HOW TO FIX ERROR CODE 8002F14E And 8002F147

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HOW TO FIX ERROR CODE 8002F14E and 8002F147
HOW TO FIX ERROR CODE 8002F14E and 8002F147
8002F310 & 8002F14E Error Fix for PS3
8002F310 & 8002F14E Error Fix for PS3
HELP?! PS3 Slim Error Code
HELP?! PS3 Slim Error Code "8002F147"
PS3 Slim error 8002F14E
PS3 Slim error 8002F14E

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geirtwo: Is this a joke?!? freak this, I'm taking my ps3 to the shooting range.

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Dave McPhee: it does work guys. iv done this method myself. do exactly what your shown in the video. simple. iv recovered 27 consoles in the past 2 weeks using the same method. if it doesnt work then your doing it wrong. double check everything INCLUDING the folders on your flash drive.


montellis218: I'm not getting a ps4. Had problems with every Sony system.ps1 scatched cds.ps2stopped reading discs. Ps3 stopped reading discs.i was about try and reboot then it decided I need update now I'm stuck in this loop

Nath wilson: Yo I was on a cfw based on rogero and I went to put it to a different firmware and now my ps3 is in this update loop, If I wiped the Hardrive clean of everything on it would it be ok because I won't to be able to play games and RTM on them? 

wtfareuthinking1: crap didnt work.

Cavestorm 80: when i did the one beep and then twice beep and he said that it would take up to 30 sec,its been a lot longer

Marcos Antonio: manin ;) fiz isso tambem mais foi com um jogo novo que pediu para att..
cara quasi morri doido mais consegui reverte o processo ;)retire o hd formateo.
abaixe a versão antiga que no meu caso era v4.55 renomeia a pasta ps3 outra pasta update e insira a att com seu nome original o procedimento com pendrive é simples so ter paciencia e perde umas horas..ok ;)

Mohammed Deeb: keeps getting 8002F225 data is corrupted this tutorial doesn't work here ! tried 3.55 rogero downgrade and most of new CFW's & OFW's

Omair Shahid: America problem for me

Hammadi Abid: i have fout haw to fixet

downgrade 4.55 to 3.55
stopt on 77% 

DaeonSkyheart: Can you make a file with update 4.55+? I keep getting corrupted file for some reason and my ps3 is otherwise bricked :\ please help... 

Mystur3: Just a warning:  his link leads to a .zip file that contains the Suspicious.Cloud.5 virus/trojan horse.  Going to look for the PS3 BDB package elsewhere.

Juan Nava: Hopefully this will work

jason crigger: why can't you pronounce the "th" in you words??

Ramsey Hatter: what link for ps3 updat

Jerome Flores: if i format my ps3 hdd , it will delete all my save ?

Popcorn Chicken: been trying to update using 160 gb hdd, the hdd is perfectly fine, should i not be trying to update using the latest 4.55 update?  i keep freezing at 78-79%, if i take out the hd while updating, it continues to update to 99% and freezes?  I think this thing must be completely shot or something.  I have even opened it up to make sure all connections are good and cleaned the lens.

youssef ahmed: ok how to connect  my ps3 slim hdd to my lap top please reply
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HOW TO FIX ERROR CODE 8002F14E and 8002F147