George Carlin On Global Warming

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Al Dingman: George is on point again.

00 Coyote: Funny, but so wrong.

Jewels Montana: Grew up on him and saw him when I was a kid , wow , he is SO freakING BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darwisha52: I wish if most people have the guts like him to speak the truth .
We need few like him👍

99Boiko: RIP total genius. Pulled no punches, an absolute realist.

Brian Rappleye: "Narrow, unenlightened, self interest" does nothing to help humanity. George Carlin was a comic genius.

Lee Connor: Love to hear george description of FLAT EARTH ASSHOLES

The Seeker: I Knew it! It was all about plastic!

Its Juan: This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen

Jimmy M: love Carlin, but yes we can indeed warm up a planet over billions of years old. Our energy usage today is through the roof. Nearly all of it powered by fossil fuels. Nearly everything that ever lived and died that contributed those fossil fuels is being burned up releasing all that carbon into the atmosphere. Of course the liberals won't save us. Any liberal who claims to is full of crap, nearly all of them have Apple Smartphones which involve massive energy costs, not to mention the energy costs the internet takes (quite a lot). The planet won't be destroyed, however. We will go back to the carbon dioxide levels of the dinosaur ages. Life thrived on this planet 65 million years ago with high CO2 levels in the air. The question is can humans survive the diseases that will arise with warmer temperatures. The planet will be fine, humans might not make it, however. The only way to prevent this is to roll back technology 400 years, or a population reduction to around 100 million humans.

Agent Orange: The wisdom is beautiful. I love George Carlin 😃

John Chalinder: A comedian, philosopher, prophet, and all around funny guy.
God bless him. If there's an 'afterlife' I'm sure he's having fun entertaining whatever fellow creatures he becomes.

Michael Adamonis: I'll bet Carlin would have freaked with the liberals by voting for trump!

WILD WUNZ Machine Productions: We're goin aawwaayy.
Pack your crap folks. 😂

Carlin is LEGEND man!!!

Roy Ormonde: Wow, I grew up watching this guy and he used to have some great material. This not one of his best works. Taking care of our planet is our responsability and can only be done by us. The planet doesn't look after itself, it only takes what it's given and we're giving it a crap kicking for the most part. We live here now, what good does it do us to go extinct because it can't support us anymore. Other species that live here now or have lived in the past didn't pollute and treat it like a garbage can and blame our ancestors for the troubles we face. I think we can all agree that pollution sucks. Removing all the trees, ocean life and using the fresh water foolishly can't be good for us. If your one of those people that think we don't make a difference, then sadly your mistaken. As for the ones that do care and are concerned, what does it matter to the none believers. We all need to care about something. Me, I care about this planet and have lived a good life. Wouldn't everyone like to be able to say that.

Charlesinfinite: Telling that crap like the professor!!

11hoosier11: George just talked for 1:30 without saying F***. Way to go George.

Scouseindyhouse 7: He could put words together better than Eminem ... what a LEGEND

Egidijus Kuprusevicius: for little while
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Global Warming