George Carlin On Global Warming

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Doug Griggs: I loved the comment about Kilauea in Hawaii. During a ten day trip to Hawaii, my wife and I spent 2 days on the "Big Island." We rented a car and drove down the eastern side of the island to south point, called Ha Lae I believe (most southern point in the 50 states). That was 1985. One cannot do that anymore, not for about 20 yrs I think. The village and road east of Kilauea got completely covered up during A HUGE ERUPTION. State officials FINALLY got smart and waved the white flag. Never rebuilt it. It has probably had several more big eruptions since then.

herman spanjur: Carlin could be funny, but he also was self-important, arrogant, and stupid as any old man in a beard, freak him - he wasn't as good as he thought . . .

ZayIvory7: As fuuny as this is.. and it is funny lol.
Pollution is still a very real thing. When a town of ppl can't drink the tap water because its contaminated, its not because the Earth willed it so, its because ppl freaked the water up. etc etc etc.

cm cmancuso717: haha lol all in disguise another name for UN taxes..follow the money.............age old lesson
we still need to do our part and recycle so our taxes don't go up as much

Raine Carosin: Maybe plastic will become chewing gum in times to come... we won't like to try it now, but yeah... eish...

Joe Acker: Obama saved us from Global Warming. He signed the Paris Climate Agreement last year and the Pope is working on a solution too! They will solve the problem with a Carbon 12 Tax. Only then will the Earth comply with it's inhabitants to regulate the global temperatures to keep us comfortably numb as in the Pink Floyd song. Hail to the Chief! Hey, wait, isn't that hate talk?

68mockingbird: HIS POINT that the planet is ok, and he is helping us laugh at humans who are making themselves disappear along with 95% of species on earth is really sad. Do you think most people will understand what his real point is through his sarcasm? Or will they twist it to confirm their own views?

The Cowboy: "We can't save the planet, because we can't even figure out how to help ourselves yet." - George Carlin.

Comical: If only Carlin didn't start the whole "white people are responsible for everything bad" fad, he would've been much more entertaining.

superllama666: humans are an endangered species sure he's funny but on this topic, he is wrong, dead and wrong

nuclearcasserole: h should be glad he's dead, except for the part about his soul being judged, very clever man, but still, misguided and still dead.

Glenn Cary: miss you george

Andrew Budd: satire, and bringing attention to mammonistic nonprofits that gather donations yet accomplish nothing. And the other half of American government officials denies there is a problem at all. If it helps GDP growth, lets go model China where it's practically toxic to walk outside.

DelireWeb: We already interfere with nature.

Angus Blair: 'The planet is fine; the people are freaked' - yeah, exactly, and those freaked people are the cogs of an economic growth machine that eliminates the weak and subjects them to poverty, while others enjoy excessive prosperity as they stroke their dynamic rooster of money and oil. Yes, there may be self-important and hollow individuals, desperate for some congratulations. But you know whats even more tiresome than that? The continually pedalled-out nihilism, and disdain for people who seek a solution to injustice and the suffering of all forms of life.

I find a lot of truth in what he says, but I also believe that his criticism of self-regard and arrogance finds its manifestation in an expression similar to his own; are you all somehow more enlightened than the rest of these stupid people because YOU realise that its just arrogance and there is nothing that can be done, while these ecological dummmies carry around their self-importance, head in the clouds, judging below that which they cannot see.

They Have A Cavetroll: It's not about saving things. It's about not destroying them. The real arrogance is not that we want to interfere with nature to save it, it's that right now our intervention is destroying it.

Timothy Jones: Exactly. We are just a mild case of planetary eczema.

lost94133: amen idiot libs and their freakin stupid way of thinking

Roxana P: Pack your crap, folks. We`re going away.

Joyce Johnson: George Carlin always tell the truth.
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Global Warming