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Camaro SS vs Challenger SRT8 vs Shelby GT500   Edmunds.com
Camaro SS vs Challenger SRT8 vs Shelby GT500 Edmunds.com
2015 Scat Pack VS Shelby GT 500 Mustang
2015 Scat Pack VS Shelby GT 500 Mustang
Ford Shelby GT500 vs Dodge Challenger SRT-8
Ford Shelby GT500 vs Dodge Challenger SRT-8
Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 vs. Shelby GT350   Road and Track
Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 vs. Shelby GT350 Road and Track

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Eric Haley: Shelby GT500. Not Mustang. Stop blaspheming this car with calling it a Mustang.its a shelby.when you go to any ford dealership websites, they will have mustangs, and shelby as being a different vehicle . I've taken notice of this and it's not a damn Mustang. Hell you can get deals like incentives and rebates for a 5.0 Mustang GT but you cannot for a Shelby GT500. That's one reason why they're so damn expensive. And built in limited quantity.

StR1K3R3183: I still don't get why people compare these two when they're not even built for the same purpose. The Challenger is a road cruiser for those who love raw American muscle, the Shelby is a track performance car for those who want a fast stock track car. The Challenger is more practical as an everyday car, it has power and a comfortable ride. The Shelby is fun and fast but when are you ever going to use all that power on stop and go traffic? Plus half of you will never even own either of these two cars.

Mach Smith: looks are subjective. In the short time I've owned the GT500, I've gotten more thumbs up than I ever did with the SRT-8. So, you got things that are subjective (looks) and things not, performance. When the SRT comes out with the Helcat, the GT500 will already be a year retired. The GT350 will be 400lbs lighter, IRS and at 600HP in an auto, anyone can step on the gas... it will shred the hellcat, for another Chrysler loss :(

big yee: Yes it will. The gt500 is like 500lbs lighter than the challenger. Challenger needs to go in a diet big time.

D. Voels: Not even close.

Ahmed Mustang: Shelby 4 ever

Maverick Grabber: I drove a 2013 Taurus all wheel drive with 365 Hp and I was blown away on how this car handled. I might buy this car instead of the GT that's how impressed I was. Ford is building some true American muscle cars, and trucks. Make the Mara g all wheel drive Ford!

Ezra Carr: supercharged gt won't smoke a supercharged 392 but, a stock 392 yes

hukites: Why are you even comparing an SRT8 to a GT500, when it's more comparable to a normal 5.0GT. Put a supercharger in a GT, and it will smoke a supercharged 392 all day.

windsor chease: Is it plastic? Don't knock on the car (literally). Knowing well you would need two jobs to afford this...

JPMorganMustDie: It's good to see America still knows how to make cheap Butt Ugly Interiors. Some things just never change.

goonieboy123456: lol your all missing the point!. These cars are built for two completely different purposes. GT500 is built focusing more on performance & track and SRT8 is built as a more traditional muscle car. Both powerful, fast & no doubt fun!. Either two could be made faster than one another from aftermarket parts but really... who cares!. I think they're both awesome cars, i'd probably give up the GT500's better performance for the front end of the SRT8 but hey thats my opinion, HP's not everything!

David Lopez: and just so you know dodge is planing on putting a supercharger on the all motor mopar to try and atleast catch up with the "puss supercharged gt500''

Mig Madrid: In my opinion the challenger is beast

carloslaraa72: shelby any time

USSoldierofGod: YES. Now THAT'S what it's about. Termi's and Fox Bodies ;)

Jeff Claiborne: I like both cars but the Challenger has more nostalgic qualities for me. My brother had a 1970 Challeger T/A 340 six pak...one fun car. Cars today are built much better, more efficient, more horsepower out of smaller engines, better gas mileage and dependability. Whether anyone choses the mustang or the challenger is a matter of preference and fun factor. Whether one is better than the other is matter of personal opinion. Better is a vague term. Better in what way?

Max: Challenger and shelby are so awesome no matter the hp or rpm for me

Rick S: I had a Challenger R/T from 2010 and it was fine. But now that I've gone back to Ford and bought a 2013 GT Stang the Challenger looks like a freakin lard butt of a car. It's even worse on the track. A challenger on a race track just looks out of place unless you're trying to run it as a funny-car! It's such a blimp, rhino, hippo..compared to the Mustangs and even the Camaros although I still like the big Hemi engines better than anything GM makes!

brd64021: Lol yall are arguin over the next mustang, but it really doesnt matter causr if ya dont like it dont look at it or buy :) (leaves more for the rest of us)
2013 MUSTANG COBRA GT500 vs 2013 CHALLENGER SRT 392 HEMI 5 out of 5

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