George Carlin On Global Warming

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rob paq: The man called it as it is. When truth sounds so glossy that it shines, it's probably not truth.

Patrick Manning: Mike You're right. However the term actually originated with black slaves calling Irish slaves "rednecks" as the fair skin on the backs of their necks would burn as they slaved away in the fields. There were Irish slaves in the South before African slaves. In Haiti there was an Irish slave revolt & the plantation owners armed their black slaves to help them put down the Irish slave rebellion. Massachusetts sometimes refused shipments of Irish slaves because of their reputation for rebellion. Tell that to BLM!

почти что я: "Leave nature alone. HAVEN'T WE DONE ENOUGH?"
"The planet is fine. THE PEOPLE ARE F_CKED!"


Kaylyn Zoe (Kaylyn Tracer Zoe): 90% of the species on earth went extinct due to multiple natural causes within a time frame of hundreds of millions of years: the great dying being the biggie. Many species have survived and persevered from this to become highly populated again but over the course of hundreds of millions more years. Species are dying via both natural cause which we can't control and most recently unnatural causes: increased pollution being one of the biggest culprits that nature just doesn't do: human-made pesticides being released into the air killing many insects, purposeful littering done by humans where birds and other small animals choke to death and die. Are we that impatient and belittling to our fellow common and distant ancestors that we can't just wait to throw something in the garbage, or dispose of toxins (oil, gas, radioactive nuke waste) properly? The earth may heal itself. That's a given. But at the rate we're going it will take a longer time to do so: think thousands of years. An oil spill into the ocean doesn't just go away. So I agree with some things that he's saying and I disagree with others. We as a species can't completely save the world, we can't prevent every little natural cause. But there are things that we can prevent. George is a little cynical in this one but he still makes even the darkest matters funny as freak lol

I'mTooTallForThisSh*t: Plastic! Asshole..... Hahaha that's gold

boomerhgt: Brilliant funny and true

FuckYouWhosNext: Sounds ALOT like what Rush Limbaugh says. That we would be SO arrogant to think that we could save the freaking planet

Sebastian Chum: Additivism.

mw3051: i love his comedy and i liked the man.

that said he could not be more wrong about global warming, did you catch how he tried to say asbestos was safe earlier ?

a funny man, a terrible scientist.

QBN37: Ha ha,here in California they supposedly band the plastic bag because they say its bad for the environment,but yet you can still buy them for 10 cents at groceries stores but yet you go to home depot or department stores and they're free.So what's the point of banning them..

AdvilTastes LikeCandy: The best comedian off all time. R.I.P. George. You will be sorely missed.

Raystargazer: This was not about global warming. Just a rant and a lot of profanity about environmentalists. He was off on a lot of points for a couple of laughs.

Cynthia Belliveau: He had it spot on about global warming (of which there is no such thing).

Cas Renooij: A few plastic bags ?...... He was massively uninformed...

Greg: This monologue is ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!! Al Gore and all the Progressive Liberals ought to watch and listen to this video!!!

Camero Rockett: Save the planet, typical liberal rhetorical bullcrap. Libs talk about how much they care about the world, but are the same ones that suck the world of all its resources. Kinda like saying my fart smells better than yours...

Toribio Hechanova: Its a good thing Carlin is a comedian, not a congressman. Hahahaha.

Ron Rosner: Sure, any excuse for being greedy and lazy and trashing the planet, sacrificing beauty for money. Sure, the earth will survive. But it won't be the pretty blue-green ball that Carlin talks about. It will be a planet of dead oceans with plastic islands and a grey sky. I like Carlin but I think he's been eating too many fish full of Mercury.
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Global Warming