Pissed Off Charging Big Boars! 400lbs Of Fury! - Wild Hog Hunting Hog Hunting

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Hans Anderson: Next time, use a Franchi SPAS-12 loaded up with magnum 00 Buckshot!! 10 round capacity.


Jeff Hill: Good job, boys. Send a few of them fat hogs over to Arkansas so we can hunt 'em. We love ham.

Angelito West: Meat candy!!!!!!

Candelario Sanchez: Nice trophies there great bbq very nice video thx for sharing.

Hocine Xuma: that's what we call it a dirty crap meat full of dirt.
pigs meat is crap ..you have cows and chips why you do eat an animal who eat his crap.

SiliconOnSapphire: Don't make excuses when they're not needed. All the best Dudes.

tran thanh: those are fat hogs

Willian Gabriel: bela caçada

David M: damn...id love to skin one of those! im sure your freezer looked pretty! congratulations! lol..ur video helped me decide whats fir dinner. .bbq pork chops

IBT98: 400lbs of pissed off hog isn't squat compared to 3000ft*lbs of 30-30

notsosilentmajority1: Those hogs are nice and big. It looks like they might be domestic hogs that escaped. Y'all know that hogs go feral real quick after going back into the wild.. Great video, love your dogs. Be safe and God bless.

Bryan Ennis: Awesome!! Love to see it go down like that...great barrs right there

rollingleaf71: that's a lot of meat! Good hunting bros!\m/\m/

James Bond: The dogs were like wheres their freaking balls for us to lick....lol

Angel Rodriguez Alvis: those are some fat basterds

ghostofmars83: Great Video! Thanks for sharing!

rob h: I've heard the meat doesn't taste very good on larger hogs(150lbs+)is that true?...and if so is there a way to get the bad taste out of the meat?...just asking before I shoot one, I don't want to kill something if I'm not going to eat it

Mike Tresby: These hogs are really enormous, great hunt! I doubt I could get so close, your dogs are very smart.I myself love hog hunting and now waiting for my X-Sight from ATNcorp.com to go out and have some great time.

James Pugh: to big hogs on the way to bbq
Pissed Off Charging Big Boars! 400lbs of Fury! - Wild Hog Hunting Hog Hunting 5 out of 5

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Pissed Off Charging Big Boars! 400lbs of Fury! - Wild Hog Hunting  Hog Hunting