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Neil Med Sinus Rinse: Instructional Video
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VIDEO CONTEST - NeilMed Sinus Rinse helped me!
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NeilMed Sinus Rinse
NeilMed Sinus Rinse
Congested Male Model Demonstrates NeilMed Sinus Rinse
Congested Male Model Demonstrates NeilMed Sinus Rinse
How to use sinus rinse
How to use sinus rinse
Dusty Uses the NeilMed Sinus Nasal Rinse
Dusty Uses the NeilMed Sinus Nasal Rinse
Saline Sinus Rinse/Flush
Saline Sinus Rinse/Flush
NeilMed Nasal Sinus (Bottle) Rinse Demo - It's EASY
NeilMed Nasal Sinus (Bottle) Rinse Demo - It's EASY
NeilMed Sinus Rinse
NeilMed Sinus Rinse

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Foomandoonian: Bravo to the actor for doing that and somehow managing to keep her dignity!

cc ahaha: it isn't coming out from my other nostril or my mouth...

Fluffeh Mustaches: My nostril block I can't use pot any help

Shayna Eller: Does it burn your nose?

Mark r: can you use tap water?

mi1964amigo: OK, I'm back to report that all day long, I've had hardly any coughing or swallowing episodes and it started again slightly a while ago, so I used another sinus rinse and hope that it works as good as before. If this is how good it is going to be, compared to before when I was drowning in gunge, then I am very happy with it.

John Cleere: Are you supposed to get instant results from this? Just used it but the only thing that came out the other nostrol was the solution (no mucus). If all the stuffingness is supposed to come out then it didn't work for me.

livindaabundantlife: Hey you guys, make sure your airways are both clear first. If you have to use an Afrin or something first, then do it. You have to be able to breathe from both nostrils before you do this

fastfood8472: So the difference between this pump and a neti pot is that u dont have to tilt your head when using a pump?

Criss Vomit: So that's what it looks like when I barf through my nose. Cool!

RB Gomes: this is very good!! i spend a lot of money in nasal sprays widout sucess and this work beautifull! brings out all yellow crap

Vanessa Marez: When I first started using this rinse, it felt very awkward and I thought to myself I will not do this everyday. But I felt so much better I have horrible allergies but now that I use twice everyday I rarely get them. By the way I have used a lot of over the counter medicines and nothing worked like this. I know that everyones body is different but it does not hurt to try. 

mi1964amigo: I've got PND and have long attacks of swallowing, irritating coughing and being bunged up, unable to either sleep or hardly breathe during attacks. I tried this Neilmed last night for the first time, a bit worried about 'drowning' and a bit scared, but it was fine. I tried it exactly as in the video (I got water all over my shirt, maybe just me, but I needed a bib!), and although a little bit went down my throat, it didn't choke me and I just carried on. I didn't expect much to happen, but the swallowing and coughing stopped and - best of all - I had a brillant night's rest for once! 

donnyboy305: how can i heat the bottle without a microwave? 

Talaat Lotfallah: it is good and it works

mi1964amigo: I hope it just wasn't a 'one-off', so will report back here if I take more and it works again (or not).

moonshinegrrl: I love mine!

Yvonne Reilly: it does work, i use mine twice a day and it does flow through the other sidr

Yvonne Reilly: the bottle is better than the neti pot because the neti pot forces the saline into the top sinuses unlike the neti pot

kwelboss: I do use it. I'm just saying, it will clean your nose out but its going to cure sinusitus, its not deconstricting the nasal passages, at least not in my case. Its def. worth getting though.

breda walsh: i agree.

JoNnYBoii087: Does this help cure post-nasal drip?

North Charleston: @yoyowazzup876 Don't worry, it is easy and fun to do.

Kim Remer: Read the bottle or box. It does have instructions.

kwelboss: This helps to clear out most of the mucus from the nose but it doesn't 'cure' sinusitis. I don't even think it reaches the sinus cavities because their blocked so bad.

dwreus81: Please report if anyone has had loss of taste because of this product. My father-in-law and I are experiencing this same awfull symptom.

glenj1978: I was actually told to use this stuff by my otolaryngologist after recovering from sinus surgery. It does clean your sinuses out pretty good.

breda walsh: I find it the very same not as easy as its in the video.

katydid26: My allergist gave me a trial box of this stuff yesterday. I haven't yet used it. I'm afraid I'll feel like I'm drowning. Watching all that water flow out of this woman's nostril grossed me out. Yeesh!

Omar de Leon: Suffered with chronic sinusitis and allergies all my life. This stuff is not only cheaper than the evil RX medication--it's better!! I can finally breathe again!! Thanks for making such a good and affordable product. Can't wait to try the new ear rinse!!

quaxk: @Ncharlestun you bought that hoping it will make your cocaine addiction a-ok? hahaha, whitetrashism at its best :)

beckytiq: i wont. keep it to yourself.

BeautifulDreamerK: omg! This stuff works! I've had chronic sinus problems since I was a kid. I always sounded like Chuckie Finster - cute as a kid but not when you're an adult haha I HATE doing things like this but now I'm into natural medicine such as this, aromatherapy, and acupuncture. Good stuff!

donovan stuart: @swellpropel this is what I use with the Neilmed bottle. I use non-iodized salt with baking soda and about a 10 to 1 ratio. Too much baking soda leaves you dry and crusty.

swellpropel: This is essentially the same as the NasoPure, which is also excellent. This is NOT rocket science people, (I am a rocket scientist)...You do NOT need to buy those little packets and be a sucker for life...(dope dealer's mentality - what we want to get AWAY from)...It is TWO to ONE SALT to Baking Soda,,,and Salt DOES have a Preservative quality,,,that's why they Salted Beef, etc. pickles,,it PRESERVES is well known that salt has an anti viral, bacterial, fungal, effect...

zcarenow: how many times a week did you have to use this?

edwin paz: Cool just used it my nose is lke new

soojungc: Google the flip turn sinus rinse, which helps to remove congestion from your upper sinuses. A regular sinus rinse doesn't reach those so it may not cure you.

SYLperc: if you don't boil the water, you can die. naegleria fowleri

montymagic1987: what a product . it works great for a fractured nose too because i used to get build up behind the fracture and it used to make me get sick sometimes and no matter how much i blow my nose it would rarely clear fully. i got this and its amazing no more retching and more clean easy breathing. thank you 10/10

Tom White: Excellent results. really easy to use. impress

vschaos: Much better than netti pots since you can apply your own flow of pressure into your nose. I use this in the mornings and before I head to bed. I never get sinus headaches anymore nor do i have a stoppped up nose on a daily basis. I highly recommend you at least try this. I too thought I would feel like I was drowning while doing this, but did not. Just make sure to keep your mouth open so the rinse is not swallowed.

Sacha Schmäh: VSAUCE MUSIK =D

TheGoIsWin21: I actually work at the NeilMed. Oh, the stories I could tell...

Turbine68: @swellpropel Thank you Mr. Rocket Scientist.

Leslie Morrison: Oh HELL no. Just tried this thing. It DOES feel like when you are almost drowning in a swimming pool. Does NOT feel natural, or even like something you should be doing. It did NOT come out of the other nostril. Not at all. It just flowed back down/out the same nostril. I followed the instructions. No way. No how. I would rather just leave well enough alone. Did NOT like or enjoyANYTHING about this thing at all. Ugggg. Hated that sensation.

Nguyen Tran: This was done in a work bathroom,the sink is different

cheeriosinabowl: I have this product and it does work quite well, a bit pricey though. The good thing is that it does not burn my nasal passage, almost zero discomfort.

chris peters: @SimplyLizzie13 i just had surgery on my nose and the doctor gave me this product to use..but when i used it the water went into my ears and i cant get it out. it has been there for 2 days and its starting to hurt ...does htis ever happen to you? what do u do ?

EtioIatify: it might have bacteria or viruses. Boiling will make it safer.
NeilMed Sinus Rinse Video 4.7 out of 5

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