George Carlin On Global Warming

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Dave M: Love Carlin. But he is wrong on so many levels here

Gnomedigest: Sadly our lasting legacy wont just be plastic, but rather 400 or so nuclear reactors melting down. Sure the earth may cleanse that eventually too, but add several 10s of thousands of years to the process.

david burns: I can not believe that a man as smart as George Carlin would say such things. We, the Human race have been using our atmosphere as a heat sink for over 200 years now our atmosphere is getting hotter and the carbon dioxide levels are rising. If we don't act now we will all suffocate. Solar energy is not a pipe dream it could be a reality if the people would embrace it. The people who control the fuel want us to burn more of it to keep their profits high. Climatologist, the people who study this say the waters of the gulf of Mexico are getting warmer. Has everyone forgotten that the Hurricanes are getting stronger and more numerous with each passing year? There have been climatic changes brought about by human activity before. Two things hit this country in the 1930s' the stock market crash and the dust bowl years. We can not go back to some idyllic past, progress is a one-way road you can never go back. With-out modern farming techniques and electricity, we can not support the growing population. We are going to have to make some changes in the way we create the modern world we all live in and have come accustom to. I am not saying that solar will replace the burning of fossil fuels overnight but for every photo-electric solar panel we put into operation, we will reduce the need to burn coal by a little and there will be an accumulative effect the air will get cleaner and who doesn't want that? The people who control the coal and oil industry maybe? At the beginning of the industrial revolution, a few men knew that certain resources were going to be needed and so they set about monopolizing those resources, men with names like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan.

D.T. “DT Update” U: Always Great!

Tonelero: He was great.  I though he just swore all the time.

N.R. F.: Too funny too true - freaking environmentalist self absorbed assholes

John Curtis: "I'm sure the planet will think of something (to deal with us)."

HA! This guy is turning out to be prescient as hell isn't he? The church shooting...something he joked would happen someday somewhere and such. Anyway, leaving aside his reference to the AIDS virus has anyone else stopped to mull how the planet might deal with a pesky, somewhat cancerous in its growth patterns, species like ours? One defined by our intelligence level compared to other animals in the web of life? How would you, as the planet, deal with such a pesky species? paraphrase Carlin....

"....their intelligence....hmmmm...yeah....throttle back their intelligence ....that just might be a ticket. Pull them back into the web they keep perturbing with their rapacious habits. How about....Zika? "

And as Carlin's a start....and I can think of many more....

Just some thoughts...

American Net'Zen

Ben Bollman: Mt. Etna spews 10,000 times more CO2 into the air than humans have in our entire existence so I think Carlin is pretty much right on the money. Also, the planet has not warmed in 19 years and the polar ice caps are refreezing not to mention every apocalyptic climate prediction in the past 40 years has not come close to true unless you think New York was underwater in 2013.

grindupBaker: He didn't say anything about Global Warming. He's got a good schtick. He's right about bicycle paths, I'm for the highway.

Joe Vale: WE miss you George Carlin !Thank you for making an effort to open the minds/thinking of millions of people all over the world.

Chaz Max: Agreed, a great philosopher. He is sorely missed.

silver frog eye: The atmosphere contains a layer of souls. The more souls are killed , the less atmosphere there is. The more souls are tortured the less come back. Therefore, less life and possible global extinction.

larry thayer: The modern Prophet. may he rest in peace.

zyxmyk: Now he's extinct.  Boo hoo.  what a narcissistic pickle.

Meta Patriot: A lot better than Bill Nye: The (Pseudo-)Science Guy.

Joe Murray: You know, Carlin was getting near the end when he did this rant and it makes me wonder if the dirty old hippy was just out to get his last laugh by somewhat appealing to the far right so he could freak a pile of Republican chicks up the ass before he went out. Damn that would be just like a crazy old dirty fart like him to do.

Tom McCann: i love george carlin but i disagree massively and his arrogance is annoying. Climate change is a very real thing it's like evolution and should be a fact, carbon dioxide is rising, oceans are rising, and the last two decades have been the hottest on record so i would say if we don't act now, the earth will be severely freaked up for future generations.

Robert Maybeth: Compare this to his routine from the 1970's, when he was still trying so hard to be liked. He sounds totally different in the humor later part of life. Combining comedy with - philosophy? And it works. And nobody else seems able to do it near as well. Yep he was one of the greatest that ever was. Told the truth, made you think, made you laugh and made you want more. Under-rated, and got better as he went along. i think i need more Carlin right now.
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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