Fake Rock Structures For Lizard Cage, Bearded Dragon

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Wolf Predator: If dedicated, Id say you could make the cave piece in 4 to 5 days. What takes so long is waiting for all the grout, paint and sealer layers to dry before you can add more. Kind of tedious process.

Wolf Predator: Was a long time ago...over 3 years, so to be honest its kind of hard for me to remember but in info section I have the price listed as $75 for everything needed...including Caulking gun, buckets, paintbrushes, paper plates, sponges, Sanding Sponge and Rubber Gloves....you may already have all this stuff or some of it. I started from scratch. Its hard to say how long it took to make one piece since I made them all together. Read more on next post

buckmaster153: will styraphome melt in a 100 wat u.v.b light?

Wolf Predator: @byNOBODY141414 My dragon has torn at this a ton and its still in excellent shape. After you put many layers of grout it gets very strong and can support a few pounds pretty easy. Since my dragon only weights around 14-16oz, it is fine for his size. Never been afraid of its durability.

Wolf Predator: @strangerdangers Sorry about the late response, youtube does not always tell me when I got comments.....I am sure you figured it out by now though :(

Wolf Predator: @Breadedkid69 Thanks

Wolf Predator: @LennyTheLizardKing Yeah it took some dedication to get it done quickly lol

Wolf Predator: @sysantos I have other videos up of my bearded dragon but this clearly from the title is not one of them.........

LennyTheLizardKing: good job completing it, i started on a rock wall 4 months ago and its still not done, took too many breaks..

strangerdangers: hey i love the rock structures send me the link to the website you said cause i think im gonna take some time to do that stuff:)

Wolf Predator: @funkeymonkey311. Yeah um I used plastic bowls that I put inside the circles. I think I show you at the start. Would you notice the 2 circles on the dish do not even have bottoms so it would be impossible to hold water in it unless you used a plastic container......

Wolf Predator: @Shenkie1987 Well thank you very much :) Appreciate the compliment

Wolf Predator: @apauln Awesome :)

Richard Walsh: ok... i found it... it's lizard-landscapes,com

Richard Walsh: lizardlandscapes,com domain name is parked, is the spelling correct? if so how do i find instruction on how to do this?

Richard Walsh: wow, i thought they were small at first. i didn't get how big these stuctures were until you picked up the food/water tray @6:21... their hugh... where do you get the plastic plants like the cactus you have?

Wolf Predator: @PudzBug Yes, grout is what makes it appear like rock and basically hold it together

Wolf Predator: @coolpunk100 Yes Sure could.

Matthew Cooke: can i built something like this for snake cage?

Wolf Predator: @thegr8dude Not certain that the sealant I used is made to be submerged in water for extended periods of time. Also when ive washed mine off in the tub ive noticed that it the 2 smaller pieces float because they are made of foam, so because of them reasons I am not certain.
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Fake rock Structures for Lizard Cage, Bearded Dragon