Google Nexus 7 Screen Repair (DO NOT) - Digitizer LCD Glass Replacement On ASUS N7 Android Tablet

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Michael Browder: @ALL you can also use a box cutter to separate the digitizer from the LCD if they are fused. If you're careful, you won't need a heat gun.

Michael Browder: I'm glad that I saw this. You do need a heat gun and not a hairdryer. Luckily my digitizer is only fused to the LCD screen. Sorry for your loss my friend.

DroneBob: Kinda dumb to take apart without a heat gun.

David Bryan Smith: Haters are gonna hate. You have the hair dryer in the video. I totally agree. I just did this repair using a heat gun. My removal of the glass and digitizer looks just like yours. Since mine was shattered glass on the edges it didn't "peel off like nothing" and what I ended up with was just like yours. Also you have to be careful not to warp the bezel at all and make sure you get every tiny shard of glass out of the bezel. I thought I did well but when assembled, my new screen cracked really easy. Take our advice and get the entire bezel assembly. You will be so glad you did.Mine is in working condition again, but the new screen I just put in is already cracked.

jayram1408: Dumb ass you use a hair dryer to heat it up and it peals off like nothing.

defacer1980: This was, by far, my hardest "only glass" job... But I did it... The glue used it's hard as hell, and there is a thin line spliting LCD damage and remove the heated glue... No rush, and use a piece of glue of it (make a litle ball) to remove the rest of the LCD

Matthew Marcial: Poor baby.

windy49: Guess you should have watched the video from Android Authority.   A 1500watt hairdryer worked fine.  Also used some packing tape to keep the shards under control.   Also - You CAN get the bezel with the replacement LCD and Digitizer.  Has to come from China but they are out there about about $55.00. 
My unit is ready for a new LCD and Digitizer now and the old one came of nicely after the hair dryer and some patient prying with plastic  tools.

Adylle Allen: Should of used a heat gun or blow dryer to melt the glue, and that won't happen

Richard Rael: should have used a heat gun to remove the digitizer

BrianTokyo: Did you find the housing in the end? It seems a major pain to dettach it.

shameedify: Does this LCD assembly work with Android 4.1?  I don't know what version is mine because the LCD is totally shattered and I don't have display working to upgrade or even find out which version I am on.  But there is a good chance that I am on 4.1.

FIXED1T: yep heat gun is the best, and a temperature control version.  If you use too much heat you will destroy the working LCD display in the broken Digitizer, well thats if your like me and don't want to pay out for a new LCD when your can split the Digitizer from the LCD.  The repair then becomes $20 rather than $60+ for digitizer and LCD.

Eric Jones: They sell the gasket, digitizer lcd & glue for that on Ebay.

Paul Appleton: You need to use a heat gun to heat up the edge to soften the adhesive before you try and separate the screen and the surround, it took me around 30 minutes and I had no breaks or cut fingers

Taylor Sweat: Did you not use a heat gun?

sonyrulesbladZ: Awwwwr, so sorry, thanks a bunch though. I was just about to buy one :(

Nick Capaldi: heat them up it comes right off

Alkis Petinis: you just put a plastic card between the glass and the plastic housing and you can seperate them very easily!!
DONT try with razors, screwdrivers and other metal things (you may damage the housing)!!!!

Erica Milch: all messed up.. throw it away
Google Nexus 7 Screen Repair (DO NOT) - Digitizer LCD Glass Replacement on ASUS N7 Android Tablet 5 out of 5

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Google Nexus 7 Screen Repair (DO NOT) - Digitizer LCD Glass Replacement on ASUS N7 Android Tablet