George Carlin On Global Warming

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LA2Alaska: I Love, love, love George freakin Carlin! God, he gets it.

susie tomm: I love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

redant: Okay, we're not a threat to the planet, we're a threat to ourselves. But that still seems pretty much freaking awful to me so I'm not into Carlin's misanthropic schtick.

paul jackson: flat earth geoge

John Williams: thus guy is a wait dude

stpaulimdog: Just one word. Are you listening? Plastics.

Samuel L Balony: Be warned! Comment section consist of people who say George Carlin thinks Climate Change isn't real! Do the world a favor and ACTUALLY watch the video and try to comprehend the message/joke that he was telling the audience! Do that and you'll be all right.

Cornelia Hanske: And there is another point I could make. The fact that most species have died out before humans even came into existence means that the toughest of every mutation survived and eventually became us. We are blessed to have been the kin of the hardiest, most tough of all the species who have ever lived. Those animals who came before us, and still live within our genetic structures (we are 98% similar to chimps, for instance, and I believe we share about 90% of our genes with all mammals). This means that the NATURE which we have inherited, which has come before us, is FAR FAR MORE hardy than all the others which have died out. Now this, the most excellent flowering of the whole process of evolution, is the one that humans are interfering with, NOT allowing it to do it's own thing, etc. but we and it are INTRICATELY CONNECTED. Our bodies are made and remade daily from the things of nature, especially of the foods we eat, all of which originate from nature, whether they are processed or not. Yes! We ARE a danger to this planet!!! Don't be idiotic!

Cornelia Hanske: I am deeply distressed at the stupidity I see here in these comments by so many people who are cheering Carlin on in his rantings. I see here people who have both little knowledge (except for a few commentators, of both sides) and certainly no ability to evaluate that knowledge . . . in other words to think clearly. The issues are complex, and I would have to answer every one in order to defend what I am saying. At a simple level, George divides the world into THE PLANET and US HUMANS as if they are two separate entitities. The reason we have prepositions in language is because it is impossible to define ANYTHING except IN RELATIONSHIP to some other things. It is THE RELATIONSHIP that defines any entity, whether we are defining humans, tables, or our previous beautiful planet. Humans cannot be defined except as a relationship to the planet. And the planet cannot be defined except as the one which we know gave birth to human life, by a long process of evolution. So to rave about these two things as if they are two separate entities which can exist on their own is ridiculous. Humans cannot float in space. And even if humans wipe themselves out on the planet, and not one remains, the planet will indeed look after itself, but it will eternally be defined by whoever is left in the universe as conscious, as the planet where humans USED to live.
Another simple fallacy of George's. Nature can look after itself!!! It can!! And here's the crunch: HUMANS CAN, AND HAVE STOPPED THE PROCESS OF NATURE LETTING IT DO ITS OWN THING ON THE PLANET. Humans are capable of wiping out nature, and then themselves. Nature will then regenerate over a very long period. But humans have an incredible responsibility now, and nature is NOT able to deal with continual and ever-increasing human interference.
Don't listen to people just because they shout the loudest. Don't be Sheeple! Sorry!

DDubya: Carlin was guided by common sense and critical thinking. Verboten by fear-mongering, anti-capitalist, climate Nazis!

Whenever science extrapolates, it is not a question that the answer will be inaccurate. More concerning is by how much its conclusions will be in error. Greater extrapolations result in increasing the probability of larger errors. Throw in some bad assumptions and it is no longer good science.

Also, whenever you consider the temperature data, ask, "Where are they sticking the thermometer?"

Rudy Barraza: Hear that you fuking douche bag Leftists and OBama THE PLANET IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE...U ON THE OTHER HAND ARE freakED SO PACK YOUR crap!! LMFAOFF

Lit Music Videos On My Channel: Genius

Tanya Boo (Tannie): if only Clinton and Gore watched this first, they could have continued the Reagan renaissance instead of crippling the california economy with drought trying to save the delta smelt and oregon lumber economy trying to save the spotted owl. keeping the old growth forest resulted in huge 20 sq km fires that caused more death and destruction then if they just cut the mature trees and manage the forest the way the rest of the world does.

Alex Baylard: Even though I don't agree with the position that Global Warming doesn't exist, I love this sketch for it's comedic value. It is scientifically inaccurate to make the claim that it isn't happening. And we are accelerating the problem. Using this sketch as a tool to bash environmentalists is a flaky argument, though funny, and does not give one a higher hand in the case. So enjoy this, but don't be a prick to someone thinking George is an expert on greenhouse gases.

glenn mckenzie: Human's are a freaked up species

Brother Keith Lawson: A spiritually unhealthy habit, masturbation instills attitudes that foster self-centeredness and corrupt the mind. * A masturbator may also grow to view others as mere sex objects—tools for sexual satisfaction. Sex becomes separated from love and is relegated to a reflex that gives momentary pleasure and relieves sexual tension. But that relief is only temporary. In reality, instead of deadening the body’s members “as respects sexual immorality, uncleanness, [and] uncontrolled sexual passion,” masturbation arouses them.—Colossians 3:5.The apostle Paul wrote: “Beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” (2 Corinthians 7:1) If you are struggling to heed these words, do not give in to despair. Jehovah is always “ready to forgive” and to help. (Psalm 86:5; Luke 11:9-13) Indeed, your self-condemning heart and your efforts to give up the habit—despite occasional relapses—indicate a good attitude. Keep in mind, too, that “God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.” (1 John 3:20) God sees more than our sins; he sees the whole person. This knowledge enables him to hear with sympathy our earnest pleas for mercy. So never weary of turning to God in humble  and earnest prayer, like a child who goes to his father when in trouble. Jehovah will bless you with a cleansed conscience. (Psalm 51:1-12, 17; Isaiah 1:18) Of course, you need to take positive steps in harmony with your prayers. For example, you would strive to avoid all forms of pornography as well as bad associates. *If your problem with masturbation persists, please speak about the matter with a Christian parent or a spiritually mature and caring friend. *—Proverbs 1:8, 9;1 Thessalonians 5:14; Titus 2:3-5.

Media Slut: Crowd: Yeaaahh wooohooo freak humans hahaha we suck, death to us.

Eric Standefer: The planet has not been through anything as destructive as 7 billion parasites. Nothing funny about your ignorance here.

Andrew Hopkinson: His argument doesn't really make sense, why are we freaked? Because of the way we treat the planet, which is the ecosystem which sustains us. It is not arrogant to try and protect that ecosystem, it just makes sense, and enlightened people around the world have been doing it for centuries. Poor George is just thinking of way to let himself off the hook so HE doesn't have to care, somehow only assholes care about the environment. What?????
George Carlin on Global Warming 5 out of 5

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