George Carlin On Global Warming

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Jayden Smith: At the restaurant I work at we keep paper flyers and cards of the informational and advertisal variety in the center of the tables. By the end of a busy night all of the paper is torn and twisted and folded into little bits. I makes a big mess.
The other night a cute girl was giving me the eyes. I was standing by their table and had just explained that I didn’t speak Spanish well. They ordered beers and the girl and I looked into our eyes. Neither of us reviled our attraction with anything other than the duration of the stare.
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She and her friends left and I finished my mouthful. I then started convincing myself that girls who give “the eyes” must have something wrong with them.

Marcus Teblano: The owners of America routine probably got him killed.

Paul Starr: So right George! "The Earth is a self correcting system" We now know that oil and coal are A-Biotic. Not organic. Oil is now being investigated as a product of planet Earth made near Earth's mantle . . that's why it oozes upwards. They tell us the fossil limit is 6,000 feet down - oil is found up to 40,000 feet down and more. Coal and oil or more similar to bitumen than anything else.

adanacman666: liberals r proof that stupidity cannot be fixed

Tim Henry: Everything on this planet the global warming nuts believe is bad for the planet came from the planet. Think about it.

wade5941: Have to watch ol George set us straight every once in awhile. Somebody that gets it.

Super Trouper: This really puts things in perspective!

Philip Kane: I don't think poor George could handle the whole millennial snowflake/"safe space"/PC-on-steroids/"micro-aggression" ---he'd probably have an attack of apoplexy.

YouTube fed: We are insignificant compared to this planet

Matthew Shaker: Man this was always one of my favorite Carlin skits. "Why are we here? Plasitc" No matter how many times I hear that its just funny as all hell.

Pamela Stretch: Jan ravens doing Theresa May

D Glen: Still relevant

David G: hes wrong about the planet being a self-correcting system, its just a molten core ball of rock circling the sun, it doesnt care to keep oxygen rich air or liquid water the way it is, it could have anything on its surface, it just is

david mehta: More solutions packed in this comedy routine than a dozen international conferences.

trajan hercules: Carlin is saying that we people cannot control the earth .. we cannot save the planet because we as animals on this earth are not powerful enough to change the laws of the universe that we live in. The earth will do its thing. and we cant change that. We can only adapt the natural selection. So if the earth is warming or cooling then we have to adapt. Move our cities from the coastal regions when warming and move to tropical areas when cooling. We has humans need to do what we do best and stay in our lanes. Stop trying to save the earth before you even understand your place on this earth. Liberals want to save the earth and then go on bombing sprees with Air Force bombers to destroy and take over whole nations. Like President Trump said .. If the past American government leaders had just went to the beach the past 15 years then the world would be a much peaceful and safer place.

Ron Allen: A freaking genius. That all folks....

Hurshy Kalsi: I think George has mistaken self righteousness for conservation in this video lol... he's just a well articulated comedian folks take it easy

InsaneBassNinja: There new species are coming out every day too.

Science Troll: Comedy needs to have a thread of truth in order to be funny.

Jaimie Katcher: Carlin was rite about a lot of crap!!! He was awesome,,R.I.P george
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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George Carlin on Global Warming