have a 2 gb sandisk sdcard thanks anyway

MrScienceCrap: how do you change your menu color like that?

CuntNibbler: My wiimote disconnects every time i run CIOS

TuBeNiCkEl: About how long does it take to install or update darkcorp regular mode?

AzureLotusGames: Thanks for the video, can finally play burned games. :D

Art First: Why bother filming a video that you can't see .. i mean look at it lol

pumpingitfast: i have a wii with 4.2u firmware put the darkcorps v1.0 and every thing you said to put on the wii install fine;but when i try to play an brunt disk it tells me to do a system update to use this software.NOW SHOULD I UPDATE MY SYSTEM OR NOT.

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @YouKnowItzTTime81 i would only install darkcorps on ios 222 only if you use the trucha bug but if you dont then it really wont do anything i did say you need to have the current wii system as the title says on wii 4.2u also you can use something like startpatch so you can block disc updates and play updated games without updating your system

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @TuBeNiCkEl no more longer than 7 minutes it doesnt take long for the installation

Toan Nguyen: how do you tell what kind of ios you have?

Brandon Ramirez: Thank you dude it worked with no problems....

Kire Rodeif: Thanks for the information about Darkcorps. I can now allow my kids to play backup copies and save the originals from their destructive habits. It loads backups and originals in disc channel with no problems. It's exactly what I've been looking to be able to do. Thank you for sharing your video and what you've learned.

bulletfreak224: does darkcorp works with gamecube backups?

D0ntTaseM3Br0: @BriceDaley LMFAO

12partyboy: Thank's dude

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @Abeastsblood theres a fix for that its a faulty ios a quick check on google will tell you how to fix it

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @Liamxx8 ok if you haven't im sorry but i didnt put that in the video you need to delete ios 249 in order to play backups becuase nintendo put that stub in the 4.2 update pm me so i can give you full details on how to do this

dominator756: @IpodTouchAndWiiHacks OK

bucket4life: Hey mate, i cant get this to work. i tried this on menu 4.0, and now im trying on 4.1E. i installed rev 17, preloader. and when i choose to install darkcorp, i choose to install the 2nd one on the list cos im on 249, and it says installing 0%...then 5 secs later it jumps back to the homebrew channel, with no modifications at all. any idea's? Cheers

TsukiNoTragedy: im havin the same problem if you find the solution pls help

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @390fusion download this and place in your Apps folder on your SD. SoftChip search on for it go to homebrew and boot softchip up. instead of using the standard setting insert these settings Change ios used to 36. with the + button Games Language to English. Patch Country String - Enabled Set Video Mode Using - Force Wii Region Fake ios version - Enabled Sam n Max - Enabled And the last 3 are Disabled You should now be able to play the game from disc without it freezing

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @areis114 to use codes you will have to use neogamma or a different backup loader and geko os should work with darkcorp installed

Andrew Ybarra: what kind of dvds did u buy and do u use those to copy gamecube games too please comment back

Marwan Refaat: Dude, when i start to install this, the Wii remote shuts, & does not want to connect to the wii, Why?

Leno L.: How do you know what your current IOS is??

mediumrarekrew: where do u download the wii games?

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @ricky1984christopher thanks for the thumbs up and do you by any chance know what video i left the comment on because i cant find it lol

DailyCloud: HELP! for some reason when i go to the custom ios installer i cant press anything the ramor just flashes it light when i press any buttun..., help

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @dominator756 sorry it took me some time but you can tell I'm not as active well the reason why your honebrew Is upside down is because darkcorps installed an iOS on the homebrew iOS if you have smash bros brawl then run smash stack(YouTube it) and reinstall the homebrew channel use the most current smash stack so it install on the newer iOS so there's no problems let me here back from ya if anything happenes

IpodTouchAndWiiHacks: @MrScienceCrap its a thing called mymenufi it is pretty easy to do but it is pretty dangerous just look around on youtube and im sure you find a video on how to do it

ultrachance850: @MrTechCenter I heard 2x speed works better

lunilizz: hey will installing darkcorp enable me to play off the usb loader or do i have to install a separate ios for that?

12partyboy: @meatintaco2002 It's not like you would make a better video

Liamxx8: Delete ios 249? no i installed it like in the video.

YouKnowItzTTime81: i installed both 249 and 233,thats not gonna cause any problems is it?just playing it safe,also u forgot 2 mention u would have 2 update ur system 2 play the games.i needed darkcorp so i could play the okish forgotten sands which kept freezing.

KINGSHADOWLINK: i got preloader so im good
how to load burnt wii games from disc channel with darkcorps v1.0 a.k.a cioscorp 4.0, on wii 4.2u 4.7 out of 5

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how to load burnt wii games from disc channel with darkcorps v1.0 a.k.a cioscorp 4.0, on wii 4.2u