George Carlin On Global Warming

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coldflame: Please. The 'conceit' would be that humans are NOT destroying the planet. (Oh I see, he's suggesting that destruction means obliteration....So then he doesn't understand that obliteration does not exist in an ultimate sense. Be a better liberal george & RIP.)

Obedience to flow: I gave up labeling it, after the Big Electron. Gave up worrying about it long ago. Still fight for some things, but mostly, I flow like after.

craig Mitchell: So many triggered, butt-hurt liberals in this comment section....he clearly says that man is arrogant to think hes the cause of "climate change"--liberals are always twisting facts, what carlin said is in the video,,its indisputable...hes not with you climate change freaks....get over it

craig Mitchell: So many comments here are from triggered, butt-hurt liberals....he clearly says man is arrogant to think that theyre are the cause of global warming....liberals are always twisting facts, even when theyre clear as day, and right in front of you, like in this vid...smdh

Frederick Röders: He's right, but dont use this as a reason to call man accelerated global warming a hoax

Roger Johnson: I am so sick of seeing wild life with GPS monitors so science can "track and learn". Bullhockey. First we don't need to know everything. Secondly it's justified so tax payers will flip the bill so the Feds claim the critters as property on your dime. If one of those animals dies on your property, or on your fishing pool, guess who shows up at your door!?! Now you the tax payer, become a environmental terrorists. Pay up again! Big Time!!!

elitebelt: One of the things he said that was actually just flat out stupid, the fact he said the environmentalists were all a bunch of self-important rich freaks who just want a clean place to live.

I don't want a clean place to freakin live, hell I'm only going to be on this planet for a little over a half-century. I just want an earth that doesn't screw over my kids, and my kid's kids, and so on. Because the way we're going, if this keeps going on our species is flat out freaked, as well as almost every other species that currently exists on this planet.

hugh fucher: he never steps on them lieing theiving SOB's NASA..what a shame.

Antoinette Orozco: He’s not saying Global Warming is fake but the messaging that people put out is counterproductive. Don’t save the planet. Save idiot people.

No Name: Carlin Rules Period

Brandy Pompeo: I thought #ATHEISTS believed in "survival of the fittest"? The #FAKE Evolution/Darwinism should allow #EVILution FAIRYTALE just take place!!!

RufusLeakin: Thumbs up if Al Gore should be tarred and feathered!

dan cesse: trump is right about the bullcrap , save the planet.

Scary Hobo: He brilliantly summed it all up in the very beginning when he said: We can’t even take care of ourselves, and we’re going to save the freaking planet?!?” And he’s right. The planet will be fine until our sun dies. The inhabitants are freaked. Things like Fukushima, CERN, geo-engineering, HAARP tech, quantum D-wave, 5G, military nukes, etc. is what is going to accelerate our demise by destroying our Mother. But she will recover and the earth will be cleansed again. Wasn’t it the Hopi native american tribes that believed in periodic cleansings of the earth?

Esmir Space: You know what hurts?That stupid people in comment section thing he is wrong,and they're right.We will extinct one day and i hope it will be soon, because stupid people are spreading in a fast rate.

Kristen Amanda: I bet a lot of scientists hate this video.

arnoldo brassard: Global warming have become a commercial in the people that don't eat what the media serves us everyday
We can't save the planet we can only try to save ourselves.

J M: He was way to smart for most people. We miss you George

gmc40able: Love him

Umatsu Obossa: In reality, ultimately the planet WILL be fine, no matter what. We could scorch-earth the whole planet and it'll just all grow back when it's over and the animals will all be ground-dwellers left to slowly evolve into some more above-ground dwellers. I WOULD like to keep what we have now for as long as possible, but I also don't think humans have the sort of influence they think they do. They don't comprehend the magnitude of the planet and the atmosphere. The reason to be concerned about pollution is to preserve the health and longevity of ourselves and the CURRENTLY existing species, but the truth is, once we're not here to pollute, the pollution will begin to process through the plants and animals and work its way deep into the earth and break down into its base elements and be gone and then there will be no telling it ever existed. It will not destroy the planet or become a permanent scar on it. I don't think wantonly polluting is acceptable, because I don't want the animals or ourselves to have to suffer in the meantime, but I think we need to have some perspective and realize that it's not feasible to actually prevent all pollution, nor is it necessary.
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Global Warming