Part2 Replace The Shift Solenoid And Speed Switches In A Dodge Neon.

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Ronald the Stax: This is a good video, and it's true, replacing the solenoid pack does fix the problem... However, for me; I did this same exact repair, and 20,000 miles and 1 year later I'm having the same exact issue again out of nowhere! What's more is that the first time I replaced the solenoid pack, my car went back into "limp mode" and came back with a CEL, code was p0340 "no camshaft sensor signal" I replaced the camshaft position sensor and everything was working perfect again. Until the other day. Now it won't shift into 3rd. Considering checking wire loom for damage and replacing solenoid pack again... Really sucks cuz I was hoping fixing it the first time would be enough. Unfortunately, it was not. =(

Kelly Latimer: i have a 2002 dodge neon see with 100k miles. it won't start without me running a toggle switch to battery and starter. i believe my TCM is bad. while running I can move the gear into neutral but cannot move it. it won't go into any gear.automatic trans. when I turn engine off I can put it in neutral and I am able to push it. it's like it's locked in park while running. it started when reverse went out due to the TCM I believe. any ideas??? I'll pay for good advice

sandro valencia: Hey bud followed all your steps everything. And after all said and done I am still getting a p0760
It just keeps pooping it back up.

ckrio Martinez: I use this videos as a reference to fix my friend 2005 dodge neon had the same problem speedometer didn't work and wouldn't shift from 1st was giving me code po 501 I decide to change both speed sensors the output speed sensor was cracked inside I change both since they are cheap and car run fine thanks for posting this video 

Kacey Eatmon: I have an 02, and we have already replaced both speed sensors. The speed hand still isn't working and it still won't shift out of first, any idea what we should try next? 

ROGER VANDIVER: sound and visual is horrible.

Ronald Reny: I have a 2004 dodge neon sxt and the speedometer does not work and it won't shift out of 2nd gear I changed both in and out sensors and neither the speedometer and still won't shift please help. If the transmission silonoid was bad will that cause my speedometer to not work?

Ebony Lo.: I have a 2004 dodge neon sxt, I swear is the worse to get. I have problems with it every few months, what a headache...

Alex Carr: Would the solenoid trip a code? My 2005 Dodge Neon SE automatic is shifting rough and hesitates going into drive. 

Bobby Church: Ty for the video currently doing this to my 04

Dale BIGD: So what fixed it? Input output sensors or the shift solenoid?

Dustin Knight: Just wondring if any one can help? I have a 03 doge neon Atto not stick shift But it will shift throw 1 and 2 but will not go past 3 and i get to 35 mph and it will be up around 3 to 3 in hafe rpms

Jonathan A: The 95-01 Neon's have the hydraulic controlled 3 speed. The 02-05 have the electronic controlled 4 speed, which is actually better. 

Sean Conley: Al Goodwin . Depends on how many miles the car/trans has

al goodwin: Hey, thanks for your site. I've got 2000,automatic 3 speed. My reverse is almost totally gone. Now it's having trouble shifting out of first. I replaced my filter and fluid, it didn't seem to help. I called a transmission shop and they said needed a rebuilt transmission, for $1800-2500. I'm in Sacramento. Any advise is appreciated.

Michael Vermeersch: What are the codes?/ I had a code P0740

Sean Conley: Mr042386 thanks for the correction sense this roject I have found buying the factory shop manual dvd's off eBay very helpful.

Mr042386: Its a ambient air temp sensor. Not a mass air flow sensor. Your Dodge does not have an air flow sensor. It measures air mass through the map sensor.

steven coleman: So ok i got a question for i have a 1997 neon an it runs fine but when i go to shift it into drive or any gear it dies on me!! this the problem you had with your neon????

Sean Conley: If you guys want feel free to post what odes are showing up when you start diagnosing your car and what codes you have when your done. Also throw up a discription of what your car is doing/problems and how many miles what year . Also give us an idea of how hard/easy this repair was 1-10 1 being an oil change and 10 being an engine rebuild, it may help someone else decide where to start fixing there car And if this repair is what they are looking for . Thanks for all the views and look forwar
part2 replace the shift solenoid and speed switches in a dodge neon. 5 out of 5

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part2 replace the shift solenoid and speed switches in a dodge neon.