Odysseus Rebuildable Atomizer At High Wattages

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Jeff Cirelli: my my.. look how far we've come :)

T.C.X. S.T.X.: that's a nice big 9:18 hit

T.C.X. S.T.X.: nice 2:38 like a natural dragon

T.C.X. S.T.X.: 2:07 awesome dragon dude

Dr. Борменталь: какой-то критин....)))

Tommy Livingston: has he always been a hipster maggot?

Mattxjax45: I never thought someone could make blowing smoke/vapor look gay. Congrats.

Sandy Lloyd: Damn, I was like, she's kinda hot... then he talked.

LS7T88: my ggts makes your vapes look like it came from an inhaler

lester hendricks: I got a bolt.that do,s 8volts

(7ohms2): The way u vape that crap killed it. U looked like ur about to puke

hawenam: How many mods do you have rick?

andyblue2525: this kid looks like a moron taking a toot im laughing my ass off, his mods are hitting sick though

NguyenVanThock2185: How do you get access to purchasing gg products? I missed the Ithaca presale, but really want a penny without getting raped on mod trader.

Vasilis Roumeliotis: hahah oopps...not coil but video i meant.....got genesis coils on the mind

Vasilis Roumeliotis: where on earth did u get the idea that this vid is a review..no where in the coil does it even remotely imply it.......bazingaaaaaa

Nick MANTRA: Wow!!! Massive clouds.

Rick Wechsler: I gotcha! Even with that being said, I'd be more comfortable with the idea of getting one if he had asked Imeo if he could use his design. Either way, the mod does look pretty epic! I've love a dual 26650 7.4v mod for running big mode Ody!

sm555: I know what you mean, maybe he talked meanwhile with Imeo... He is not a manufacturer. He looked for a turner that built him prototypes, only for him, and he published a video about it. And then people asked for it and he decided to (let) produce a small series. Prototypes are very expensive and I don't think he'll make a fortune with it. At least that's how I understood and believe it. It was a long night, I hope this made halfway sense ;-)

Rick Wechsler: It looks interesting, but I have a few issues with it...the biggest of which is that the maker is profiteering from another's design and that he went behind Imeo's back to manufacture it, when he could have just asked permission, which Imeo probably would have given him.
Odysseus Rebuildable Atomizer at high wattages 5 out of 5

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Odysseus Rebuildable Atomizer at high wattages