George Carlin On Global Warming

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David Obed: We're going away

Joseph Marton: in June, canada we now have snow blizzards , snow blizzards this august...and we are told that the earth is warming up yes W-A-R-M-I-N-G !! how can it warm if we got snow blizzards in august and winters are 11 months long ? never had this before ?? seems its getting colder . there is no warming up here. would like to know where it is warming and |I will move there.

bsdguy: This guy just became my favorite comedian.

408Magenta: The master!

Taylor Nelson: I like carlin but he's spittin a lot of half truths here...

TheVapeGod 305: Its a good thing people are worried about crap. The world is bad enough as it is

TheRemrage: “A couple of plastic bags?” Estimates say that 8 million tons of plastic are dumped Into the ocean each day.All the endangered species we are trying to save are endangered because we almost hunted them to extinction. Some animals we are trying to save a crucial to the environment and others like bees are so important to the environment that if they went extinct we would go extinct. The earth will survive alright but anything living in it won’t and that includes us. 2 years ago there were only 3 million tons of plastic and now its 8 how long before it’s 10?, 20, 30, 100, 1000 million tons. Soon enough our oceans will be fields of garbage. Our atmosphere will be a dark haze of smoke, chemicals, and CO2 he long before the amazon rainforest becomes the Amazon desert and the Great Lakes become the great canyons, how long? The earth will always survive, but it sure won’t always be blue and green if we don’t change our ways. Humanity is disgusting and we will kill ourselves because of it. Stop it now.

dakotaescher1: In some ways he is so right, and in some ways so misguided.

Joyce Ford: I love George Carlin. We are on our way to extinction...

MrBank325: The best ever... No doubt.

q7winq7: 10-9-2017 - - - I like George a lot, but sometimes I think he makes a better comedian than a philosopher.

Terri Romero: I've said sense I was young that I think the earth is going to kill everything on it (or mostly everything) like back with the Dinosaurs days. Start fresh & new.

Gaurav Deora: This is awesome

tiburcio43: Oh man... so if over 90% of people who ever lived on Earth have already died, a murderer can't be convicted for his crime. "Hey, all those people died before my client was even born!" says the attorney...

Aristedes DuVal: FREAKIN' GENIUS.

Dustin Eubanks: He didn't talk about global warming or client change here.

Israel Gottschalk: George Carlin hits the spot so many times here, using rightwing climate change denier's language and arguments to advocate in favour of pollution mitigation. It's a logic trap. We're not a threat to the planet, we're a threat to our own existence in the planet.

Liberty4ALL: The man was simply brilliant. Global cooling aka global warming aka now climate change has been an ideological plan to control our industries that produce gas, and coal. All straight out of the book of Karl Marx. Imported from Germany, ran with it from John Dewey which indoctrinated our school systems. You can tax people all you want, you can't help what the earth is going to do. These predict catastrophic events, when they can't even predict the weather next week. Bunch of political hacks. Think for yourselves fellas. Challenge the ideology.

butte hurter: George you are a freakING Moron. The planet is poisoned and freaked because of people and billion's of people around the world IS effectively poisoning ourselves and way of survival. You think its funny that human civilization is inevitable going instinct because of our arrogance in believing we can do anything we want to on this planet and it has no negative effect on our way of life and future. How stupid to believe we cant possibly find new technology and ways to make both our Life easier AND at the same time make the only planet that we live and depend on to have clean air, soil, and drinking water.

EllieHell: I miss this man so much... Mother Earth has been here for 4½ billion years and we about 200k years... I think planet is fine just fine but us humans are freaked... so stop say: "save the planet" and say: "save mankind"

We are just fleas on Mother Earth's back! She will shake us off and start all over again. She has done it more times than we know!

WHY did he have to die!!??? He was a genius!
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Global Warming