Decoding The Corbin Sesamee Combination Padlock

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Decoding The Corbin Sesamee Combination Padlock
Decoding The Corbin Sesamee Combination Padlock
EZ Decoder: Easily Decipher or Bypass a Multi-Wheeled Combination Lock
EZ Decoder: Easily Decipher or Bypass a Multi-Wheeled Combination Lock
Demo of a cutaway Sesamee combination padlock.
Demo of a cutaway Sesamee combination padlock.
sesamee lock bypassed
sesamee lock bypassed
(965) Chad's Sesame K-500 Dissected
(965) Chad's Sesame K-500 Dissected

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bradthenailer: Just wanted to thank you for this video. I spent about an hour trying your method and failed... but, I found another video on youtube (NHU2xr4y6Aw) of the inner works and found a U.S. patent picture (patent no. 2,853,868)online and it gave me a better understanding of how the lock works and I was able to decode it within 5 minutes using your method. I was playing with this lock when I was a teenager and changed the combination but forget it. After 35 yrs I got it opened! Thanks!

Boring Baby Boomer Goes: Great video! Wish I had seen this before I cut the lock off but I learned a valuable lesson; always consult YouTube before resorting to drastic measures!

tomduncan1970: I'm going to try this on a Sesamee padlock that I just bought and set the code wrong!

Doxie Lain: Wow, that was easy. Thanks! I just decoded my Mum's old lock she lost the combo to.

Juan Partida: Hey l just tried right now with a strip of a soda can and it was hard to get the little strip of soda can through the openings of the lock thank God that I know the combination otherwise I could not open the lock I just couldn't do it I even tried to do it with strips of different thickness to see if that was the problem but still no luck
Any ideas please
Great video

Juan Partida: Hey so an a master lock 175
I have to pick through every one of the dials numbers to find all numbers

totherepublic358: Well I appreciate the instructions but three hours of trying to open this retarded lock is enough for me, think I will use it for target practice instead and go buy a new padlock... Infuriating, you have way more patience than I do.

revkrull: Using your method I was able to reliably decode the first wheel but none of the others. Still, by brute force I was able to decode the other three. The lock could be at least 20 years old and that might be a factor.

Naples Tech: i have an old lock 40+ years i think which i have been trying to open for years. Found your video tried it over and over and over. I was sure of my 1st and 3rd numbers and tried many times it did not open. I was so sure my numbers were 3 and 0 and stayed with that. Turns out i was just not pulling hard enough! It opened the other day after pulling real hard. Now here is my problem.

Now after it opens i can pull it open no matter what number it is set to! I have pulled and pulled on this thing for years would never budge. Now that it opened i cant get it to stay locked again. Any tips there?

I have tried the reset thing but did not seem to make a difference. It is like the reset things is stuck open or something? Sprayed with WD40 to loosen but same thing. I want to use the lock but no good like this.

Jason James: Awesome hack, would this trick will help me in unlocking my Car Locksmith? as I have to call for Auto Locksmith Services in Philadelphia PA, do let me know. Thanks :)

Richard Getz: Good to know. thank you

InsidiatorPhotos: I tried this approach today on a Prestolock 2620 4-wheel padlock I acquired in an open-yet-locked position, and much to my surprise IT WORKED! I did have to make one slight modification: I couldn't get the aluminum strip to slide any deeper when a correct number was displayed, but I discovered that by angling the strip so only its corner contacted the inner workings I was able to feel a difference between an incorrect number (the corner glided as though across a smooth shaft) and a correct number (the corner caught on something and audibly clicked).

Thanks for the great video!

Gerard Walker: thank you for the vid. helped me open my lock. . great going.

joe rice: Are there any locks burglers can't open with out breaking them..?

daniel f. vellone: will this method work for a 40 year old sesamee corbin lock?

Richard Womack: You are wasting your time here if you have a New Sesamee Lock to decode. The NEW Sesamee Combination Locks Model K437, obviously has a different tumbler arrangement, no slot at all, just a flat spot on each of the paired 4 tumblers that are only about .020" inch wide. I milled open a new Sesamee lock to see the inner workings. Had it not been for that I would have never figured it out as I spent hours trying the method in this video with no success.

The new lock is very easy to bypass, but a real bitch to decode. A Master Combination Lock is a cake walk in comparison. After a day to figure it all out and making several tools out of a stainless feeler gauge to decode all 4 tumblers, I have been successful in decoding two of the new combination locks ,but still taking 15-20 minutes for each lock. When you are trying to indirectly access such a narrow spot on a tumbler that is paired tightly against another equally narrow tumbler on the inside of the lock, it must all be done by feel with some custom tools. So, all the videos and Instructions I was able to find on the internet deal with an older Sesamee Combination that apparently had a slot located in a much wider tumbler.

tom jackson: Thanks for telling about the week of "warming up". That explains why I didn't find success more quickly. I'll keep trying.

B Winford: Have a popular mechanics lock that resembles the corbin sesame. Not sure of the brand though/?

Jeff Quinn: I just got done "Hearing" my Second Sesamee Combo Lock, I first tried to do the Feeling for the notch in the wheels, then I just started to Listen to the lock and it payed off. It has been Years since I opened my Very First Combo Lock, that was back when I had bought the Decoding Kit that cost me a good little bit of Money. I was told by my boss that His Mother used to sit in her chair, watching Television as she felt for the Lock to have a slight change in it and She would open them up that way. Someone had told Her that she couldn't do it that way and according to my boss, she was never able to do it after that. I tried to decode one and after a few failed attempts at decoding the lock, I tried to Feel or Listen to the way the lock did and I opened my very first Sesamee Combo Lock. Of course, when I went into work the next day and told my boss of my accomplishment, He changed the Combo and handed me the lock as said "Here, Do it again!!" I eventually ended up giving up on the lock after a while. Lesson Learned, DON'T Brag about How You Opened up the Lock, rather just say you got the lock open and leave it at that!! Thank You for Your Video, I really enjoyed Hearing the way the lock operated, I did try to Decode it first and that sent me on the path to See how You did it. Thank You for a Successful Opening!! Sincerely, JeffQ

alex m.e.s.: I saw baby make better explanetion
Decoding The Corbin Sesamee Combination Padlock 5 out of 5

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Decoding The Corbin Sesamee Combination Padlock