Pissed Off Charging Big Boars! 400lbs Of Fury! - Wild Hog Hunting Hog Hunting

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Ivan Hernandez: Nice hogs

hmongvangtulsa918: These r domesticated hogs.. 

HighConsciousness1: Would the Marlin 336 in 30 30 work for "Hog protection" on my land? or better to go with a 12 Gauge with a slug? Please advise. Looking to protect my dogs - thanks.

SkyeHawk89: Not bad, sure hunting is pretty hard to do. I did fishing, that was hard.

Qoreg Constantine: Man.. nice haul!

J Yang: Do you guys use slugs or buck shot for these pigs?

IDK tigerWEST: Damnnnngratatatataaa

Chue Thao: that pig is ass big as ur mama

Tiersmoke92555: perfect intro 5 sec thats all we need!!!


Fuckinshitup: Damn what are y'all feeding those hogs

wigon: Those ATV's sure do help it looks like.  I wish I could afford one and a nice trailer to take it out hunting.   I have to usually drag the damn things back to the camp to butcher them which for me is probably the crappiest part.about hog hunting (aside from the mess of butchering them which I'm not very good at. lol). 

Johnny Hernandez: crap man they mad because someone chop their balls off

gramos1959: Damn those hogs are big that was a good hunt

Brandon Miller: FAIL!

red9man2130: I should mention not to Insult anyone that you Gentlemen of course know to properly BRINE your hog meat! Down here in Florida I did just that for my wife and she loved it! It is sad most I speak with do not know how to butcher/bleed their Hogs and then Brine em! A Major reason why us Hunters always hear the "complaint" the meat tatses "gamey!

bullboo1: Fat is good for sausage making!

Francisco Osuna: Any thoughts on why the gun hangs up? Dirt? Poor care? nerves? bad gun? Winchester?  The last thing you need as a gun that is not ready when you need it.

Juliana Goodwin: I wish they would stop factory farming pigs...hire every guy in the south who needs more work to go out and catch the wild hogs & put that meat on the grocery store shelves.  Win-win for everyone

None None: Wrong aspect ratio
Pissed Off Charging Big Boars! 400lbs of Fury! - Wild Hog Hunting Hog Hunting 5 out of 5

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Pissed Off Charging Big Boars! 400lbs of Fury! - Wild Hog Hunting  Hog Hunting