How To Pass Driving Test

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How to Pass Your Drivers Test - The Secrets!
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How To Pass Your Drivers Test - The Secrets (2)!
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Jose Robles: My license was revoked because I have epilepsy. When I take the written test again will it be easy because I was a driver?

barbacot01: In Europe this is total fail: first ALWAYS keep both hands on the wheel and leave one hand ONLY when you change gear (keeping one hand on the lever all the time causes wear and tear in the gearbox beside being dangerous from having only one hand on the wheel) and second he is under revving the engine -dangerous situation because he will not get a quick response from the car in an emergency situation and also high emissions.

comicslayerr: lol I'm taking my test in a manual too. This gives me hope lol

Diego Maldonado: taking my test tomorrow

Trevor Combs: has to be fake he isn't even doing 10 and 2 which would probably fail you i failed my 1st cause I tried being cool driving with one hand they told me I would of passed if I drove 10 and 2

Christopher Gene: Driving a little to fast aren't ya for your test

Zoee Salas: How tf this dude got one hand on the MF wheel and passed it?

Mayak: i really like it when the instructor makes you feel calm. Instructors like her should exist more because it makes the experience less frightening for some novice drivers :)

Hannah J: how is the driving test in tennessee?

Itachi Uchiha: 1:46 it looked like the black van disappeared lol

jazzmin Pacheco: omg i live in southern carolina n im taking mine tomorrow im so nervous do u have to take that computer test again?

subie skyline34: doing it the proper way in a stick. I heard that the instructors feel more safe in Manuel cars

matthew da beast: what state are you in all we have to do in arkansas is drive around the block and park and if you drive a manual you are going to pass

_ TacoAmigo777 _: Pray for me y'all...3 hours and 20 minutes left...

vibeuk2003: Wow passing in the States must be easy, because here in the UK, where we mostly drive stick- you'll be failed immediately for not having both hands on the steering wheel. You'll be given a 'serious' fault for control. You only need to have one hand when changing up or down a gear. Then both hands back on the steering wheel. Logic behind this is so that when an obstacle passes in front of your vehicle, you'll be able to respond to it and steer quicker with both hands rather than one.

Scaniarig: Is this a driving test or a joke? Can't believe that this truly happens.

pat shepherd: my son knows that was slipped out of clarissa about that car thing on sabrina he prefers the parody of driving ms daisy on in living color over that instead because of series finale of wcw/nwo main event on tbs january 3rd 1998

Phenom Princeton: he only had one hand on the wheel I know Thts a automatically fail

Abby Mihelic: I failed my test last week because of parallel parking xD Now I'm taking it again today. wish me luck haha

Rayna Chaney: Im not even taking this test and I already have so much anxiety.
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How to pass driving test