Minecraft - How To Get A Skin In Single Player (1.5.2 Version Or Below)

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samuel SALAZAR: meguto

PhiMez: son aba bitch dont work

MAB6253-Gaming and More!: thanks i love you

Razerlien719 gaming: cool so my sis will have a skin

haziq leklek: I try but there is 1 problem jar thing is say u can't now my skin is still Steve );

Solarashii: :/ when i change my skin and join a server all the people have steve skin all the steve are now my skin >:( i want to know how to fix that

radnabazar ayanga: you son aba bitch its not work :(

rodney young: thx dude your the best ill be sure to tell my friends

ashley rodriguez: ummm :s

Kaden Kenny: There is no "bin" for me please help

Rojan Vasquez: THANK YOU +XJveltix Now i have my own skin :D

daniel ilovai: This guy is smart

daniel ilovai: My god, it works. i was trying to do it but it didnt work but when i changed the texture it worked!

Clann Big Familyr: Coming 1 Subscribers

Clann Big Familyr: thank you So much Bro, it Worked too from Multiplayer 
Very Thanksss../...

XJveltix: *UPDATE
Excuse me everyone, since the new 1.7.2's Minecraft launcher release, this video will only be working for those who play on 1.5.2 or older versions! From 1.6 version on, there is a new way to change the single player's skin. Here's the written instructions for changing skin in 1.6+ versions (both Windows and Mac)
1. Search for %appdata% > .minecraft > version folder
2. Select the folder that you will change the skin
3. Open the .jar file of that folder with Winrar Archiver
4. Go to assets>minecraft>textures>entity
5. Rename your chosen/wanted skin by steve
6. Drag it into the entity folder and done!
(Thereafter, you will have to open the Minecraft Client and select the version and start playing on it)
(Need further help? Comment below)

Wish everyone a New Year of 2014 filled with joy and happiness!

CLEOJOHN PAMIENTA: i doesn't see my bin

Christian Samudio: even Keinett launcher


Butter nubs Universe: i dont see any bin or minecraft.jar?
Minecraft - How to Get a Skin in Single Player (1.5.2 Version or Below) 5 out of 5

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Minecraft - How to Get a Skin in Single Player (1.5.2 Version or Below)