How To Roof A House With 3 Tab Shingles

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Donovan Holroyd: I used to do 3 tabs and still do occasionally it's a dying art. laminates are too easy and you get guys who know nothing picking up a gun and can't even keep them strait. if you can't do tabs you shouldn't be roofing. and all these fastest nailer videos. I used to do 50 bundles a day 8/12 no feeder. I had 2 labourers to strip prep load and clean. I do think you're laying them too far into the valley and your seams are getting close to the valley. Once I get to the second tab I back step

Neil Williams: NEVER do a closed valley with 3 tab shingles.
ALWAYS do a WOVEN valley.

Richard Grammes: Nice work!! I live in Florida and we do 3 tabs almost exactly the same with the exception of a few things like overhang, we use no overhang and we have to bull (roof cement) the bottoms and all penetrations. when we come over our valley we bond down at the bottom of the other side of the valley. I always use 10 inch lines on 3 tabs its so much faster then having to gauge it or hoping your felt is perfectly straight. it only takes a few minutes to pop the lines with two experienced roofers. I have seen some pretty bad roofing tutorials on here. i have to say yours is one of the better ones for doing a 6 inch bond in my the way I'm a lefty too

minthillbilly: I had to watch the video again to understand what your question was. ..I fitted that first shingle at the bottom so I could make sure it crossed the valley correctly at the bottom edge and provided full coverage. After that, make a mark at the top of that shingle and use that mark to measure off from every ten inchs. Hope this helps... have a good day

LittleRiverKingfiser: at 2 57 you say you laid a shingle and made a mark. Why can't you measure and chaulk the lines whiteout laying that shingle at the bottom of the valley on the gable? Do I have to measure from the edge of the shingle if I lay one first? Or, where do I measure from to begin at the bottom of the valley gable? thanks

minthillbilly: Great information! Have a good day!

minthillbilly: Good Question! The shingle would work to shed water without tabs. The tabs in a 3 tab shingle hide the breaks and gives a better look.

bammbamm12: why do shingles have tabs?

782Matty: Good video, but I would have to say that with the new shingles on the market, 3 tab shingles are going to become obsolete. And for the price difference your roof will last twice as long. Also closed in valleys are always the first things to go, even with the new architectural shingles. On my house I would use a metal valley, and leave it open, it doesn't look bad and eliminates any chance for moisture to cause rot over time.

minthillbilly: Thank you!

Ben Connors: Great vid!

minthillbilly: On this house we were setting up for close cutting the valley. As you see the shingles were run up the roof that sheds the most water. Shingles were later layed overtop of the ones you see in the picture. Check out my video on How to- Closed cut valley explained. Take care

Greg Kemp: shingles are supposed to be 6 inch offset not staggered like bricks. The water runs in the same grooves causing premature wear that's why the 6 inch stagger.

jay johnson: how come you didnt just cut a pattern starting from the gable?

Drew's Roofing & Home Repair: I would never do a roof without lines. EVER

Drew's Roofing & Home Repair: racking is good on damentional shingles

minthillbilly: Not sure if I understand your way but everyone has there own method. Thanks for your comment and have a great day!

DJAZAlwayz: On that roof , i would shingle left to right, and be able to close the valley's as i go . i accomplish that by dropping a row or two close to the top of the first valley. get what i mean?

minthillbilly: Carl, Have you ever got down and sited down one of those lines on a roll of tar paper? They are not straight my friend. Chalk you some lines and you will get a better final result every time. Take care!
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How to roof a house with 3 tab shingles