Furby Party Rockers

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Joffre Arruda: ..................................

Tommy Palof: My dad decided to get one of these for me as a Christmas present.

Cymbidium91: They scare the crap out of me.

J DS: i have the light blue one

Tyrone Jordan: classic is the best

J DS: i got furby boom and party rocker for christmas

Karmei Morin: boring!!!!!! :(


robbie redshaw: Do they work without a real furby

smilealltheway: Lol

LorGly: Lol

Seven: @isno iso It does! I have it along with the full sized red/orange furby.

Enjoy The Little Things: they look like angry birds

Mr_Epic49: The eyes change but not like the furbys they arent leds lol •_•

gregfish100: I would get a hammer asap......

Alexandria Geiler: i want one that can scare my brother

Collinator107: I don't like your YouTube photo!

noo noo noo: You need bateries for your furby !!!!!!!

cierraj2003: Omg those are cool looking

isno iso: can someone tell me why my pink one does nothing ?

loneshewolf74: I want to get the pink or purple one, if they come out in stores where I live. ^_^ I've seen some new Furbies with different color combinations, but never these.

Tommy Palof: I have a Furby that looks exactly like the red and black one.

Rebecca Taylor: What's the yellow & green party rocker's names? The full sized Furby is called Rooster

Polly Johnson: Of course they do

Rebecca Taylor: Which one does "waaah, wahhhh"? Is it Nerdby or Wittby? It sounded like Twittby.

Collinator107: I like the chatty one!

ratsamason yanjanin: Furby Party Rockers

shary497: These things are not as well made as they could have been

iwuzbuildabears29730: Mystery Party Rockers 00:26

Evellyn Maria: Eu vo compra o rosa

mmahoney381: They're mad ugly furby is better

johnarcheus: FIRST!

lilmamasgirl5: I want a furby party rocker there awesome!

ScarisfluffehAJ: You can buy them at Target :D

joey hernandez: I heard that these were planned out when Furby was being made, because i have two and they have one "special" phrase that furby copies,but furby has never said these phrases before.

peerapat krachang: ขอตัวนึงดิ มีเยอะหงะ

Supharoek Sitthiprasong: กำลังสั่งยุตัวสีชมพูได้วันสุกหน้า

hinderliternick: when is the green one coming out?

fluttershy100: the first one sounded like cartman :OOO

rafaela cueva: prefiero furby grande

yummyjuice16: Do tjey change eye expressions? I am curious.

Owen Buckholtz: Give me the red / black furby

mabgamer6407 .: Kill it with fire!!!

Krystal Wilson: lol where did you get these? I have never seen them before.

lilmamasgirl5: I have two furbys and two furby party rockers


Jonathan Torkelson: Er... Ma... Gerd...

kedu: What did this have to do with a parrot?

Alice Cullen: never seen them before

Mslightningbre: Too much $
Furby Party Rockers 4.3 out of 5

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Furby Party Rockers